What happens if the sissy and wife agree …

 … that her lover has to be finally  confronted over his arrogant domination of the household?


You know the problem. Too many punishments, too many rules and no where near enough treats.

The sissy and wife plot their plan of attack, the arguments they will use and then when her lover is in a good mood they ask, (politely of course), for an opportunity to discuss certain matters arising in his household. They make out a list and present it to their man.

Being a fair minded person he obviously sets aside a time when all three can discuss the issues at hand, whilst at the same time preparing the sissy and wife for the debate.

He commands each to turn away and starts binding them as tightly as possible, once totally helpless he removes their ability to prattle endlessly on about their woes with a decent sized ball gag.

Once bound and gagged the couple have to listen to their master’s view of the world and dare not dissent – well not after the first few spankings anyway. He adds a few more rules to their lives, just to make a point, before taking the wife upstairs to the master bedroom to enjoy the fruits of his success.

Thus the world order is restored and everyone knows their place.

And the best result is that non one dares complain for a long time after.

Neat huh?


1. A couple who will no doubt be circumspect about complaining in the future .

Babes in Gowns - Bound & Gagged 290

2. Probably the most frustrating bondage a sissy and his wife have ever had to endure from an inventive master. Note how any movement rubs the silk stockinged legs over the other’s groin inducing intense arousal that cannot be satisfied. Highly effective!



3. This event followed the sissy and wife declaring that they couldn’t be maids to him all day … they changed their minds after their bladders got the better of them and begged to be maids for him when ever he wanted.


One from the archives …


1970s, it is believed, when the sissy and his wife were left bound and gagged for over three hours. It is said that there no more complaints there after.



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