New Deborah Ford book very soon!

For Whom the Collar Bell Tolls is a chilling tale that will alarm delicate sissies everywhere.

As clever as Terrance knows he is, he nevertheless accidentally locks himself inside a maid’s outfit. His sexy attire consists of constricting corset, sky high heels and, worse, (please sit down before you read this), a collar with a tinkling bell securely fastened around his neck.

He could think more clearly if his arousal wasn’t bringing to life Terri, his slutty, girly alter ego. If it wasn’t for the confounding chastity belt he could ‘lighten his load’ and rid himself of his sexual tension.

Terri would delight in phoning hunky firemen to help her escape except Terrance is chewing on a ball gag locked about his head so can only make muffled pleas to anyone who finds him. Obviously he could text his wife and make up some story about what has happened … except his hands are cuffed tightly behind his back.

His appalling, humiliating plight descends into hell as his wife brings home her insatiable, lusty lover with a penchant for sadism.

Even the slightest of movements will set off the ringing bell

And this is only the first chapter!


for whom the bell cover - Copy

Warning : Please do not read if you are of a nervous disposition, else keep a healthy supply of smelling salts close at hand.

To be published April 2014.

6 thoughts on “New Deborah Ford book very soon!

    1. Thank you Jezebel. I need to do one more pass on the story and one more on the cover and then should be able to release it very shortly.


  1. I was hoping this one would come back soon. Look forward to re-reading it. The middle bits of this story contain some of my favorite scenes of your work.

    1. Aw, thank you Lisa. Someone mentioned it on a blog about a month ago which inspired me to dust it down and bring it up to date. There are a lot of sections in this one which I feel are very hot.

      Thank you again Lisa, hope you are well.

  2. Curious…Have you made edits or added parts like you did with If you Must? More Terri is never a bad thing.

    Know full well you are adored and have a very loyal following at LIL. You even have a thread up, the chatter has already begun.

    All my best,
    -Frau B

    1. The rewrite isnt as great as If You Must where I added a section so large it doubled the length of the original story. This is more of a tidy up as the story, I think, has a natural ending. And yes Terri is also one of my favourite characters. 🙂

      Thank you.

      Thank you for the head up on LIL, I will wander over later and take a peek.

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