New Hotel in China


As China continues to get up to speed with the rest of the world it has allowed us to open our very own Hotel there.

We were inundated with applications from ladies wanting to be Mistress Cats.

The following girls have been specially chosen and are currently at our secret centre in England being trained in the art of the domination of maids.


So keep an eye out for them so you can avoid them, they are dangerous and single minded.


1. Chun and Chunhua,  ( Springtime and Spring Flower), are twins who want to travel, help starving children and see Sissies break down in tearful submission.



2. Fung (Bird) is studying Metallurgy and Women Studies, likes driving fast cars, having romantic meals and crushing the self respect out of sissies.



3. Li Hau (Beautiful Pear Blossom), supports animal welfare, enjoys shopping, the cinema and pouring super glue into the locks on a sissy’s chastity cage.



4. Xiaodon, (Little dawn) voted cutest dominatrix at the Hong Kong Dommes Annual Meeting three years running. Loves walking in the rain, kittens and disarming stupid guys with her innocent cute looks until she has them spreadeagled and chained to a bed.


I am sure you agree the Chinese Hotel is off to an excellent start. Now they just have to sift through the four million application forms they have already received from wives and sissies.


News brought to you by The Hotel






8 thoughts on “New Hotel in China

  1. A wealthy white businessman who already owns a few hotels in Asia could be just what they need. What could make him sign ownership of his hotels to “The Hotel” I wonder?.

  2. It’s curious that the trope of being in Asia doesn’t seem to be used as often as you might think in these types of stories. As a search on Fictionmania shows. As fetishes go Asia women are right up there plus being in another country and another culture would make the protagonist that much more vulnerable to manipulation.

    Oh! A Hotel in Russia would be just perfect, too. Russian Mistress Cats, just think of that!

  3. Jez. Arent you frightened by the spread of The Hotel around the world? Dainty Asian women are sexy as would be the tall blondes from Russia but sissies arent allowed to have anything their own way. They have to wear what they told to wear and do exactly as they are told. None have escaped. Scary.

  4. Scared and excited, I should say. And very, very curious to hear the tales of all these sissies discovering their true selves in these fine establishments!

  5. Good idea Jez. It would be a good warning to any foolish sissy seeking to enter such places. I will keep an eye out for any information that comes my way. DF

  6. Wow! Chinese Dominatrices are going to rule the world one day (even if they’re as cute as Xiaodon)! Will The Hotel have some pictures of Asian sissy maids sometime?

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