Taking your sissy home after your stay at The Hotel

A note to all Bulls and the wives who stay at The Hotel.

It is a sad fact that many sissies claim they do not want to return home after their stay at The Hotel.

The indoctrination, erm sorry, I mean the lessons, are so compelling that being a maid to their wife and lover seems to hold a less enticing future than staying with us and serving starngers.

This can be seen by the expressions on the faces of the following sissies, all of whom who had to be dragged from The Hotel and forced to go home.

You would have thought they would be delighted to have to obey the every command of their their wives and their lovers. So I can only presume they would ideally love to remain as maids at The Hotel.

Obviously we cannot leave such choices to silly airheads who haven’t a clue what they really want, so the decision is made by the wife and her new lover.


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For this reason we always ask the Bull to ensure he has sufficient space in his boot (trunk) or hires a van. Obviously wives should always take into account the views of their Bulls before offering a decision.


Brought to you by The Hotel

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