Horrible post from a Bull

I hesitate to publish this entry from a conceited, arrogant bull who seems very proud of himself for the distress he caused.

Any sensitive sissies should cover their eyes and move onto the next item right now!


The horrible brute writes,


Dear Debbie

As a lot of cuckolded sissies read your site I thought they might benefit from the following warning. Trixie, (a really good name for her, yes?!!!), kept wittering on about being locked in the Neosteel Shemale belt. Even his gorgeous wife lost her patience. After all he had agreed to it in the first place, the airhead just forgot to mention a time limit. (feel free to laugh!)

So I instructed Trixie to sit her fat arse down on the punishment chair and proceeded to tie her. As you can see from the snaps his wife took on the phone Trixie isn’t that concerned yet as she has spent many frustrating hours bound on it in the past.

I always secure her with handcuffs as it frightens the poor babe.


But on this occasion I wagged a firm finger in her face and told her she would never again complain about the expensive chastity device in which I kept her securely fastened.


I could tell by her eyes she didn’t believe me. Then I preceded to gag her. You have to laugh, the poor sissy didnt know what was coming!

gagged 99

And continued to gag her!


And even more gagging!


gagged 99b

Until her poor mouth was full to bursting.Now she was getting frightened!


gagged 99a


Then I used a silk handkerchief to to severely force it home and bound that around her silly mouth.

gagged 99c

This I pulled back as tightly as humanly possible. No way was the bitch going to be able to spit out the gag until I allowed her!


gagged 99d

Well I have to tell you the poor sissy was totally distressed by now. She couldn’t make any sound apart from an hilarious low moaning.


gagged 99e


And what more could I do, just to give his wife a picture she would never forget? Just call me the Master!

gagged 99g

You can imagine the fun I had with his wife after that. She only stopped laughing after I bent her over the bed and … (EDITOR: please! that is quite enough of your sordid and sadistic activities for one day!)


***The Hotel apologises in advance for any upset this item may provoke.










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