The Hotel’s weekly ‘Trick a Sissy’ competition

The rules are straightforward

Bulls must seduce the wife of a sissy within twenty four hours.

At the end of the period the wife must be deeply satisfied.

Extra points will be gained if the sissy can be made to look extremely foolish.

The sissy must be unable to search for the wife and lover during this period. Subterfuge, bondage, incarceration and any lie may be used.

Bulls will lose points if the wife fails to giggle at the sissy’s plight on her return.

Complaints by sissies will be dismissed immediately.

The rule that the wife must be returned by the following midday with the correct chastity belt key are conditions for gaining points.

The judges will not accept any excuse relating to lost chastity belt keys – we have heard them all before. We know it makes the wife laugh but it is outside the rules.

Whisking the wife away for a further twenty four hours of lust following the midday deadline will disqualify the Bull.

The Bull does not have to free the sissy at the end of the period but may allow the wife or any other appointed person to do so.

Should no one free the sissy then the sissy must be carried from the Hotel to their car when the reservation is over. This will be considered the duty of the Bull in the absence of any volunteers.

The Hotel judges views are final.




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Entertainment brought to paying guests by The Hotel

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