Jordan’s Diary entry 23





I know you want to hear about the catastrophe that upset the entire day but I need to start at the beginning. I want you to know how wonderful things were before I screwed up.

As you know my obediently standing in the corner pleased Blair so much she hugged me and was in blissful spirits. She promised me my long awaited chat after I was sent to bed and as you know I was allowed to stay up a little later because I had been good. So all was positive.

Indeed the evening continued in excellent spirits. I made a meal for us all and the chatter was amusing. Chloe, having seen me being scolded by my wife seemed to view me as more of a pal than her father at the dinner table. To be honest I even felt an affinity and closeness with her that had been missing for a few years.

Blair told us about what happened at work. It hadn’t struck me then why this seemed so unusual at the time. She chatted and we listened. But over the coming days I realised it had once been me who told the funny stories at the dinner table with everyone else being the audience.

Blair told us how she had little on in work at the moment, though they were expecting an avalanche of contracts to be sorted over the coming months.

“I spend a lot of time just playing games,” she said, winking at me.

Chloe giggled, “I never thought you would play games mum.”

“Oh yes, that and teasing the slaves in the office.”

Chloe tittered again as if in recognition of her mum’s joke.

“Slaves?” I inquired.

Blair when she was happy with me

“Oh don’t you worry about it,” Blair said, sipping her wine.

Chloe was more forthcoming, confiding with me as if I were an intimate pal. “Oh you get these guys who will do anything for you.”

“Don’t tell him,” Blair laughed, “a girlie secret.”

Chloe turned in her seat to face me, leaning forward to whisper confidentially. “They ogle your body and then they will do anything. So you say fetch me something. Like in school, I needed more paper so I look at this wimpy guy on the next desk and I say. ‘Aw I haven’t got any paper.’ And you know what? He is off like a shot to get it.”

“Fetch mees!” I said “yes your mum was told me about them. You have them too?”

“Oh sure. Ugly girls don’t have them which means more for the rest of us.”

I looked at Chloe and her mother and realised that they would win a fair share of the ‘fetch mees’. “Just never heard them called slaves before.”

Chloe turned back, putting her fork on the plate of the meal I had prepared. “Oh some of them are real wimps. They don’t know how much girls despise guys who do as they are told. They are only good for one thing. Fetch mees.”

“Chloe!” Barked Blair, making us both jump. “That’s enough.”

“But mum I am only telling dad.”

“You heard me, unless you want to go to bed early?”

Chloe blushed and pouted, cutting her chicken with renewed venom. “I was only saying.”

That shook me a little. Blair wouldn’t meet my eyes as I silently questioned her across the table. Did she despise me now because I had to do what she told me?

Blair changed tack her face brightening. “The best ‘fetch me’ is this guy called Jerry. You ‘ve met him, haven’t you Jordan?”

“Yes darling.” How could I forget the guy who had locked down my computer so that I couldn’t access anything without Blair’s permission? In fact I couldn’t even turn it off or reboot it, yet Blair could operate it from anywhere she liked.

“He is such a lazy arse hole. Oh my word.” She shook her head.

Chloe giggled.

“Sits in his own room, heavens knows what he is doing.”

“I bet I do,” Chloe giggled.

Blair laughed. “I did warn you young lady but I don’t think you are wrong.”

I had never heard Blair and Chloe speak like this to each other before. I felt like I was involved in some secret girlie society.

“Do you stick your chest out when he comes in mum?”

“Oh no. Your mother is much more devious. I sit on my desk crossing and uncrossing my legs.”

They both laughed and I thought I should join in with a small chuckle of my own. I wanted to part of this conspiratorial tête-à-tête.

“The poor boy doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. I would say he spends half his day with me offering me advice on computer stuff.”

“Mum what on earth could you possibly want to know about computers for? You hate them.”

“Put it this way darling I am learning how useful they can be to get what you want.” Her eyes caught me with a mischievous twinkle.

I thought it was wise to smile shyly back at her.

“Does it still work with your boss mum?”

“Chloe!” Blair was playacting with Chloe, laughing at her naughtiness in revealing her secret. “Of course not.” She glanced sheepishly at me. “Unless I want something of course.”

“You do that with Morgan Hopkins?” I gasped. As you know I like the idea of my wife flirting with her boss. It’s part of my cuckold fantasy but of course I never guessed she would actually do it. I thought of her as being too shy to flirt with anyone. Yet at that point I had the definite impression she had chatted to Chloe about it many times. “I can’t imagine Morgan Hopkins being a wimp and fetching you stuff.”

“Oh no. Not like that.” Blair said.

Chloe learned towards me again to explain. “That’s different then. With guys like that that. You get them in school. The rugby guys who the other boys are afraid of. Guys who always get what they want. So you always want them to know you might have an evening free. But you never, never try to get them to fetch you anything. That would be it!”

“But,” Blair added, “sometimes I need to get time off. Say I want to get my hair done. Well it is easier in the week when the hairdressers are quiet so I mention it to him, usually when I am standing before him. He loves that. God bless short skirts.”

I felt my cock spurt into my underwear and knew I needed to wear a condom until Blair released the cock cage.

Chloe asked me, “didn’t the girls in your office do that to you. Maybe you never noticed.”

I hadn’t thought of it before, but now that she mentioned it to me a memory sparked. “I think so. Yes, come to think about it. My P.A. was always being very sexy.”

“When she wanted time off like mum?”

I thought back. “Well there was when she couldn’t handle all the photocopying.” I said. “She said she couldn’t understand how to use the machine when there was a lot of photocopying. So I did it for her.”

Chloe burst out laughing, while Blair shook her head and giggled. “Stop it Chloe.”

“But mum. One of dad’s employees treated daddy as a ‘fetch me.’”

“Nonsense,” Blair giggled wiping a tear from her eye. “I am sure that is not the case.”

I felt myself grow angry. “Don’t be daft Chloe. She would have been out on her arse if she ever tried that with me.”

Chloe nodded. “So it only happened once then.”

“No. I said she didn’t like it when there was a lot of photocopying. So a few times. That’s all. Women and computers eh?”

“Unlike dad and computers,” Chloe laughed.

Feeling I needed to defend myself from being a fetch me in my daughter’s eyes, I continued. “I did all sorts like that for her. Change the ink in her printer, sometimes write up her reports if she wanted to get off early.”

“Get her pens from the office cupboard,” Chloe cut in with a gleam I her eyes.

“Yes of course, when she was busy.”

Chloe threw her head into her hands laughing loudly. “Oh daddy, daddy!”

“I am sure it is not what it seems,” grinned her mother.

“No!” I said defensively. But I recalled the time when she asked me to help her carry the coffees into the meeting room with my sales team. I died inside as I pictured her opening the door and me walking in carrying the tray of coffees and biscuits for everyone. I could see they were sniggering but couldn’t work out why. Damn! I was treated as a ‘fetch me.’

But what I can report is that at least Blair was still in a good mood. I was to screw it up later.

I put it down to Chloe’s remarks about me being fetch me. As did the dishes whilst the girls watch d some soap opera I agonised over the things my P.A. made me do. Vanessa was a stunning looking girl in her early thirties who looked good in anything, tight jeans or flared skirts. She just had the legs and figure for them. I guess that’s why I employed her in the first place. I recalled her leaning over her desk to get something and wriggling her shapely butt at me. Now I knew why and groaned inside. If I ever saw her again I would give her a piece of mind.

Once I finished clearing the kitchen I started making them their post dinner tea and coffee. As you can imagine I needed to keep Blair sweet so the kitchen was as clean as a house showroom.

I picked up the tray and my head was still humming with what the sales team must have thought of me carrying tray of coffees into the meeting. I wondered if Vanessa had a bet with them. Anger was stirring in me.

I guess I blame that distraction for what happened next. Also in my defence my head was in a permanent fog over my sexual frustration. Being constantly in need of release and not being able to takes the edge of your capacity to reason.

Careful not to let the tea and coffee spill on the tray I held it in my left hand whilst opening the door with my right.

I entered the sitting room with a smile. I can recall the scene exactly. Chloe and Blair in their short skirts, each sprawled on a separate sofa. The tv had a man and woman embracing with some awful kitschy music playing behind them.

Feeling pleased with myself I smiled and was at ease. So I almost threw everything to the floor when Blair bellowed at me.

“What are you doing?”

Blair when she was angry with me.

Her face had that expression I was getting used to in the last couple of days, hard set, her lower jaw extended, her eyes on fire.

“I, I …” Of course I couldn’t think what I had done wrong. She had asked for the teas and coffees as soon as I had finished cleaning the kitchen. Half my mind was concerned with how she could speak to me like that in front of my own daughter.

“What were you told earlier?”

“Erm, th-that you wanted a coffee and Chloe asked for a tea.”

Chloe groaned, pitying me. “Oh dad!”


“Earlier, birdbrain!”

I thought back but I couldn’t think of anything else. “Would you like cake with it?”

Chloe buried her head in a cushion. “Dad! Think! My door! Upstairs!”

“Eh?” I am ashamed to say I still didn’t get it until I heard my own words reciting in my head. I had promised I wouldn’t enter any room without knocking.

“Put the tray down on the coffee table there and come to the kitchen with me.”

I did as she told me and I was too terrified to wonder about the shame of being commanded about before Chloe.

Once in the kitchen Blair slammed the door.

I don’t think I had ever seen my wife with a scowl like this before, it was as if I had totally insulted her. I can confide with you dear reader that I felt terrified.

“Are you doing this on purpose?”

“No darling. No.”

“You sure?”

“No. No really. I just forgot.”

She nodded, her formerly pretty mouth now pulled down like a belligerent guard dog’s. “You forgot. You forgot. You were only told this afternoon. Tell me birdbrain, what is rule one?”

As you can imagine nerves vibrated through me, cutting off all thoughts to me head.

“I, I, ..” My mind was an empty mist of nothing. No words came. It was frozen.

“Good little boys,” prompted Blair her eyes screaming at me to recall the rule.

“Oh yes. Good little boys get treats.” I stared at her hopefully.


“And?” I shivered.

“Naughty boys?” She rolled her eyes.

“Ah! Yes. Naughty boys get punished.”

“Say it together.”

“Good little boys get treats and naughty boys get punished.”

“What does a good boy do before entering a room?”

“He knocks darling.”

“Did you knock?”

I wanted to throw myself on my knees to beg her for forgiveness. “Please Blair. I won’t forget again.”

“Well, let’s see.” She glanced at the cooker clock. “It is quarter past eight. Off to bed right now. And lights out. No phones. Nothing. Straight to bed.”

“But darling, Chloe will wonder why I have gone to bed so early.”

“Oh?” Her yes grew wide. “And is that my problem little boy?”

There didn’t seem any answer to that. “I guess not.”

I made to go but she stepped across my path. “I am going to help you remember that lesson. Believe me.”

“I won’t forget again. Please Blair. Please let me stay up.”

“Bed. Now.”

I stood for a moment trying to marshal an argument as to why I, a grown man, should not be sent to bed in my own home.

Blair raised her eyebrows. “Do you want me to shout at you so that your daughter will hear you being sent to bed early?”

Feeling like crying I wanted to explain to her that Chloe had seen her scolding me as if I were a child and would soon put two and two together. But I said nothing, simply slumped up the stairs in total abject misery.

10 thoughts on “Jordan’s Diary entry 23

  1. oh my – I can see Jordan knocking on many, many, doors in his near future. Perhaps a curtsy or to as well.. He is sinking fast.

  2. Sally Anne, It isnt looking good is it? Perhaps Blair will release him in the next episode and he can go back to being the man of the house. let us keep our fingers crossed. DF

  3. This is marvelous, and he hasn’t worn a single girly outfit. You are really in top form. Thanks, Michelle

  4. This is your very best work, Deborah. I can tell much thought and time has gone into each and every entry. You are an expert drawing things out little by little as daddy sinks and grows fearful more and more in each chapter. I can’t stand the suspense. Chloe is playing such a key part just being there. My heart skips a beat when I imagine things like Chloe and her friends accidentally walking in on her daddy in his bunny outfit and whiskers someday as he is cleaning the toilet. I would just DIE! What kind of explanation is possible as he sputters and hems and haws with all the laughter ringing in his ears?

  5. Sasha, I fear you could well be right. It isn’t look good at all for Jordan. Let us hope Blair believes he will be honest in the future and releases him from his chastity cage so he can once more head of the family. Thank you for your kind words. DF

  6. Hello, i think Jordan is really an idioooooooot. It is so easy to stop the pc and the cam in the house ….. I think too that, one day, very soon, he will have more than one Mistress… and also become his daughter’s sub…..

  7. Gosh! It is a shame you can’t contact Jordan. Jerry thought he had locked it down so that the PC can only be turned off by an administrator. If Jordan pulls the plug out of the wall then the uninterruptible power supply takes over and I guess he might be in even more trouble. I think you are right though, if he doesn’t sort himself out quickly then he is going to be in a pile of trouble in that household. Deborah Ford

  8. I very much wish I could contact Jordan (or even you, Ms Ford). I feel like I am watching a movie and want to scream out a warning. Jordan, Blair has total control and there is NO WAY OUT. Just be perfectly obedient and remember all the rules. Humiliation is bad but it can get much worse in a hurry!

  9. Sasha, let us keep our fingers crossed that Jordan can find a way out of his plight. Surely Blair will take pity on him and release him so that the house can return to ‘normal.’

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