Jordan’s Diary entry 26


Shouting from downstairs awoke me. I must have nodded off. My first instinct was to pull the duvet down but I had forgotten about my manacled hands. I had to roll onto my back so I could use both hands to pull down the quilt.

A great deal of giggling.

I heard Chloe laugh, “Mum you are just so drunk!”

More laughter. I sat up in bed feeling the short apron tickle my thighs. Blair drunk? I checked my pink phone time, it was only just a little after five.

“Aw mum can I go to the cinema with the girls? Please?”

I didn’t hear the reply but it must have been affirmative judging by the gleeful laughter from Chloe.

I sat up in bed, my handcuffed wrists checking that the little maids cap was still in place. It was askew but thankfully still there.

A long half hour later I heard Chloe leave with her friends and Blair’s footsteps on the stairs.

I held my breath staring at the bedroom door. After an eternity it opened and a red faced Blair popped her head around. Her eyes were half closed by alcohol and her mouth set into a sexy toothy grin that looked like it had been there all her life.

“My, my, my. Look at my good little boy.” She laughed. “Erm maid. All ready for the arrival of their Mistress of the House.”

She entered and I gasped. I had forgotten how sexy she was. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Any man would have had an instant erection. Her dark dress followed every curve, her skirt hem line sat tight around the tops of her dark tights. Her heels tall and elegant.

“Chloe says you have been ever so good.” I recall how irrationally fearful I was as she closed the door and advanced like a succubus

She climbed onto the bed and crawled towards me. “And can you remember what good boys get?”

“Erm,” I swallowed, “treats Mistress.”

She giggled, thinking for a moment. “Hmmm. And what about good maids?”

“Do they get treats as well Mistress?”

She tousled my hair. “Oh such a clever maid.”

My cheeks flushed but I said nothing as she climbed, fully clothed into my bed to snuggling up to me. My dick spurted into the condom.

Had she forgotten about her promise?

Placing a finger under my hinged cuffs she raised them closer to her face, staring at them as if they were the finest jewels she had ever seen.

She sighed looking light headed. A smile flickered on her lips as if she was about to open a special present at Christmas.

Kissing my nose she whispered, “And my poor little boy cannot unlock these all by his little self?”

“No Mistress. Erm, the hinge, it is too inflexible …”

She put a finger on my lips. “Oh do hush. You gabble on like a school girl.”

Thank you Pauline for this wonderful image of Blair going upstairs to deal with poor Jordan


She placed her arms around me to draw me closer to her soft hot body. I spurted again feeling the agony of total frustration.

“Oh wow, you would have loved to have been with Morgan and me earlier. Oh! I mean Mister Hopkins,” She giggled. “He is just such a laugh. He doesn’t stop.”

She was slurring her words.

“On and on he goes. And he has such a filthy sense of humour. I was killing myself laughing.”

I glanced up at her, my face a picture of abject worry. “Mistress? You didn’t …. You know ….”

It was as if she had woken up, like I had distracted her from a dream. “What? Didn’t what?”

“I don’t know,” I felt frantic, placing my cuffed wrists under her boobs, not daring to touch her. “You know flirt with him or anything?”

For a moment she was bewildered then she grinned, tapping my nose with her index finger. “And if I did? Isn’t that part of this pervy cuckold thingee you always go on about?”

“But it’s not real! I wouldn’t want it to really happen!”

Clearly trying desperately not to laugh at me she adopted this school teacher admonishing expression. “And how should you refer to the mistress of the house, little maid?”

This was infuriating, though I recall my trapped dick reacting. “Mistress!”

“Don’t pout. Hmmm, I think a little maid who is expecting treats should be better behaved, don’t you?”

My face burnt and my eyes fell from her face to her curves. “yes Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress indeed. Naughty maid. But that’s the funny thing.” She held me tightly. “He was going on and on about maids. Morgan now, I mean Mister Hopkins. Anyways, now get this. You will adore this. I suddenly realised he wanted me to be a maid. Me! So I put him starlight,” she giggled under her breath. “Told him that he could be Master of the House and have as many maids as he wanted but I would be Mistress of the House.”

I think I almost feinted at her words. I certainly felt light headed, as if I were about to swoon. “Mistress you have to be careful talking to a man like him in that way. He will get the wrong idea.”

She stroked my hair softly. “Will he little maid? You sure?”

Trying to sit up I again felt the limiting power of the handcuffs. Blair gently held my shoulders and with my hands trapped I had to comply with her firm cuddle.

“Mistress. I know him, guys like him. He will think …”

I couldn’t finish the sentence, it was too dreadful to be spoken. A loud mouthed brute like Mister Hopkins screwing my lovely innocent wife.

My wife smiled sympathetically. “He has enough sluts chasing him. I think all the girls in the office have either dropped their knickers for him or would love to.”

Somehow that didn’t give me any solace. If they were all ready to drop their panties for him then why not my own wife? The world was rolling away from me.

“Mistress, please find another job.”

She laughed. “Aw poor jealous maid. She kissed my nose. I would never leave you. You would get lost wouldn’t you, poor silly maid. You are mine, always.”

My eyes teared up at that. I guess I was fearing that she no longer loved me and I couldn’t really blame her. “You mean that?”

She took hold of the hairs at the lower part of my head and tugged. I yelped, it was so painful, made worse by the fact I couldn’t reach around and protect myself.

“Shouldn’t you add a little word to that question my maid?”

“Mistress! Mistress.”

“Good boy. Let us say that if you forget again then,” She half closed her eyes and pouted for a bit before saying, “then I will cane you six times and send you to bed an extra hour early. Clear?”

I groaned. The last thing I wanted was to be sent to bed early again. “Yes Mistress.”

She laughed. “I am good at being Mistress of the House aren’t i?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied. At that moment it struck me that she speaking a self-evident truth.

Smiling she said, “Yep. This is one thing I can do really well. Morgan would be thrilled.” She lay back on the pillow pulling her manacled husband over to her. “Anyways. Morgan thought that hilarious. He didn’t believe me. He thought all girly girls wanted to be his maid. So I put him straight on that. But oooh he is so naughty. Then he says well yes I could be Mistress of the house but,” her breathing grew shallow, “but he would be Master of the House and therefore master of the Mistress of the House. Isn’t that just so hot? Having cute maids to do everything they are told but still have a real man who could keep a firm hand on me when I needed it.”

“I could do that Mistress.”

Laughing, she lightly pecked my forehead. “of course you could babykins. You would be so commanding in your little maids hat and apron. Not knowing where the keys for that chastity thingee are.” She raised her voice to a silly whine, “’Oh pleath will you obey little me.’ She laughed. “No little boy I think we know where you would be in the household.”

I let out a stream of cum into my condom, feeling my head swim as if I were on a roundabout. If only I could cum properly and start thinking rationally.

“Mistress I am scared.”081004_PurpleCorsetPart1

Giggling she hugged him closer. “Morgan says scared servants are the best servants. He says a lot of things. I think he has really thought it through. He is more pervy than you!” She laughed again

But at that moment I wasn’t laughing. I know this was my fantasy with knobs on but quite frankly I felt terrified. This was a Blair I no longer recognised. This was a situation over which I had no say, in fact I didn’t even know what was happening. Things were going on outside my orbit.

“Please Mistress, you said I could, you now, have this chastity belt removed so I could cum.”

She opened her eyes as if she awakening from a sweet dream. “Ah yes I did. And Chloe was very impressed with what your tidying and cleaning. I thought you could do better with the downstairs bathroom. Remember to fold the towels neatly and layer them properly over the radiators. But hey. First time yes?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Be a good boy and fetch my favourite vibrator from my drawer.”

What? This was supposed to be about me! “Yes Mistress.” I struggled out of the bed with my manacled ankles proving a problem to get both feet onto the floor. “And the key Msitress?”

“Have I asked you to fetch a key little maid?”

“Well no, not exactly, no. But …”

“I hope my silly, muddle headed little maid isn’t wasting my time by thinking on it again?” She could barely keep a straight face especially when I guess, I looked so pathetic and frightened.

I could see that I needed to obey her directions before anything could be discuss so I toddled off in my chains.

“Oh and bring me the large penis shaped dildo!”

I froze. The large dildo? What did she want with that? I thought through all my stories of dominant women and how they used the dildo to further emasculate the poor sissy.

Surely ….? I peered at her with my head bent forward. I thought at the time, and I know now, that my submissive, worried look turned her on. She lay on her side supported by one arm her sexy legs pointing at me. But there was a look in her face. Arousal.

She moves her had down to the front of her dress but then seemed to realise I was still in the room, even though she was looking directly at me,

It was as if I wasn’t there, or no longer counted. She would never play with herself in front of me yet here she was about to do so.

She caught herself, smiled and said, “hurry up!”

6 thoughts on “Jordan’s Diary entry 26

  1. I am just terrified for Jordan. If Chloe finds out the humiliations will get so much worse. Just try and keep Blair happy. But what does she want with the big dildo??? I am scared for poor Jordan.

    1. It is worrying. Perhaps if he can keep a cool head he might find a way out of this predicament. Sadly until he can remove the chastity cage his brain will remain passive and foggy. Not good at all. DF

  2. You are right. It does not look good at all! I think he is cornered for sure with no way out. He is not thinking straight. He should not have complained about Morgan and bothered Blair with any stupid talk. IT ONLY MAKES THINGS WORSE! He would NOT be fetching the dildo right now if he did not carry on and bother her. But maybe at least he will be released for a little bit. That might clear his head. He has to obey the rules. And DON’T forget to call her “mistress” every single time. Morgan and Chloe could become involved so easily. I think Blair would love that. So just be careful Jordan. Please.

    1. Sasha, I have my fingers crossed that he will be careful with his actions and words and find a means of escaping his difficult situation.

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