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elizabeth_blackwellThe esteemed Professor Elizabeth Gottman-Finnkel, MD, PhD, Pys.D, D.O, FRCP, MSc, DrSc and DdPH expert in Relationships and sexual studies is our very own Agony Aunt. She has studied this area for over 6 decades, lectured in every major university and won two Nobel prizes.




From Amy Lou, formerly Alan.

Dear Professor Elizabeth Gottman-Finnkel,

I am pleased to say that my wife’s lover is very inventive and very fair with me. All rules and punishments are explained fully to me in a way I can understand so I can have no complaints.

However he has done something which is clearly wrong and doesn’t accept it.

When he takes my wife out clubbing or to a restaurant he wants to ensure I am bound and completely helpless. He has explained this to me very slowly and carefully so, in his words, ‘even a stupid slut like you can comprehend why I do this.’ Which, I am sure you will agree, is very sweet of him. He explains how he ties me up so tightly and securely in order to keep me out of mischief when they cannot keep their eye on me. So, again, fair enough. I know I can get into a lot of mischief if left unsupervised.

He then uses a web cam to check up on me. Again he has gone out of his way to explain that the webcam feed is in order to ensure I am ok. I am sure you will agree that his thoughtfulness is exquisitely adorable of him. Makes me feel gooey inside to know how protective he can be to both me and my wife.

So far so good. But I have recently learned that he shares the webcam link with his friends and then they have shared it with others. Now I feel like the whole world is watching me. They even post pictures of me on the web for everyone to see and I cannot take them down!

I have complained to my lover in writing, which is how he likes to progress any issues arising, but he just says I will be safer if more than he and my wife are watching me, especially if they are in busy a hotel room somewhere. Well I guess I can follow his logic here,  they do lose sense of time when they are in the bedroom.

For the record my wife, who is also very fair to me, thinks that I should stop sending him complaints as my time out of the chastity cage could be revoked for another week. Because I have been naughty I have been locked up for three weeks already  so I don’t wish to exceed the time any further.

 How can I make him see sense and stop this invasion of my privacy without extending my chastity time? How can I block the photos if I am not allowed to? I am desperate to ensure no one gets to see me like this. Professor Elizabeth Gottman-Finnkel, you are my only hope.

Amy Lou



*Note from The Hotel:

Sadly Professor Elizabeth Gottman-Finnkel, MD, PhD, Pys.D, D.O, FRCP, MSc, DrSc and DdPH cannot be with us today so we have asked little Debbie to answer for her.

This is Debbie’s considered advice …

Amy Lou, thanks to your description I found some of the photos on a website and have put them up here so others can better judge the situation. According to the description this was you trying to escape when you saw how many people were watching you. No need to thank me, I just try and be helpful in my own little way.

OMG, well firstly, oh my, my your wife’s lover looks good at tying. You are not going to get out of those bonds in a hurry girl!

Heavens! You admit how fortunate you are and then you go, like, bitch, bitch, bitch! I mean this is so totally unacceptable. You should go down on your knees before him every morning to thank him, (they like that – giggles).

I mean you are looking at this, like, totally from your own selfish needs. You have said he takes good care of you and, by the sound if it, even better care of your wife’s needs.

Don’t you get it girl? I mean like it is so totally good that so many guys are watching over you. They don’t have to do it! You should get your guy to make you write letters of gratitude to all your admirers. Ooooh don’t you just love admirers!

Also, you never know, one guy might want to call around and take advantage of you whilst you are trussed up. Wouldn’t that be, like, so awesome, soooo exciting?

BTW No one is going to find you, so just chill ok?  I mean, hey Amy Lou as Alan as you used to be known, don’t you realise that your surname, Turbish is pretty rare? yes? And my guess is that your neighbours on Kingston Drive, Manchester are going to be pretty tolerant understanding sort of people anyways. So stop panicking, how is anyone going to know it is you? Huh? Duh!


PS, **very important**, where did you get shoes that match a slip like that. I mean wow.



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