Horrible men at The Hotel design new educational device

It has long been a problem to train a sissy for lengthy sucking duties.

Not least because the gentlemen used in the field trials often cannot control themselves for long enough to assess how the sissy performs. To the relief of reluctant sissies, of which there are two many, the field trials can be over in a few minutes.

This has always made it difficult for we ladies to assess the performance.


However just look at this. A low cost, low maintenance machine that keeps the sissy in action for long enough to fully mark her abilities.

We have tears from the sissy long before we finish the full assessment. So plenty of time. I have even enjoyed a light snooze in the middle of an afternoon test.

It is of course also a fine punishment for any sissy who feels she is too good to perform such actions!

Many thank yous to the gentlemen in Maintenance for this fine idea.

Miss Evans

Head of lower school at The Hotel



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