Agony Aunt for distraught sissys number 02



The esteemed Professor Elizabeth Gottman-Finnkel, MD, PhD, Pys.D, D.O, FRCP, MSc, DrSc and DdPH expert in Relationships and sexual studies is our very own Agony Aunt. She has studied this area for over 6 decades, lectured in every major university and won two Nobel prizes.




Because it was so uncomfortable Samantha once removed her butt plug whilst polishing the table. You should see the size of the one her Master inserted before he bound her. Poor thing, but still a lesson well learnt.




From Samantha, formerly Samuel

Dear Professor Elizabeth Gottman-Finnkel, MD, PhD, Pys.D, D.O, FRCP, MSc, DrSc and DdPH

Oh please offer my foolish wife’s lover some telling advice.

We made a deal, (and I have a contract to prove it!), whereby I would be the maid for two weeks whilst my wife’s lover would be ‘Master of the House’, as he pompously put it! Anyways everything is going really well, I have never seen my wife so happy and contented, I get to wear a gorgeous silk maid’s outfit through out the day!

So mister know it all Master as we now have to call him(!)  wants to spoil it all with a barbecue for his friends and our friends! I mean really! As if! We hardly want everyone knowing about our kink do we? My wife must be brainwashed because she doesn’t see any harm in it and tells me she will lock a gag on me if I keep ‘nagging’ as she puts it.

And yes I have confronted the brute and even demanded to have my chastity key back. (Well obviously I asked politely) But he just goes on and on and on about the contract. Then he paddles my bottom for wasting his time!

Please Professor Elizabeth Gottman-Finnkel will you knock some sense into this pig headed,  know it all, conceited, up his own arse so called Master?




*Note from The Hotel:

Sadly Professor Elizabeth Gottman-Finnkel, MD, PhD, Pys.D, D.O, FRCP, MSc, DrSc and DdPH cannot be with us today so we have asked little Debbie to answer for her.


This is Debbie’s considered advice …

dumb blonde 02 OMG! Can you believe this? I mean this is so totally, seriously, bad. Where are you at girl? You got a nice maid’s uniform haven’t you? Yes? Yes! A guy who takes the time to deal with you when you are, like, so totally being THE brat. And yes, I do mean being like so totally THE brat. Like all you have to do is serve a few more drinks. Hello. Is that so bad? Oh and serve those sausage and burger and steak thingees. But you mustn’t eat one of course. Think of your figure.

Is it gonna be so damned awful eh? Your friends and their wives have probably never seen you looking so smart and so busy. Wait till you see their eyes on your legs and arse! You will definitely put in that extra wiggle.

Oh, oh, oh! Before I forget. This isnt one of those times to be naughty! No way! let me tell you right now! No way do you want to be put over someone’s knee when there’s loads of folk, who are so-called friends, around! Have I been there!  You, like, squeal for help and everyone just laughs at you.

Then of course once one guy has spanked you then all the others want to join in. You will be so scared you will try hiding in the kitchen and then everyone gets cross about that. People! And of course everyone thinks it is soooo funny. Yipes. So you be good when they all come around and you will have a great time.

Oh, oh oh. Warning! Those guys who want you to go behind the shed and see something interesting? Don’t bother. Purleeese! You will just end up with dirt all over your knees, which really shows up on black stockings. So no matter how much time you take wiping your mouth everyone knows what you have done.
Anyways I thought I would help you by passing on your letter of help to your Master as I am not sure you are supposed to call him ‘pig headed,  know it all, conceited, up his own arse so called Master’. Maybe it says in the contract that you can. I mean I don’t know much about the law except Lawyers can be paid with blow jobs. But your master will be able to sort you out, I mean, sort it out.

No need to thank me. If I can help someone then it makes everything all worthwhile to me. xxx Debbie


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  1. Rocco, the hours are long, people will treat you like a slave and do as they wish with you …. but OMG the uniforms are sooo divine! Deborah Ford

  2. Another great little scene from The Hotel! It sounds like it’s time for another Hotel story. You’ve already suggested some great story ideas, a few thousand word story would be a delight! And I’m sure it would sell well.

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