New Mistress Cat at The Hotel in Colorado

Mistress Snow Leopard has just joined The Hotel in Colorado and is proving very popular.


One sissy maid has said. “She is wonderful. An excellent teacher, kind and understanding. Would you please let me down please Miss Snow Leopard so I can put ointment on my bottom? Ouch! What did I forget? Oh yes. Miss Snow Leopard is very pretty with the nicest ass in all the Hotel1 Ouch! I mean the nicest ass in all The Hotels. ”


Mistress Cat Snow Leopard studied advanced Physics at Manchester gaining a first, apparently without even turning up for her course. Her professor has now had all the photographs returned and is greatly relieved.

She enjoys traveling and helping the needy and sick throughout the world. her favourite colour is pink with dark blue stripes.

Her hobbies include shopping, knitting and making silly, air headed sissies wet themselves as soon as they see her coming.



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