If Your Wife’s Lover Could Put you in a Predicament ….

 …then which would he find the most amusing?



The impossible to remove chastity belt.

German make, fitting skin tight around the waist and between the legs with twin locks to keep you secure.

This would be ideal should he have to leave the city for a few days, leaving you safely blocked from pleasuring your wife.

Thus ensuring she will be rampant for him as soon as he returns.

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Very secure bondage and sadistic gag.

By filling out your mouth and then securing a tight gag about it you would not be able to make any sound other than a quiet mewing. I fear your wife would find this excruciatingly amusing.

For his entertainment a simple wrist and ankle tie will not suffice.

Rather he would take his time to pull your joints securely tightly together ensuring you would be totally helpless.

All you would be able to do is wriggle.

With you bound like this he could take your wife to your bedroom in the full knowledge you will not be bothering them until he has satisfied himself.


Ashley Renee in lingerie tied up on a couch and bend over





Humiliating bondage

Having established his bondage credentials with extremely tight and secure bondage, as in TWO, above, he could move on to the next level.

Here the sissy would be bound in such a way as to cause endless amusement from your wife and any of his friends he chose to invite around.

As you can see your legs would be drawn up and your bottom easily displayed from a number of angles.

As there would be nothing your could do to stop him,  you could be tuned on your side, upside down, for a particularly inviting target, else simply left in the upright position.






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