Jordan’s Diary entry 16


Blair came home after six looking oddly at ease with herself. I knew the moment I saw her that I was going to be let off the hook. That was how wrong I was. I had been in the chastity belt for almost a day and a half so was desperate for release.

“Love I …”

She twisted around on her heels in the hallway. “Take off my coat.”

Pulling it gently from her shoulders I didn’t realise right then how quickly I had obeyed her. I am not sure I had even taken off her coat before.

“Hang it up. Neatly!”

“Yes of course.”

I hung it up in the cupboard under the stairs neatly placing it between her other coats.

“Love I …”

“Now you be a good boy and go and make us some dinner. Ok? I have arranged for Chloe to finish her homework at Sams. Give us a chance to have a quiet little chat over something nice. One of your pasta dishes maybe?”

I followed her into the sitting room as she took out her new Tablet. She simply stopped and smiled at me. “I thought you had your instructions?”

“Well …I was. I thought maybe we could chat about …”

“Over dinner. Remember? I just told you. Do you need to have an instruction repeated like the office bimbo?”

Yep. She had said Office bimbo, just like that. Sort of offhand, with her eyebrows raised and a playful smile on her face.

Of course I didn’t know how to take it so I can recall jumping to attention and leaving her to her small computer.

np10I laid up the table in the dining room rather than kitchen diner as she liked special occasion meals. I opened a bottle of her favourite chardonnay, ( Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru ‘Le Cailleret’ 2010 Domaine de Montille) at around £110 per bottle, before producing a simple starter of Mozzarella cheese with a light salad dressed covered in hazelnut oil.

It was when preparing it that I heard the front door close.

Thinking Cloe had returned earlier than expected I went out to greet her only to find Blair with a guy I had never seen before. If you think I am getting to the cuckold sissy husband fantasy being realised you are mistaken. I could see that immediately. He was pretty tall, unshaven but in an ill kempt way, not like some sexy film star. In fact his clothes were a dishelved reddish teeshirt over jeans. He was overweight and somewhat gawky. Definitely not Blair’s idea of a guy.

“Everything’s fine darling.” Blair said with a sweet smile. “Jerry is just here to help me out for a bit. Aren’t you Jerry?”

Jerry seemed slow and scratched his gut. “Yes Mister Connolly.”

He seemed a little shy as if he had spoken way too much and looked to Blair for assurance.

She patted his arm. “So darling. I need an hour?” She looked up at Jerry for confirmation.

“Oh yeh. Well. I dunno. Yeh. An hour. Sounds good.”

Then she smiled at me.

When I returned to the kitchen I stood next to the sink thinking through what had just happened. My wife had dismissed me in front of some young guest and I had made no attempt to push her on what was happening in my own home.

I recall how I rubbed at my groin. Just how passive could a guy get wearing one of these damn chastity belts?

It was actually an hour and a half later when he left. Blair had told me to delay dinner as it was all a bit complicated and jerry needed more time. I hate to say it but I didn’t even ask her what was a bit complicated. I desperately needed her to unlock me and that was all that mattered, the entire planet in my orbit was about getting released.

So we sat down at dinner and I want you to know how much I had pushed out the boat. Candles were lit, the best table cloth unearthed and laid out. The Chardonnay in a cooler bucket and me wafting around like a worried waiter.

“Tell me about your day darling,” she said as she cut a slice of the Batard loaf and smeared it with butter before running it through the oils in the salad.

I swallowed feeling nervous. Of course I had spent most of the day dressed as a girl, reading porn and unable to make myself cum. The more aroused I became the more porn I watched or read. The more I watched the more I became aroused. I had tried my favourite self-bondage positions whilst rubbing hard at the bed but, of course to no avail. But I simply told Blair about the Singapore Container contract. “Wow its getting messy you know.”

Even now I can see her looking so sexy in her blouse and short skirt, her head lolling to her shoulder with her blond sexy hair falling down over face. She seemed to be absorbed until she burst out laughing.

“Darling?” I asked. It now seemed natural to refer to her constantly as ‘darling’.


“You take the biscuit, you do.”

“I er, well, why is that?”

Carefully slicing the mozzarella cheese she thought through her next statement. “Well darling. Suppose I know that you haven’t been working on your overseas contract today? Eh?”

At that point I was still reasonably calm. Just a little put out at her accusation. “Oh?”

She chewed for a moment before taking a sip of the ludicrously priced wine. “Mmmm. Gorgeous. Yes darling,” she was now empathising the word darling, though she was quite calm and as far I could tell in very good spirits. “Yes. Oh, do you remember us getting Keylogger For Kids? A couple of years back when Cloe started using Facebook every night?”

Nodding I replied, “Of course. Yes. For Chloe …” I think I stopped talking as I realised what she had done. “Blair?”

Nodding, her eyes grew narrow with amused mischief. “Uh-huh. So whilst you were busy with your business contract I guess some burglar broke in here. He then took over your computer and you know what?”

My mouth had grown dry. I knew I should have been shouting at her for breaking my privacy but the damned CB6000 had a grip on my senses.

“You don’t? Well,” she smirked girlishly. “He went out on the internet to look for lingerie. Sexy but constrictive.”

I think I groaned, feeling a little feint.

“Then he logged onto those pervy groups for men seeking dom partners. What else was there? Deborah something or others Hotel site? Yes?”

“Yes Deborah Ford.”chastity 01

“Ah yes. And ‘A submissive Sissy?” She giggled. “What a title eh? And those Yahoo groups …”

“Please Blair, please I …”

“Yes dear?”

It was then I tried my fight back. Without confidence I said, “you shouldn’t put software like that on my computer. Its private and …”

“You had us put it on Chloe’s didn’t you? Eh? And it was me who insisted on you taking it off.”

I nodded, feeling ashamed. “Well you have to be careful. There are these weird guys around …”

She laughed, putting a napkin over her mouth. “Are there?” She finally said. “Are there really? Weird guys? Maybe those who go around the house all day in women’s underwear.”

I was close to tears. “Darling please. I am sorry.” I even told her I wouldn’t do it again and at that point I truly meant it.

“Perhaps I can arrange that, “ she said before continuing to eat.

I wanted to know what meant but dared not say anything.

“Why don’t you sip your wine for a few minutes while we wait for the main course? You can ask me how my day was.”

“Yes darling. My mouth was so dry that the glass even clung to my lips when I tried to drink from it. “Well, dear how was your day?”

Pushing her empty glass towards me I immediately got the message and filled it up. Once she had taken a gulp from the refreshed glass she said, “Well. Let me see. First of all a hunk came in a and ravished me. This was when you were reading your stories this morning I believe.”

Being in total shock it was a moment before I realised she was joking. Using the subject matter of the ‘hot wife’ in the stories I read.

“So then two hunks came in and ravished me while I told them about my sissy husband. That’s the term isn’t it? ‘Sissy husband’?”

“Well I guess some people …”

“Uh-huh. By then I was so exhausted from all the fucking that I had to go out for lunch.”

Oddly even her mickey taking story of cuckoldry turned me on. I knew it was to indulge her and forced a quiet laugh. “So you have read them,” I ventured trying to take back control of the conversation.

“Not really. A bit way too out there for me. But it helped the day pass quickly enough. Watching you at work, so to speak.” She used her fingers to put bunny ears around the ‘ at work’ words.

“You don’t seem to mind,” I offered, though I must have realised I was clutching at straws.

“Mind? Mind?” She repeated. “Now that is interesting. Do I mind? Why not clear the plates like a good boy and fetch me my dinner and then I will tell you.”

I was so aroused my head was swirling. My fettuccine pasta with chicken in white sauce was laid onto very hot plates before being served to her. She hated luke warm meals.

“Thank you darling. But oh no.” She squealed like a little girl. “Look.” She raised the white wine bottle. She had actually drunk it all! I think I might have had about one glass, maybe a little more. She was clearly already drunk.

“Yes, yes. The same again?”

“Why not. Good boy. You might be allowed to stay up late tonight.”

Once again her words haunted me after I left the kitchen. I opened the second bottle hearing her say, “you might be allowed to stay up late tonight,” with a naughty school girl look in her eyes.

At that moment I didn’t have a clue what was happening and couldn’t bring myself to ask.

So during the main course she hiccupped, laughed like a teenager and said “so sissy what’s it like in your chastity beltee sorta think a majig?”

Though I knew she was teasing I felt it wise to answer honestly. “It doesn’t hurt now.”

“No. So I hear. So my little boy was lying when he said it pinched him? Wanted me to rush home from my work to free his little dickee.”

“I, no, I. Well. Yes. It can catch. And it can be painful. I had learnt to wear the smallest fitting at the top which stops it pinching so much.”

“Swirling her wine around before her now glassy eyes she said, “but my friend tells me that once it is fitted properly then it will be fine.” Her grin was as wide as I had ever seen it. “You could even be kept in it forever.”

She laughed at my shock.

“Darling. Who is this lady?”

Drunkenly she tutted before waving a finger at me. “Naughty, naughty. You wouldn’t want her to know you wear one? Would you? Eh? With your wife holding all the keys?”


She tapped her nose. “So mum’s the word. All secret, secret, secret.” She sat up straight as if trying to be sensible while drunk. “So you have been locked in it for over a day and you notice anything?”

“Very frustrated darling. Really need it off now.”

“Uh huh. Sure. Yes. But notice anything else?”

Trying to find another quality I felt lost. What more could you say than frustrating?

“I mean, “ she said examining my reaction. “Doesn’t it make you more passive? Less like a forceful little prat? Hmmm?”

“Well yes, I guess it does.”

“Uh huh. Yeh. So I hear. Amusing eh?”

“I don’t know why it happens but …”

“Oh of course you don’t. You are the only guy I know who doesn’t know anything works. The only man I know who doesn’t know how to fix a car. You are the only guy I know who doesn’t know anything about computers. You are the only guy I know who doesn’t fix anything in fact. We always have a guy in to do that.” She toyed with the following words. “I mean a real man in the house to do real man’s work. Don’t we?”

“Blair, look I think you are going a little too far now.”

Slapping her fingers over mouth she exclaimed a theatrical, “Oh no! You don’t say.”

Closing my eyes I just swallowed. I sat there feeling more helpless than ever before. Blair wasn’t being nasty, it was just that she controlled the conversation and the direction in which it went.

“So,” she mused, “the more you are in that thingee the more passive you get, yes?”

“I have said.” I dare not show any irritation.

“Uh huh. And you cannot get it off?”

“You know that. I told you.”

“I guess not being a do it yourself type of guy you wouldn’t be able to use any tools to escape it.”

“It isn’t that Blair. Honestly.”

“Dear. I like it when you refer to me as darling or dear. Let us say my first name is out of bounds right now.”

I recall how I just stared at her until her drunken smile seemed to take away the shock of what she had said. Of course I didn’t know at that time if she was joking or not, but felt it wise to play along until she freed me. “Yes ok.”

She giggled and held her finger behind her ear as if to say: speak louder.

“I said yes darling.”

“Good. So you cannot cut it off?”

“Well it’s not just me who can’t. No one can. It is too tight around the penis. Really it is.”


“Ok honey, just relax. The important point is that you cannot release it nor can you cut it off. Good. And the lock is made by Master so cannot be broken, and is nigh on impossible to pick.”

“I told you. They even shoot at it in one advert.”

Draining her glass she pushed it towards me. I knew what to do and immediately refilled it. It is rare for Blair to drink this much at home.

“Please darling can we now take it off?”

Seeing my embarrassment she appeared to take pity and me and said softly, “Well first I have a few changes to make around here.”

At that point I was shocked. Apart from choosing the house we lived in I think I had made all the decisions in our lives. But all I reasoned at that point was that I needed to get the chastity belt unlocked. After that everything could be discussed.

“What sort of changes darling?”

“Well,” she stretched out the ‘well’ and flushing with discomfit. “It seems to me that I have been getting the short deal around here. Whilst you spend all day online looking at your pervy stuff and then playing with yourself I am in work.”

“You like work. You said so.”

“Oh sure, she flapped a drunken hand at me. “I like the hustle and bustle and being with people. The guys can be a bit Neanderthal but that’s quite exciting too, once you get used to it. Anyways …”

That was the first time she had referred to the guys in the office as anything other than pain in the arses.

“Anyways,” she continued, “and you never have anything for me. So from now on that’s what you will do. You will be released to only to service me.”

I think my jaw must have hung down like a real dope because she simply giggled at my appearence. “My friend tells me that her husband is always ready for her. He spends all week locked up and keeps her happy on weekends. Good uh?”

“Who is it? I mean how did you meet …”

“Oh it was girl talk until she started bragging about her guy. I think the other girls thought it crazy as they like their guys to be in charge. Most women do. But we all thought it a real hoot. But I knew about what you get up to so I guess I just thought this could suit me too.”

“But she leaves him with a key surely?”

She laughed. “No. Dolt! Haven’t you been listening? No. He has to put on kiddies pyjamas with bunnies and rabbits every night at seven and then gets sent to bed whenever my friend desires.” Her eyes narrowed over her glass. “Keeps him on his toes apparently.”

I swallowed. I of course have always indulged in humiliating fantasies but the thought of standing in childish pyjamas at seven o’clock waiting to be sent to bed by one’s wife in real life felt sickening.

“Not really my thing darling.” I tried a brave smile.

“Well, we all know about your thing. And I do not like it. Mincing around here in your frillies. Anyways you need to keep listening.”

She hadn’t finished!

“No more lies.” She was now more serious, angry even. Her eyes flashing. “That has to end. I have heard enough to last me a life time. You will not be able to lie to me again. Got that?”

With all my heart I said, “Yes darling. Totally agree. I hated lying to you …”

“Enough. Stop. No more lies. I have said. That means more to me than the sex to be honest. I am just not going to look like a fool again.” She softened with a grin playing on her kissable lips. “From now on it will be your turn.”

“My turn?”

With that she stood up, staggered a little on her heels and giggled. “Right you. Upstairs right now! Little boy! Sort the table and kitchen out in the morning.”

“Yes darling. Right. Shouldn’t you release me now so I can shower before we …”

“Yuk no. That stays on. I haven’t worked out what I will do when I take it off. You, being you, are too damned awkward to let me put it back on. That is my power. So it stays on until tomorrow night.”
“But I thought I was going to, you know.” Blair hated dirty words so I was looking for a pleasant euphemism. “You know, going to pleasure you.”

She giggled. “You got it. I just trust your tongue is in fine fettle.” She laughed at the use of the words ‘fine fettle.’

We started up the stairs with my mind in turmoil and Blair leaning against me for support.

“Of course,” she whispered, licking erotically at my ear. “If your tongue feels a bit lazy there is my Rabbit in my bedroom. You can run and fetch that. I have bought new batteries for it. You will be very busy until Chloe comes home.”

Oddly I was looking forward to some femdom in the bedroom though Blair was not to turn out to be one hundred percent dominant on that first night. She was still feeling her way.

But the real shock was the following morning when I discovered what Jerry had done in my office the previous evening.

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