So what happens when a muddle headed sissy …

… complains that he is being treated worse by his wife and her lover than the pet dog?


Erm …. he won’t say it again … a lesson to you all.



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Advice brought to you by The Hotel

3 thoughts on “So what happens when a muddle headed sissy …

  1. I applaud the Bull’s effort in this case. I would hope if the WIFE decided this sissy’s fate she would have at least kept her in heels. I wonder if this one is house trained.

  2. By the way folks Melissa is a brilliant author some of whose stories can be found in the column on the left under Melissa Daniels.
    Her website: Locked in lace is a compulsory visit for all sissies and those interested in this fetish. Check for a link in left hand column.

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