Early pictures from The Hotel in China

As demanded. Early pictures of success stories from The Hotel in China.



1. Advanced bondage class for maids


By the third week a maid should be able to be bound in a tight hogtie for at least one hour.


bound asian 16

2. Second week students at the simple hogtie stage.


By the second week a maid should be able to wiggle around the room when bound in a simple hogtie. Judging by the worried faces I would say the girls are not wriggling fast enough.


bound asian 14

3 This is the fourth week bondage stage where the maid is bound in  manner subscribed by the wife’s lover.


This is obviously a particularly cruel lover. Note how the wrists are secured to the ankles making movement very difficult yet the maid is put on a leash to ‘encourage’ her to wiggle about. The addition of the bell is clearly a sign of a cruel lover, so this maid should be deeply concerned about her immediate future.

The Bull will often encourage the wife to lead the maid around the room on the leash. Thus demonstrating to the wife the new position of her husband and the wife’s new role in the relationship.




The addition of a collared bell has proved very popular following the publication of  Deborah Ford’s For Whom the Collar Bell Tolls.


for whom the bell cover - Copy




4 thoughts on “Early pictures from The Hotel in China

  1. It looks like the first Hotel in China is a runaway success! Surely many more will follow?
    But Chinese ‘bulls’ can be really cruel. Is that nose hooks the maid is forced to wear? A ring through the nose is pretty, but hooks…! The thought made poor Kandi tremble!

  2. And so kandi should tremble. Agree that the nose ring would look prettier but i suspect nasty doms find the hooks more amusing. Yes, The Hotel is spreading throughout the World – so watch out.

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