Jordan’s Diary entry 15


For an age, maybe an hour, I brooded on my bed.

Clearly Blair just didn’t get it. By leaving me locked in the CB6000 I was totally trapped. I grew angry with her, rehearsing the words I would chuck at her when she returned. Now I can see that the real problem was the power transfer. Whereas I had once controlled everything in this house I was now not only not under her control but totally helpless. I couldn’t do anything until she returned and gave me back the key.

A commotion downstairs knocked me out of me self-pity. Lots of laughing and giggling. I found Chloe was now dressed as outrageously as her shameless pals. She wore her way too tight little skirt with a vest top that refused to reach her waist.

They about to leave and I could see the guilty looks on the other girl’s faces. Chloe simply bit her lip and stared at the ceiling as awaiting my comment.

“Chloe? You can’t go out dressed like that.”

One of the blond girls simpered something about them only going to back to her house to listen to music.

I didn’t feel like another fight that night so quietly asked my daughter, “How about you putting something a little more decent on. Hey?”

“Oh dad. Its ok. We, like, all dress like this. We are not walking the streets or anything.”

I looked around the teenagers, all of whom were at the age when they were experimenting with their sexuality. No skirt too short, no top too tight, no dress too slutty, the make up just a little too heavy.

The effect it was having on me was extraordinary. I could actually feel my dick uselessly pumping into my boxers making me feel even more uncomfortable as the damgrils night outpness spread.

“Darling I know but …”

“I’m not a kid anymore.”

At that moment Blair shot up the drive, parking with a squeal of tyres opposite the front door. At least now I would have an ally. The thought flashed through my mind that this would unite us, get us on an even keel.

Blair marched towards us, her eyes fixed on the ground. I could see she was still in a mood.

“Hi darling,” I said. She failed to offer any reply leading to a chill descending in the hallway. Everyone seemed embarrassed.

“Blair, I was just saying to Chloe that she needs to change …”

My wife took in her outfit with a stony face. “Where you going?”

“Chrissie’s to listen to music mum. That’s all. It’s no big deal. Don’t know why dad gets so hot under the collar about it.”

I smiles knowing Blair would back me up.

Blair nodded. “Ok. Back before one.”

I gasped.

“One?” Chloe glanced at me but when I didn’t respond her face lit up. “Wow. That is so cool. Thanks mum.”

In a few seconds they were gone. Thirty seconds later they drove away.

I swallowed. Blair still had not moved.

“Love I …”

She flashed up her palms. “Don’t. Just don’t, all right?”

Clip clopping briskly up the stairs she headed for her bedroom. Realising what was happening, I quickly followed. “Blair, love, please listen.”

“In the morning!” She slammed her door. I heard it lock.

I stood outside wondering what to do. “Erm Blair?”




“Yeh. We will chat tomorrow then. Great.  It’s just …. Well ….” I laughed with embarrassment. “It is only that …. Hey love? I cannot get this thing off without the key.”

“In the morning!” I heard her turn on the en suite shower.

Returning to my room I tried to think of a different form of attack. I couldn’t. I went to bed wearing the damned chastity belt. Never had I felt so aroused yet so frustrated. As Blair wasn’t going to chat to me until the morning I found a short black nightie and matching panties to wear to bed.

In the darkness I had the most passive fantasies of my life. As I have shared with you, I had fantasised about guys before. Guys cuckolding me with Blair but now I was imagining her lover pushing his hard manhood towards me, with me hungry to please him.

I spent an age spurting into my panties. I even woke up aroused in the middle of the night. Hard inside the tiny cage and still spurting. This was beyond agony. It was wholly exasperating, and yet the frustration aroused me further, making me more frustrated.

So no surprises when I overslept. I went downstairs in my dressing gown only to find the house deserted. Chloe had gone to school and Blair to work.

I searched the kitchen counter to see if she had left the key. Nothing. Not anywhere.

I rang her mobile. It was an age before she answered. I could hear the car engine, she was on the car phone.

“Hi love it’s me. Really sorry about last night.”

“Just don’t hit me with the lies.”

“Just wondering where you left the key love, I cannot see it.”

I heard her indicator and the car slow down. It was a heart beating moment before she replied. “No. No, you won’t find it. None of the keys are anywhere where you can find them. Believe me. Not in a month of Sundays.”

I felt my mouth grow dry.

“It’s hurting me love. Sticking in to me.” I tried for the sympathy vote,

“We’ll talk when I get home. I don’t know what I think. All those lies. Making me look like a real idiot.”

“No love. I only kept the other keys as spares in case ….”

“We’ll talk tonight. And don’t ring me again!”

The line went dead.

Slumping on a kitchen chair I felt my tired eyes burn, ready for tears. I clenched my fists so tight they hurt. I wished I had never heard of the damnable CB6000.

I grew more and more passive as the day wore on, feeling more femininespank and more submissive. I had read of this happening with guys trapped in the chastity cage for weeks but with me it was happening virtually overnight.

I spent the morning dressing as sexily as I could, tying myself up, and yet never able to satisfy myself. My arousal just grew until the need filled my being

I lifted my mobile and the house phone a number of times but didn’t dare ring her. She had said not to ring her and I felt a need to follow her instructions.

By mid afternoon I dressed as a guy again and put away all my girls stuff. I tried to work on the contract but couldn’t concentrate. All my thoughts were on my frillies stash upstairs. My mind wandered to scenarios where Blair would bring back her lover to further humiliate me. How I rubbed at my crotch as I thought of being over his knee.

Of course she didn’t have a lover, was she was too shy for that, but at that moment those were the thoughts filling my head.

I went through the internet sites desperate to see sexy girls in lingerie wriggling in bondage or being spanked. I visited every site I could think of. Barely seeing one video start before changing to a portfolio of pictures and then back to a new video site. Then I wandered through the sissy sites, particularly the story ones where studs over whelmed cute wives and subjugated the sissy husband. Now my head was spinning.

I guess if I could have somehow relieved myself down below I could have concentrated on thinking up an excuse for my behaviour and winning her over. But my brain remained foggy with need and desire.

I was totally in her hands and had to wait for her to return to even know what would happen next.

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