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Tired of your Sissy escaping from her corset?

Fed up with having to replace waist cinchers cut open by your Sissy?

Annoyed at having to buy a new lock when the sissy has spent hours cutting through the old on to escape the corset?

Do you have the same old tired story from your sissy? That one about how they had to remove the corset because it made them look so girlish when they were out with the ‘guys’ or had to go to work?

No matter how much you beat them there is always an occasion when they remove it without permission.


Here is the answer …

The Fully Automated Locking corset and waist cincher.


metalbondagecom_melissa_waist_cincher_by_metalbondagecom-d5sfsatUnique locking keys.

The sissy cannot cut off the locks here, nor can they be picked or drilled. The sissy cannot even buy a key for it . Each lock has a unique key that only the owner will have.

Spares can be obtained only by the original purchaser.



Once secured on the sissy will always look like a sissy no matter what they wear.

The automated traction device incorporated into every unit will pull in the sissy’s waist to girlish proportions, making her hips and buttocks seem much larger.


Special Offer

Apply within one month of seeing this ad and you can purchase the complete sissy chastity belt for half price.


Warning, this unit requires the ‘tucking’ of sissy’s useless undercarriage before securing with the automated chastity belt.



Inescapable and offers perfect female lines beneath even the loosest of trousers.


Just think, silky tight blouse and trousers over these two devices the sissy will never be able to look anything other than the girl she really is.


Here are some examples …

1. Eric demanded to be allowed to leave the house now his wife’s lover had taken it over. The bull agreed – but then locked the fully automated waist cincher and chastity belt on the sissy. Wear what you like!

The poor sissy had to phone in from the railway station to plead to be allowed home.



2. The sissy will do the gardening is she is allowed to wear teeshirt and shorts rather than the maids outfit. Fine! Just lock on our device, pat her bottom and send her out.



The three following examples show the sissy out and about, shopping or going to sporting events. Wonderful eh?


jeans 4 jeans 5 1



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