Jordan’s Diary entry 18



Much of that day was spent on the Singapore contract. I have already told you how little I needed to do so I was simply spinning out the work for the benefit of Blair who was watching every word I typed form the comfort of her own office. Within a couple of hours I was finished and would need just a single pass to check the additional notes.

With the knowledge that Blair was using the Keylogger for Kids to observe what I was doing I ensured that every ten minutes or so I would do some simple editing. That way she would hopefully believe me to busier than I actually was. Ye Gods, by the middle of the afternoon I was beside myself with rage. I couldn’t do anything without fearing she was checking my computer activity.

Normally, as you are aware, I would spend my day dressing in sexy women’s clothing and perhaps play bondage games. Now with the chastity belt preventing me from cumming and my wife holding the keys I had to work – well pretend to work. No wonder I was livid.

I decided if we couldn’t resolve this, then I would threaten divorce. That would shake her.

Every so often I would torture myself by running my hands over my shapewear and lingerie collection.

Having marshalled my arguments so that I would carefully open the discussions with my wife without being too bellicose, I was surprised by how nervous I was when I heard her keys in the front door.

It was like that feeling you get waiting to go into an exam room where your gut tingles and you feel a sudden urge to urinate.

‘Calm, calm,’ I whispered to myself as I emerged into the hallway with a fixed smile that I hoped would be welcoming.

“Darling,” was as far as I could get.

Standing behind her, appearing just as self-conscious as the previous day, was the hulking, over-weight Jerry. He even wore the same faded red tee shirt and his beard had an extra day of rough growth. This time he had a grey shoulder bag packed full of what appeared, judging from the bulges, to be boxes.

blair 02
Blair Distracting Jerry?


“Ah Jordan. Good. You remember Jerry?”

“Hi Jerry.” I said my mouth going dry.

“Hi mister Connolly.” He tried a smile and then nervously bowed his head.

“Now Jerry and I were having a good little chat this afternoon about our nieces. You know, the ones who were are coming to stay with us?”

She widened her eyes until I agreed I knew about the nieces who were coming to us. As you know that was simply a ruse Blair had used to have Jerry lock down my computer and inflict that childish nonsense all over my screen.

“You made some pertinent points, didn’t you Jerry?”

“Yes Mrs Connelly.”

“Oh please. Outside the office always call me Blair.”

He reddened a bit the way teenagers do when they are being addressed by a stunning, sexy, older woman. Only Jerry was in his mid-twenties. What a loser!

“Anyway,” She paused staring at me. “Aren’t you going to take my coat?”

“Oh yes, yes darling. Of course.”

I found myself hopping across to her to ease her coat from her shoulders.

“And hang it up please. Nice and neat.”

Gritting my teeth at the indignity I kept my eyes fixed on the floor. In the place of praise was abject humiliation. She was speaking to me as if I were a servant, all in front of this overweight apology for a man.

But all I whispered was, “yes darling.”

As I returned from the coat cupboard she was leading Jerry into my office. I felt violated. That was my room. They didn’t even bother to ask.

The screen still displayed one of the embarrassing kiddie scenes. I felt my cheeks flush as the immature man took it in.

“Oh yes.” Blair said. “Just let me relog so you can do your work.”

“Thank you Mrs Connolly.”

“Now, now Jerry. Blair when we are outside of the office remember?”

He shrugged. “Sorry Blair, yes.”

“Jordan, you haven’t asked our guest if he would like some refreshment. A beer maybe?”

“Oh no Mrs Connolly, erm Blair. No. Need a clear head for this sort thing. All to do with IP addresses and stuff. Gets a bit serious in there at this level.”

Blair put a hand on his shoulder and Jerry seemed close to melting through the floor. “Wow aren’t you clever? Jordan and I are such dolts with computers. Aren’t we Jordan?”

“Yes darling,” I agreed.

“So best leave you to it. Now Jordan. Jerry likes his coffee milky with three sugars. Isn’t that right?”

blair 01
Blair wouldn’t go this far to play with Jerry’s mind, but it is too good not to add!

“Yes please Blair.”

“And a plate of biscuits too. Keep up the energy. Oh, I will have a camomile tea Jordan.”

“Yes darling.”

“Best serve us on a tray, yes?”

Serve them? Serve them on a tray? As helpless and humiliated as I felt I spurted into my underwear. For the first time in hours I was suddenly aware of my imprisoned dick. I was actually adjusting myself to the chastity belt’s presence. I hadn’t felt any irritations or sharp pinches, it now just lived there.

“Yes, yes of course darling.”

Blair smiled. It wasn’t the smile of a superior dominatrix more of a mother proud of a well behaved child.

I made my way to the kitchen in a state of shock.

“Oh and Jordan?”

My wife had followed me and placed a hand on my arm as I opened the kitchen door.

I was suddenly aware of her extraordinary sexy legs in their short, suit skirt, her 3 inch erotic heels and of her rounded breasts held in perfect display beneath her crisp transparent blouse by a bra edged in lace. I could ravish her there and then, except of course I couldn’t. I was locked in to the CX6000 by her.

“Oh don’t look so worried Jordan. You have been very good.”

I glanced over her shoulder at my office doorway wondering if that dolt Jerry could hear us. With relief I decided he couldn’t from down the hallway with my pc runnning.

“Give me your mobile phone.”

Her palm was held out invitingly.

“Erm yes of course.” I plucked it from the cupboard unit near the front door where we all kept out phones and handed it to her.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “Good boy.”

“Blair look, we really need to …”

“Fancy me forgetting a smart phone eh?”

She saw my quizzical expression and giggled. “Silly. You have probably been on it all day, visiting your pervy sites. Oh! Oh Jordan, I can see from the expression on your face you had forgotten you could do that with your smart phone.”

Feeling an urgent need to defend myself from her accusation of stupidity I blurted out, “but I never use it for the internet. You know I could never get my head around that phone.”

“Well, even little girls can do that Jordan.”

The remark floored me. I felt so defeated. All day long I had access to the damned internet but hadn’t realised it.

She actually laughed as she took my phone into my office. I heard her chatting to Jerry but decided the best course of action for me was to serve them their tea and coffee as quickly as I could.

I was soon wishing I hadn’t.

Jerry was sat in my office chair, swinging back and fore as if he it was his. Blair had pulled up a chair to sit alongside him. The first thing I noticed was how her short skirt had rode right up her legs. I was desperate to have her.

I laid the tray on a nearby desk and served them their drinks.

At least Jerry had the manners to say thank you. Blair simply sat back indicating a place on my desk for me to place her tea.

“Now then Jerry, why don’t you explain to my husband here how the new phone will work.”

New phone? Oddly I didn’t have a bad feeling at those words, I was simply intrigued by the mention of a new phone. I realise now that, even at that early stage, panic alarms should have been sounding. Perhaps as loudly they were a few seconds into Jerry’s explanation.”

“Ah yes Mister Connolly.”

“Oh, Jordan is perfectly fine, Jerry.”

“Ah yes. Well you see …”

I gasped and took a step back, it couldn’t be. Jerry was holding up a bright pink, smart phone. The colour a teenage girl might use.

“So Jordan. Your wife was worried about your nieces being able to get adult material on the web.”

“Oh Jerry you are so modest.” She stretched out the word ‘so’ until Jerry grinned from ear to ear and his cheeks darkened. “You warned me remember? There I was thanking Jerry for his help with our computers and you know what? He comes straight out with ‘what about their smart phones’. Of course we were just too damned silly to realise. Our innocent little nieces could have some horrible pervs contact them on that or be able to accidently see some pervy stuff on the internet. So he came up with this idea. Tell him Jerry. But speak slowly so we can both understand.”

A mischievous grin lit up her face, inviting me to smile with her. And oddly it did seem amusing that we played at being so silly for him. Scary maybe, but amusing.

“Well Mister Connolly, er Jordan. What it is, is that I have put the sim card from the old phone into this one and then locked it to it.”

“Locked it to it?”

“Oh Jerry,” giggled Blair. “I am afraid you must explain it all very slowly to Jordan. Not exactly a techie are you dear?”

“No darling.” I felt breathless as if the air had been sucked out of the room. She had taken control of my computer and now what was she doing with my phone?

He coughed. “Well to put it in words of one syllable …”

I felt two feet tall.

“… the simcard cannot now be taken out of the phone without me unlocking it. Prevents your niece buying another phone and putting it in that one. You know what kids are like.”

I am sure my jaw was hanging open.

“Oh Jerry, Jordan knows all about bratty kiddies and their naughty behaviour.”

“So anyways, the phone now has the Cyber Mummy Safety ap installed on it from the root. Erm You know about rooting a phone?”

I felt aggrieved, as if I was being shown up by a guy who thought he was smart ass. Yet I still had to admit, “Not really.”

“No. Thought not. Well rooting involves getting right down at the core of the phone. Into the bios. Means only I can change it. Blair thought it would be best if the owner of the phone knew there was nothing they could do to change it.”

Blair cut in with, “prevent them trying to fiddle and then breaking it. Lord knows how I would punish a child who broke a nice phone like that.”

My eyes closed when I opened them I found Jerry still filling my new life with horror.

“So the software will prevent access to unsuitable sites. It will send a file to Mrs Connolly’s phone so she can constantly keep an eye on what is happening on her niece’s phone. Blair will be able to restrict calls usage or aps usage. Control just about anything. All from her own p.c. or phone.”

He was looking at me expecting me to enthuse at how brilliant this was. I just sighed and nodded feeling a dark cage enveloping me.

“Anyways,” Jerry continued seeing as how unimpressed I was. “It gets better really.”

I was dying. The words ‘gets better’ chilled me.

“It has a locator turned on so Mrs Connelly will always know where her niece is. Even down to the last square metre. No danger of the little girls getting lost.”

Jesus! This was too much.

“And it gets even better. I have limited the aps to just the ones on the front screen. Your nieces won’t be able to download or startup any others than those. All other controls are locked out.

I felt feint. The blood was rushing from my head. Blair had taken leave of her senses. For support I gripped the desk on which the tray sat.

“But it gets even better,” Blair gushed. “Look! You hold it Jordan. Pretend you are my niece and say you are out shopping for shoes when you should be at home doing your homework.”

I took hold of the girly, pink phone with my fingertips as if it were diseased.

“Now,” Blair announced, “There you are out buying shoes when you are not supposed to. I know exactly where you are from my google maps. But when I phone the naughty little brat will choose not to answer, yes? On account of her being up to mischief. Let me show you.”

She dialled a number on her smart phone and a moment later mine played the opening lyrics from ‘I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world’. Oh Jesus!

I left it ring. On the call sign it read: Mummy. I think by then I was in a state of shock.

“So naughty minx doesn’t answer and hey presto.”

Suddenly the phone vibrated and shook to life. I saw a video of a grinning Blair in the middle of my phone. I knew she could immediately see my shocked face.

“You see? I can force the phone to answer to have a good look at what my naughty little niece is up to.”

I slumped on to a seat near the second desk. This was insane.

“You are clever Jerry.”

“Oh Mrs Connolly, folk would be staggered if they knew what could be done with their phones. This is nothing.”

“Jerry dear, it phone 2is enough, believe me. Don’t you think Jordan?”

I just stared at her with my mouth agape.

“Lost for words eh. Now Jordan why don’t you run along and play with my niece’s new toy. So you can clearly see what you cannot do on it. I think jerry and I have a few jobs to keep us occupied.”

With my own coffee I sat in the front room just staring at my new, pink girly phone. All my aps for games, news and sport had vanished. I just had a single screen with a few icons some of which I did not recognise.

I had tried to change the ring tone but I could not access any of the settings. Jerry had cut me off from doing anything with my phone other than making and receiving calls. Of course all of those would be sent to Blair to peruse.

Outside the room I could hear a scraping of chairs as Jerry worked in the hallway whilst chatting to my giggling wife.


I wish now I had shown more concern at what they were doing. Perhaps I could have put a stop to it. I just felt too flattened, absolutely exhausted at what Blair had done to my life. The realisation that during my agonising afternoon I could have accessed all my favourite sites including that of Deborah Ford’s The Hotel filled me with a sickening realisation. I had been a real idiot.

But even now I know I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. She had taken control, not in a harsh way, more in a womanly soft commanding style. Like maybe a firm teacher in a class.

Also it maybe better had I not seen what Jerry was doing. I fear I may have tried to argue and Blair would have made me look even more foolish.

Either way, just half an hour after Jerry arrived I was to be shown something that would change my life even more than my new controlling pink phone. And there was nothing I could do about it.

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