Jordan’s Diary entry 24


As you can imagine the next morning I was awake pretty early. I cannot recall ever going to bed at that sort of time before, probably not since childhood. I had lain there expecting, perhaps hoping, for a visit from Blair. But when, around eleven, she and Chloe came to bed they went straight to their rooms.

That was the point when I started to regularly wear a condom over my chastity belt. As you have seen my dick was constantly excited and spurting for reasons only it understood. I was in a continual state of arousal made more intense by the fact I couldn’t do anything about it. I have no idea, even now, why it should dribble when Blair was castigating me as if I were a child.

That night I actually slipped on my favourite baby doll nightie and matching panties and humped the pillow but apart from the usual spurting I gained no satisfaction. My last memory was of shaking my fists in helpless rage before I slipped into sleep.

So there I was at 5.30 in the morning with daylight a dull orange, downstairs in the kitchen tidying up the coffee and tea cups form the previous night. They had also had some biscuits so I made sure the crumbs were tidied up from the tables and thought it wise to clean the kitchen floor to get into Blair’s good books.

Now here was the unexpected part.

Blair came down, a little later than her usual time, jauntily greeting me with a peck on the cheek and a pat on my bottom. “Did my little boy learn a good lesson last night?”

“Yes darling,” I replied breathlessly. By now I rarely even thought about using her Christian name.

She giggled. “You can be so clever when you try hard.”

She ordered toast and then a panicky, flustered Chloe emerged.

“Oh dad can you make my cereals and toast? I haven’t sorted that history yet!”

“Of course,” I announced making sure Blair heard me. Sadly she didn’t. Having given me my pat on the bottom she was now engrossed in a woman magazine.

Oddly she didn’t seem set on going to work.

In fact it seemed weird that Chloe was picked up by one of her friends, leaving the house with a piece of toast between her teeth.

“Aren’t you going to be late darling?” I asked, desperate to seem helpful.

She flicked over a page, examining a photograph of a woman in a short skirted business suit. “Don’t you worry your little head about anything little boy.”

“Ah, right, yes.”

Then she gazed up at me. “Hmmm. Your overseas contract has been sent so you won’t have anything to do today.”

“Well I er …”

“You don’t. Remember? Little boys do not tell fibs else they will be punished.” She stood up slowly as thinking something through.

I felt my breath catch. Her short tight skirt had ridden up showing her sexy thighs. Her blouse was sheer exposing her white lacy bra. She was a picture of an erotic office girl straight out of a web site fantasy page.

Standing before me, she tightened her eyes as if in still in thought, then beamed. “So then little boy what do you do before you enter a room?”

“I knock dear. Always. I promise I will knock. Really darling.”

She laughed. “Just answer the question. I don’t want you wasting my time by jabbering away like a little girl.”

Ooooh. I spurted into my condom but managed a breathy. “No honey.”

“What happens to good little boys?”

“Good little boys get treats.”

“And naughty little brats?”

“Naughty little brats get punished.”

“Now combine the two for your mummy.”

My head swirled with arousal. “Good little boys get treats and naughty little brats get punished.”

“Oh you are so clever when you try hard. Good. Show me position one over the table.”

Position one? I know you must think me a complete idiot but for a moment I couldn’t understand what she was talking about. She arched her eyebrows and in a flash I recalled the time bent over the end of the bed when she had so brutally caned me.

I walked to the table and, feeling incredibly foolish, bent over it keeping my eyes away from hers.

“Aw isn’t that cute. Very good little boy.”

I sighed with relief and rose.

“What are you doing?” She barked.

My stomach twisted and I flung myself back over the table.

“Sorry darling I thought …”

She patted my bottom. “You thought? You thought?”

I bit my lip.

“Isn’t thinking for yourself what has landed you in this position?”

“Well, yes I guess so …”

“Yes. I guess so too. So learn to stop thinking. It is an irritating misuse of your time.”

She spoke with mischief in her voice but I dare not do anything other than take her seriously. “Yes darling. Sorry darling.”

I heard her ‘hmmm’ to herself as if contemplating whether she was satisfied with my response. I dreaded the cane. As I have told you, it may be sexy in a hot fantasy but when administered in real life it hurts like nothing else.

“Ok stand up like a good boy.”

I rose immediately awaiting the next instruction.

“I have been reading a lot of about this Ds thing you told me about yesterday.”

I thought ‘oh no.’ but just said, “Yes dear.”

butt in skirt 10
Blair in one of her new office dresses

Blair in her most daring leather dress, ready for work.

She crossed her legs, standing one ankle before the other. How I wanted to grab and ravage her.

“It’s a huge field isn’t it?”

“Yes darling. Massive.”

“Some women keep their hubbies locked in a chastity cage so that they are like protective knights for them.”

I nodded. I had only ever read about my own fetishes, as I was never interested in what anyone else did.

“Other women are clearly horrible sadists.”

“Yes darling.”

Glaring at me she announced, “you know I am not one of those don’t you.”

“Of course darling. You are nothing like one of those.”

She hummed as if not believing me but apparently satisfied, continued. “Other’s do it for the control. You know, like when they had wandering husbands, or guys like you who are lazy and tell lies.”

I nodded not feeling I was that lazy or that I told lies – other than necessary ones.

“I guess I fall in to that category. You know, needing to control, to know what is happening.”

“Yes dear that seems right.”

“I think that friend of mine who keeps her hubbie in kiddies clothes all the time is a bit of a sadist.”

“She sounds it my love.”

Folding her arms she looked out of the kitchen window. “Though I have missed out on dressing little boys. You know, because we only had a girl.”

“I suppose so.” They had said that before. Why one earth would women get a buzz out of dressing little boys?

She nibbled her lips still staring into the distance over the garden at the trees that lined our back area. “Anyway,” She said finally. “You on the other hand have bored me to tears throughout our marriage on what you like. Awful fetishes.”
I winced. “Sorry darling.”

“All this seedy wanting to dress as a girl. Yuk. Be a maid. And a cuckold.”

“Sorry darling.”

“Don’t apologise. You don’t mean it and you can’t help being a pervert.”

“Sorry my love.”

“So I have been thinking about you doing maid stuff about the house. You know clearing up, hovering. My word, there is always laundry to be done.”

I spurted. Obviously I only wanted to play act being a maid, as in a fantasy. I wouldn’t really want to do all that mundane housework.

“Just not sure about letting you dress.” She giggled. “Or maybe make you do it in your Bunny Onsie. Wouldn’t that be amusing?”

Grimacing I tried to smile. “Please darling, that isn’t my thing.”

Her face fell into that hard expression I told you about in the previous instalment, where her mouth curves down and her eyes become slits.

“Little boy you have done your thing for long enough. It is now time for my thing!”

“yes, yes, of course.”

“Stupid boy.”

“Sorry my love.”

My foolish comment engendered determination in her speech. “You can start today. Hoover the house and clean the bathrooms.”

I had no idea how to clean bathrooms, moreover Blair was now going too far. We still had to discuss the situation as she said we could. I thought of a good argument. “Honey what if Chloe were to know I was cleaning up the house? What would she think?”


The hard face. I jumped wishing I hadn’t said anything. “I mean, you know, it isn’t normal for the guy in the house to …”

“She would think you were being helpful and purposeful. Why do you always mention our daughter? You think it is wrong for you to make a contribution around the house?”

“Well, no, no of course not honey. But it is a bit,” I searched for the right words so as not to make matters worse, I failed(!). “It is just that I think it’s a little humiliating to have your own fifteen year old daughter learn you are the cleaner in the house.”

She nodded and stupidly, for a moment, I thought she got it until she spoke. “I see. You are thinking again?”

“Well, no, no … just a thought really.” I have to confess I was truly frightened at that moment.

“Ring Chloe.” She commanded. “Ring her now before she has to turn off her phone when the lessons start.”

Oh my god. I was dying. “W-w-w- why darling?”

“Ask her permission to clean her room.”

I goldfished unable to think of what to say. I just knew I couldn’t do that. “Honey you know she doesn’t like anyone clearing her room.”

Folding her arms, she tilted her head back revealing her hard face. “Well little boy, you had just better convince her, hadn’t you?”

Even now I can feel taste the fear in my mouth and feel my head swooning. I lifted up my pink phone, specially programed by that idiot Jamie. “Please honey. Please. Please don’t make me.”

“Little boys have to learn to as do as they are told.”

I speed dialled Chloe. It rang, and rang and rang. For a moment there was respite. She wasn’t answering, I was free! But then …

“Hi daddy. What is it?” She demanded. “They have just rung the bell.”

“I, erm,” I closed my eyes tight, feeling sweat build on my brow. “Honey listen. I am just sorting out some stuff around the house. You mind if I just clear some space in your room?”

“What? Yes? Like of course I mind. It’s my personal space.”

“Of course it is honey. I thought I might just put a few things away, you know and sort out your books. Just clear some space on the floor. Nothing major.”

“No! You leave it all alone. You know what mummy has said about you coming into my room.”

“Well it was mummy’s idea really.”

There was silence and I hoped and wished.

“Well if mummy says so,” she mused, sounding defeated. “I don’t want to get into a row with her. But I want to be able to find everything after you have finished.”

“Oh thank you Chloe, thank your. Thank you so much.”

The line went dead as if she didn’t need to bother to reply.

Blair, I am relieved to say, was delighted. “There little boy, that wasn’t so hard was it?”


Wasn’t so hard? I was dying of shame. Fancy having to beg your own daughter to clean her room.

“You make a good job of it bunchkins else she won’t let you do it again and then you will be in serious trouble.”

“Yes darling.” Spurt, spurt. What was my dick thinking?

“Oh my there is so much to discuss from what I have read. Let’s see. Ah yes. So being locked in that chastity cage thingee definitely makes a guy more passive?”

I had read that too and now I could personally vouch for it. I would do anything for Blair. I felt totally at the mercy of her whims and commands. “Yes darling. Yes.”

She grinned. “Interesting. One lady keeps her poor guy locked away for months at a time. Says he dare not do anything naughty these days. How cool is that?”

“I have read of such life styles honey but I really wouldn’t …” I froze.

Smiling, she raised her eyebrows. “And does it matter what you want bunchkins?”

“No dear. Just what you want.”

“Clever boy. So,” she paused staring out of the window again, “the longer a guy is locked away the more obedient and well behaved he becomes.”

“Yes. Oh please Bl …. “I honestly almost said her name. Imagine the trouble I would have been in! But I smartly corrected myself, “Please darling. I can barely stand it now.”

“Uh-uh,” she seemed concerned but there was an impish glimmer in her eyes. “Poor little boy. But that is good. Helps my control. Come here.” She pointed at a spot just before her.

I approached.

“Closer. I said here.” She indicated a spot right before her high heeled shoes.

I stood almost nose to nose with her, she being slightly taller in her heels. She embraced me giving me a squeeze and rubbing her cheek up against mine.

Her sudden bout of affection was such as shock I didn’t know how to handle it, what to do or say so I simply let her cuddle me. Eventually my hands snaked about her back and gently pulling her closer. I could have screwed her then and there if she allowed me.

Holding me firmly, she whispered in my ear. “So that brings me to the other thing.”

Other thing I wondered.

Kissing my face she continued speaking softly into my ear, “this, you know,” she giggled with embarrassment, “this cuckolding business.”

“Oh yes darling?” I was terrified. Blair didn’t seem to be able to see the difference between fantasy and reality any more.

“You have often mentioned it. You know, gone on and on as about it as much as that maid business.”

“It’s only a fantasy love. Just that.”

“Uh-uh. Yes. But some guys want it in reality. Not just in fantasy. That’s what I have read.”

“Yes darling but it would kill me to know you were with another man.” My eyes were wide open. I remember how they had fixed on the fridge as I dreaded where she wanted to take this conversation.

“Yes. Ok. Ok. Yes.” She released me and smiled before kissing my nose. “Good boy. You must always be honest with me.”

“I am darling, truly.”

For a long while she thought about something, something she wanted to add but then stepped back and grinned. “And later we get those handcuffs don’t we? Real double locking thingees.” She giggled. “Then we can think about letting out a good boy’s little dickie and letting him have some fun. How does that sound?”

I swallowed a, “Wonderful darling.”

“Tell me what happens to good and naughty little boys.”

“Good little boys get treats and naughty little boys get punished darling.”

“And what sort of little boy do you want to be?”

This is shameful to share but I truly gushed into the condom. “I want to be a good little boy for you darling.”

She grinned from ear to ear. “Aw. That is sooooo sweet. Love it.”

She picked up her bag and made for the door. “So good cleaning little boy, especially Chloe’s room. You won’t want to get on her bad side.”

Yes dear.” I followed her like a puppy to the front door where she paused before turning to me, slightly blushing.

“As a little treat,” she mused. “You have a maid’s outfit don’t you?”

I actually had a couple but I answered. “Yes darling.”

“It has one of those little dinky maid cap thingees?”

“Yes dear.”

“And an apron?”

“Erm yes dear.”

“Ok. And this is a special treat for a good little boy. Put them on whilst cleaning. Just the cap and apron, not the other stuff. I don’t want to see that on the webcam. Perhaps it will help you get through the day.”

“Yes darling.” I have to admit to a feeling more of irritation than excitement. I know that many of you think you would love to be in that position. But somehow it wasn’t for me. I just didn’t feel grateful simply because it wasn’t my choice to wear them. She had decided I had to put them on and I dare say would decide when I could take them off. Though I don’t need to tell you what my caged dick did into the condom! It had a mind of its own.

“We still haven’t got much on until the new contracts get in so I will read up some more on all this and summon you for a chat later. Bye little boy.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Bye darling.” I waited until she drove off before closing the door, fearing that to do so before she left the drive might insult her in some way.

What situation had I got myself in? How was I going to get out of it?

One thing I knew was that I had to do a good job of cleaning even though I had never done it before. Moreover I had to be really careful about Chloe’s room. I was fearful. would I be able to please both my wife Blair and my 15 year old daughter Chloe?

I guess I realised I just had to!

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  1. The more we hear about Blair, the more I like her! She’s got a good head on her shoulders, if you ask me… I hope her daughter inherits that!

  2. She seems to be understanding the situation and changes faster than poor Jordan. As for their daughter Chloe, let us hope she becomes an ally too poor Jordan rather than another domme.

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