Would you Allow your Wife to go out Dressed …

 … like this ?


This is how she poses before you …




The tight black dress is see through, revealing everything!


You object, you plead. You beg. “Oh please darling don’t go out dressed like that! What will he think?”


But then it get worse, she turns around …



“My love! Don’t  you see? It is cut up the back! I mean right up showing your bottom!”


But then it get worse, she pushes her stunning derriere into your face.




“This is too much. “I forbid it! You cannot go out with my boss dressed like that!


But then it get worse, she tapes a gag tightly over your pleading lips.


All you can do is mumble.

























And she says, “Now don’t stay awake just for little old me honey. I might be late, very late. Byron says he knows a place where we can dance the night away. And if he gets too drunk to drive me home, well clever Byron even knows a hotel where we can stay. Isn’t he clever darling? Oh do stop those tears. You have begged for this since we first got married. So You enjoy yourself. Oh I forgot. I have all three keys to your chastity belt. Well if you can’t enjoy yourself  then think of me enjoying myself ok Honey? Good night precious.”















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