BREAKING NEWS: Property of Harding re listed

“Property of Harding Ltd.”

Deborah Ford

By popular demand, (well a few people seem to be making the request), I have re listed the first three chapters of Property Of Harding Part One on this website. I will relist the rest of the Part One series in the next week or so.

Ok, it is much due to the fact I haven’t continued part two of the series and felt it was a shame to leave it in the dark vaults in the cellar out of sight of any reader.

At the time of release Property of Harding proved very popular, perhaps engendering as much interest as my earlier Hotel series.

The stories can easily be found on the left hand side at the top of the story lists.


Here are pictures created by the talented Katie Walpole showing Daniel’s plight as the horrible Mister Harding employs and then demotes him. Chilling huh?


Below them are the shorts I imagined he would have to wear in his new demeaning position.



PansyBodySuit-n-Pantyhose Pansy - Harding Ltd Pansy-as-a-white PansyBodySuit white shorts and legs





white shorts

5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Property of Harding re listed

  1. hi Deborah, really enjoying the Harding story. Has chapter 4 been posted? Really looking forward to it!

    1. Groovy

      It should be posted in the next couple of days!

      Glad you are enjoying it and thank you for sharing that with me, appreciated


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