The Hotel training methods exposed: walking in heels training

For decades The Hotel has maintained a high level of security over its training methods for sissies. This is believed to be the first ever video smuggled out of their maximum security educational faculty.



This is believed to be the more advanced course for sissies who have mastered quickly jiggling in heels around offices and The Hotel corridors .

The ballet shoes offering a  good reminder of the sissy’s position.





Finally, the excruciating punishment for sissies who fail to attain a Grade A in walking in heels. For those with strong stomachs you might like to know that the sissy has been locked in chastity and is unable to satisfy herself. Her frustrations and tears will soon have her begging to be allowed to re take the walking exams.


If your wife suggests a weekend break at The Hotel make every excuse you can to avoid falling into their clutches.

4 thoughts on “The Hotel training methods exposed: walking in heels training

  1. LOL! Fantastic, although I do think those heels should definitely be a lot higher for The Hotel.
    I love the warning about being invited for a weekend to The Hotel by your wife!
    Other unexplored possibilities are the secretary who suggests to her boss that he considers investing in The Hotel and attend a week to see the money making opportunities. Another is the young heir who thinks he’s inherited a share in one of The Hotels and has to visit to see his “investment”.

  2. Thanks, Deborah. Good luck with the website redesign. Great opening page.
    Quick question: I really love the image of the mistress and maid strapping a new guest into a girdle but I’m wondering where the image came from. I can’t quite see the url in the top left hand corner. Can you help me please?

  3. Ah! it is impossible to know where from where most of the pics originate as they are sent to my email folder. I am in various yahoo groups which share such pics. I pluck down the ones that interest me and share them here.

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