Jordan’s Diary entry 21


The Onsie was more mortifying than I remembered. It even had a little bunny face complete with rabbit ears to flop over the top of the head.

I can picture the scene even now. I stood in before the mirror in my bedroom in just my tight underpants looking absolutely miserable. The chastity cage protruded a little but somehow it took away the masculine bulge you would expect leaving a smaller more feminine bump.

But that wasn’t the worst part as you well know. I had watched the video link Blair sent. In fact I watched it twice with my stomach tying in sickening knots. I kept expecting her to phone again and tell me it was all a joke.

There was no phone call.

So I stood looking at my handiwork. As instructed I had used the eyebrow pencil to blacken the tip and underside of my nose. I had then carefully, very carefully as I didn’t wish to upset my wife, extended the corners of my mouth up into a pussy cat smile. The whiskers had to be added meticulously to ensure they looked correct. I looked like a child at a face painting competition.

I dabbed white foundation beneath my nose with a few black spots dabbed on top.

I groaned.

Then I groaned again.

It was clearly time to beg for mercy, tell her I won’t ever lie to her again. Say and do anything to get out of this predicament.

All my life I had fantasised about a woman being in control of me, now it was happening I felt crushed.

I stepped into the Onsie feeling the fluffy warm material as I drew it up my legs. She had to choose a pink bunny one!

With a shock I realised the join between the legs would fall to below the knees making walking difficult. I pulled my arms through the sleeves, feeling oddly comforted by its warmth. I stared at my abysmal reflection as I zipped it up to my neck flipping the hood over my head. The bunny face sat on my forehead smiling at the mirror, the ears tossed out and I felt like weeping. Yet, and yet, my dick had tried to harden in its cage and, I kid you not, I even felt it spurt.

I was so aroused that I couldn’t recall a time when I wasn’t aroused. So desperate to play with myself it was all I could concentrate on.

I slipped my feet into the bunny slippers and just sat on the bed looking flushed but morose.

chastity 01
What I could no longer wear! All I could do was dream about a time when I would be permitted to play like this again.


Because of the lines drawn with the eyebrow pencil when my mouth twitched it seemed to smile!

Yes, that led to another moan. I felt so sick. How could I parade myself around like this downstairs before my wife?

The one thing I knew was that I must not cry. Not before her. The previous night’s canning had hurt but I managed not to cry, not on that occasion anyway.

So I decided to be brave, rose from the bed and descend the stairs.

With the bunny Onsie gathered just below my knees I could only take small mincing steps. Traversing the stairs downwards was positively dangerous. I gripped the banister taking one step at a time.

Then there was the fear. What if the door burst open and Chloe and her giggling sexy pals burst in?

It didn’t bear thinking about which was just as well because in my heightened sexily charged state thinking was the last thing I could do.

Shuffling into my downstairs office I wondered if I should phone Blair and tell her I have complied with her instructions, complied down to the last detail.

I didn’t have to.

A new development, one I had not thought of.

“Hello munchkins.”

Blair’s voice just appeared in the office. She was in the room.

My heart missed a beat. I looked around my office but she wasn’t there.

I heard her giggle. “Oh you do look a picture. I am using your computer speakers, silly!”

I looked at my workstation. Of course. If she could control my computer she could do anything. That damned Jerry would have shown her how to access the speakers.

“Into the middle of the room so I can see you bunchkins. Don’t be shy for mummy.”


That was the first time she had used the term and it struck me like a lightning bolt. I hobbled to the carpet in the centre of the room.

“Move your chair little boy, I cannot see you.”

I shifted the chair out of range of the webcam.

And then she started laughing. She laughed so loud it distorted the speakers and I felt sick.

Barely able to speak she gushed, “Oh don’t look like that. I am sorry. Oh my god.” More laughter. “I just never thought …” those words dissolved into giggles. “Just turn around please. Like a good boy.”

I shambled around so my back was to her.

More giggling, sounding as if it was being stifled by a hand over mouth. “Look at that tail. That is sooooo delightful!”

My cheeks burned.

“Turn back munchkins. Face the camera.”

Remembering not to use her name I began, “Darling. I really think we should have a chat …”

“What have you been told about thinking for yourself little boy?”

I was defeated at every turn. It was like I couldn’t say anything to her.

Trying again, I swallowed and began, “Darling would it be a good idea, do you think, if we …”

“Oh do put a sock in it honey pie. I will do the thinking for both of us for a while.”

“Yes dear.”

“Now then little bunny,” she giggled again. “Oh I am sorry. Oh my god!” She fought to control her mirth at the sight of me in the bunny Onsie.

Remaining in position I knew I had to bide my time to breach the chat we needed to have.

“Now then little boy tell me about this Singapore contract. This one that you have been working on for almost four months.”

“What would you like to know my love?”

“Just one thing. Have you been stretching it out like a naughty little boy?”

I swallowed. Unable to lie to her I bowed my head and nodded yes.

“I thought so. So all the time you were moaning about how hard it was, when in fact something else was hard and you were playing with it?”

“Darling, not always.”

“Hmm. That was naughty wasn’t it?”

I nodded again.

“Sorry bunchkins I cannot hear you.”

“Yes. Sorry.”

“Say it as a sentence. Tell me you were naughty.”

The laughter had gone and there was steel in her voice so I complied. “I am sorry I was naughty .”

“You have been lying to me forever. You must have thought I was complete idiot.”

“No darling, no I …”

“Well who looks the idiot now?”

My mouth dried out. “I do darling.”

“You do what?”

“I look like the idiot now.”

“No more lies little boy, your mummy doesn’t like it and you won’t like the consequences.”

“Darling please, I need to have a safeword.”

Looking back I don’t know where the courage came for me to blurt that out.

There was silence and I wondered if I would have to fetch the cane when she returned home.

“Safeword? What do you mean?”

“Well, I er I,” I stuttered. “You know in a Ds relationship.”

“A what relationship?”

“A, well, a D, S relationship darling.”

“What’s that?”

I shrugged. “Like this. A power exchange where one person has power over another. It is called a Ds relationship.”

I could hear the clicking of a keyboard.

“How do I spell it?”

“Well just with a D and an S but maybe add BDSM to the search.”

“Ah yes. See you are useful,” she held a pause for a moment before adding, “Sometimes.” Then she giggled again.31cHPCWzDcL

I was getting sick of this. I had no power at all. No means of drawing a line. What I wanted to do was to explain to her how to be a domme so we could both enjoy this turn of events.

“Oh heavens. There is mountains of stuff on here about this Ds business.”

“Yes darling. It is quite widespread.”

“A lot of it written by women!”

“Yes dear. It is said women think more about and discuss it more than guys.”

“I can believe that.”

I heard her laughing. “Oh honeybins, if you could see what I am looking at.”

“I would love to share it with you darling.”

“Oh I don’t think this is for little boys,” she giggled. “But we will see.”

I coughed to attract her attention imagining how she was reacting to this new world that was opening up before her eyes. “erm, so about the safe word?”

“Shhh little man I am busy. Why don’t you stand in that corner near the running machine? Go on. Face the corner where I can see your cute little tail. Go on!”


I was so shocked at the instruction that initially I didn’t budge but her last command was so fierce I shuffled to the corner.

Again this was one of my fantasies. I would love to standing in the corner at a mistress’ command, but wearing a playboy Bunny outfit not this ridiculous Onsie bunny outfit.

So I stood staring at the corner knowing that she could check her monitor and know if I even glanced about me.

Once again the reality turned out to be way different to the fantasy. In mind standing in the corner was wonderful because I could play with myself in some sexy lingerie. But of course with my dick locked away, and only Blair knowing where the keys were, that was impossible. So I had to stand there until she told me otherwise.

But there was something worse. Time passes in a different universe when standing in the corner. Since then I have learnt you have to just accept the punishment and let the mind wander. But on that first occasion, and a few following, I kept waiting for her to tell me to turn around. That makes the punishment worse.

After a while I wondered if the speakers were faulty or if I had lost the internet connection. Maybe someone had entered her office and she was now busy. I was certainly not going to turn around and earn a further punishment

So I stayed there whilst frozen time crawled by in another world without reference to me.

Was it 5 minutes? Ten? Fifteen?

I had no idea.

I was binging to feel hot and sticky in my Onsie. I was also feeling something else. My dick spurted again. I was aware of the dichotomy. I hated this yet at the same time it thrilled me.

“Come closer.”

It had been so long I had given up hope of hearing her speak again. So I jumped and made to dash to the computer but the Onsie soon let me know that anything other than a silly waddle was out of the question.

“Now then. I never realised there was so much in it.”

“It is huge darling. Massive. The world over.”

“It encompasses a lot of stuff form horrible torture to what we are doing.”

“Exactly. Yes.” She suddenly understood what we were engaged in.

“This safeword business….”

I held my breath. Once I had a safe word I would have some leverage in this new relationship.

“Yes?” I asked tentatively, waiting to help her better understand the situation.

“Well. I don’t like it. Not one bit. Sorry.”

“But darling, it helps …”

“I could tell you to stand in the corner when I am busy, like just then, and if you didn’t want to then you could say the safeword, couldn’t you?”

“Well, sort of, yes. But it is more for when there is real pain …”

She wasn’t listening. “I could send you to bed before your bedtime, say at eight o’clock and you could say the safeword and stay up late. Couldn’t you?”

“It isn’t for that, really it is …”

“But you could, couldn’t you?”

“I suppose so …”

“Yes I suppose so too.”

“And if I thought you needed 12 spanks and you felt you only deserved 6 then you could call a halt after the six. Yes? By saying this safeword.”

“Well, in a way all that is true but I promise I won’t …”

“So you are not allowed one.” She must have seen I was about to say something because she cut in with: “And don’t argue!”

I pouted.

“You can envy other little boys who are allowed one by their mistress mummies, but that is it. You are not allowed one for yourself.”

Not a allowed a safeword! Why didn’t she get it?

“Now then. You be a good boy and get that Singapore contract dispatched this afternoon. You will remain in your bunny outfit until four. Chloe will be back after 4.30 so you will have plenty of time to get changed. Use my makeup remover to get the lines off your face.”

I hung my head. “Yes darling.” What else could I say?

“I will check on you through the web cam to make sure that you are my little bunny until four. Got it?”

“Yes darling.”

“I am going to read more about this Ds thingee. Oh but honey?”

“Yes dear?”

“You cannot lie to me. So long as I keep you like this then I know where you are and what you are doing. Always.”

I felt my heart thump faster and my dick spurted once more.

“Your days of being naughty are over.”

I nodded.31MmOK0FfTL2

“Just thought I’d make that clear.”

“Yes I do understand my love.”

She laughed. “I know that. I have never seen you so red cheeked before. And one other thing my little bunny rabbit.”

Dread filled my soul. What would she command me to do next?

“You cannot do anything without me knowing. Even when you go outside, that little girlee phone of yours will tell me exactly where you are at any time of the day. And any time I want I can call you. I can force your phone to answer so I can see what you are up to.”

“I know darling,” I muttered, my eyes fixed on the floor.

“But you, you honeykins, don’t know where I am right now do you?”

I hadn’t thought of that.

“No, I guess not.”

“Nor what I am doing. How I am dressed. If I am dressed!”

My mouth hung open, what was she saying?

“I can do what I want, when I want and you not only have no say in it but don’t even know what I am doing or where I am. Yet I know everything you do or say.”

I swallowed remaining silent.

“It is a heady mix bunchkins. Makes me feel,” she paused searching for the right words. “I don’t know, just sort of relaxed. Like I can do anything. Oh listen to me rabbiting on.” She laughed. “Rabbiting on to my little bunny. You do as you are told and get that contract off. I never want to hear about it again. I am going to have some feet up time in my office and read some of this pervy stuff. You should see some of the pictures! See you later little boy. And please be good, we don’t want to get that cane again do we? Not when my little boy isn’t allowed a safeword.”

I said “No dear.” But heard a click before I spoke so knew she wasn’t listening anymore. She had turned me off. She could turn me on and off at will. I had no choice in the matter.

My head was swirling while I packaged the contract. The irritating hood with the bunny face occasionally slipped over my eyes but I dared not take the hood right off whilst before the web cam so simply pushed it to the top of my head.

I had just learnt that I couldn’t even beg for release. I emitted a long sigh and tried to concentrate on the contract. I couldn’t. I just longed for release so I could steer my brain into thinking of a way out of this pickle.

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