EXCLUSIVE. The Hotel’s new Maid’s Uniform: Bunny Ears Maid Uniform

EXCLUSIVE. The Hotel’s new Maid’s Uniform: Bunny Ears Maid Uniform


Please don’t be alarmed, we are n27-3-068ot losing the traditional outfits. The Hotel maintains a host of uniforms for every occasion and none are ever thrown away. The oldest uniforms date back to 1953 when The Hotel began welcoming wives, studs and their unsuspecting husbands.

The designer, Madam Frau Hitzelberger of Heisenberg, was tasked to create a uniform that was at once totally humiliating, impossible to escape from and yet at the same time practical.
See if you agree that she has got it absolutely right.

Originally Called Design 203/15B, for obvious reasons it soon became affectionately known as the Bunny ears maid’s outfit.

As can be seen from the detail below, the hood part is bound at the rear of the head with the ends secured beneath the collar. Thus the sissy cannot remove the hood without her wife or her wife’s lover offering the key.

The Bunny ears secure the top of the hood and when tied in a neat bow give the Bunny ears effect that so delights the studs, Mistress Cats and even the wives. Wives, who often try to hold back their laughter at their hubbies plight for fear of damaging their self-esteem, burst into tearful chortles as soon as they see him in the Bunny Ears Uniform.










hood front
Front view showing the Bunny Ears


hood rear
Rear view showing the tight lacing



It can also be seen that the hood is high mounted over the mouth thus limiting speech to amusing whimpers. If the maid were to be gagged, say with the wife’s previous night’s panties, then thankfully she wouldn’t be able to make much of a sound at all.



View from the Rear


The zip travels up to beneath the locked collar again nullifying any foolish sissy attempts to remove the outfit.

The special reinforced, material stretches around the body of the sissy and then contracts, making it skin tight.

But you have already spotted it’s brilliant rear design feature. Imagine having to unlock the collar in order to remove the tight fitting garb simply to spank the maid’s bottom? All a problem of the past. Ergonomically designed to ensure fast and immediate punishments can be metted out without any effort at all from the Dommes.



As can be seen from the detail the outfit fits snugly around the cutely revealed buttocks with a tight draw band between the cheeks.



Practical Uses of the Maid once Dressed


The uniform comes complete with a locking tray that attaches to the collar’s front ring and is locked in place in the small of the back. Though the sissy wouldn’t be allowed to remove it even if it were not locked, the thinking behind the extra tray lock is that it adds to the sissy’s feeling of helplessness and loss of control.

Finally the poor thing’s arms are secured with the matching arm binder and there you have it. A perfectly amusing yet practical sissy maid who cannot even object to anything done to her.

























The Finished Article On Duty



A fully practical maid.



The tray held perfectly in position with the drinks at an easy to serve height.27-3-085

As can be seen everything from breakfast to dinner and late night drinks can be served in this manner.

Thanks to the innovative built in gag feature of the hood you will only ever hear the sound of the maid’s heels and the clinking of the ice cubes.

The wife will even forget the maid is present in the room whilst her stud seduces her.


























*** A word of warning from our  lawyers Sue ‘Em and B. Damned  – please read carefully

Since the introduction of the uniform Sissies have made increased use of their time with the Sissy Therapists.

There is concern that they cannot recover from the shame of being seen by their wife and her lover dressed as the Bunny maid. When informed of this tragic outcome Miss Evans, The Hotel Manager responded: “Good! Makes them more submissive and obedient !”

She then ordered one hundred more uniforms.


So over to you

What is the view of sissies?

  1. Should we begin a petition to prevent its full introduction?
  2. Beg the wife to make her lover see sense and not make you wear it?
  3. Wear it so that they can all see how wicked and terrible they are and how distraught you are?

Make your view known before it is too late.

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  1. Don’t WARN them… They won’t listen anyway…

    As for the query can we add:

    4.) Let’s try it on them just once. If they want to take it off after that then we can obviously talk about it. 😀

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