How to get sissies to kiss each other

One of the great secrets of The Hotel  finally revealed. How to get two sissies to kiss each other




1. This is early conditioning.

Two reluctant sissies are joined at the mouth during a bondage session under the direction of at least one dominant. Up until now these sissies might offer each other a peck on the cheek under the threat of a caning but feel repulsed at anything more. Obviously this perverse reaction needs to be corrected.





3. more advanced

Once the unsuspecting birdbrains are comfortable in the first position then the time spent bound together increases to two full hours of staring at each other.

Who knows what humiliation they are feeling as they stare helplessly into each other’s eyes.
























The next stage is full body contact.

Many of the mistress cats will ensure the mouths of the sissies are gagged so as not to induce panic as their faces are drawn so intimately together.

Neither sissy will be able to ignore the attraction of the other pretty little tramp any more. In this way the sissies may turn away from each other but are always touching skin to skin. They cannot escape the soft, sensual touch of the other.




























4. Here you have the final stage

The sissies can no longer resist stealing an erotic hot kiss. The dominants must ensure they remain in control by ordering them to stop every every 5 minutes. As some Doms will know already they sissies will be so lost in their lust that they won’t hear the instruction to stop –  or else pretend they don’t!

Either away a stinging punishment is required to ensure they know this is meant to entertain those watching and not just pleasure for the sissy tramps.



5. This is the advanced positioning.


By now the bonds are unnecessary but do look good of course. At this level you would expect a pair of sissies to indulge their lust all day, pausing only for bathroom breaks and to be fed and watered.

I know some Mistress Cats do not approve of the sissies being allowed such a good time but we should all bear in mind that once this stage is reached the sissy can never again deny being a  complete horny slut .

Should any little minx deny being a complete slut, say because his wife or her lover is present, then this video evidence can be shown to all.The self deluding little sissy should then be made to tell his wife and lover exactly what little sluts they truly are. As usual crying, foot stamping and begging ought not prevent a dominant from ensuring this rule is upheld to the letter.

Besides this scene of a sissy truly learning their place in the world, with others acknowledging it, is wonderful to watch, as I am sure you will agree.




6 thoughts on “How to get sissies to kiss each other

  1. Having taken some very reluctant sissies to stage 4 once or twice in Real Life™ (back in my more *ahem* wild days), I have to say I like this method better. Nothing like baby steps to tear down the fragile sissy walls. 😀 Never managed to get them to Stage 5 though. I guess rope would have helped

  2. I think blondie-bear might take issue with me marrying somebody else. 😉 That being said making two sissies do this was one of the most erotic things ever… the guys weren’t too thrilled, especially in hindsight… but even years later it gives me tingles thinking about it

  3. Heavens, why should the sissies be thrilled? Too often sissies think the world revolves around them rather than their owner. Good for you putting your foot down and gaining a happy memory. I cannot wait for your autobiography! DF

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