So what happens when a muddle headed sissy …

… ties herself up a little too tightly, cannot escape and is discovered by his wife?

Once the gag is removed she could try the following explanations

… well this horrible burglar made me dress in your clothes and then tied me up.

No? Ok how about

… in order to understand how a sexual assault victim feels I …

Hmmmm. Not really. Ok would this be better …

I was wondering if your clothes would fit and then I thought would I be able to tie myself up and …

No, won’t run will it. So in fact you would have to come clean …. ‘ I am a perverted sissy and I wear your clothes when you are out. If you could untie me and pass me the keys to the chastity belt which are on the bedside ….erm … why are you laughing? You are going for dinner with whom? Who is he? Put those keys back, they are for my chastity belt! But you are going to untie me aren’t you? Please don’t put the gag back in ghhhhmphhhhhhh. plshhhhhmph.



Anyone think of any better excuse?

























Thoughts brought to you by The Hotel


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