Earth Shattering Event!

New Novel From Deborah Ford


Well, ok, not exactly earth shattering but of interest to some readers on this blog.

Just days away, the full released of the classic tale: Exposed in the Sun


Please heed the advice from our house doctor below.


exposed cover final 01



Everyone wonders why Kate married the slight, wimpy Daniel, everyone bar Kate. She longed fora submissive, cute guy she could play with and dominate.

So it is no surprise when Kate instructs Daniel to be dressed as his alter ego Becky whilst they are on holiday. What could go wrong?

Ah well, firstly poor Becky has to keep a group of fun loving lads at bay whilst Kate is being seduced by a hunk she has just met. Secondly Becky soon finds herself on the receiving end of a great deal of laddish bullying and teasing. Thirdly, not only has Kate run off with the key to their room whilst Becky is trapped in her string tied bikini but Kate also holds the key to Daniel’s chastity belt.

Becky has no choice but to become the butt of the men’s humiliating entertainment whilst his poor air headed brain tries to find a way out of his plight.

No doubt you are horrified at the thought of being forced helplessly into a girlish role by your dominant lustful wife. All while being tormented by a group of hunky guys as you find yourself dancing for a crowd and being spanked by a bully. So please ensure the smelling salts are at hand as you share Daniel’s predicament.



Here are the sissies who were attempting to review the book.

Cadence, in the first picture, reached page 12, but Solange, in the second picture, actually made it through to the third chapter.

Her therapist says she may be able to continue the book after a week’s rest.

smelling salts faint 1


TheAngryDoctor A Doctor Writes …

Sensitive sissies ought to prepare themselves appropriately before reading a Deborah Ford novel.

A good method is to ensure you have enjoyed a light lunch and are sitting in a comfortable chair in a well lit room.

Clearly you should have a companion or a dominant along side you. If your companion is a fellow sissy then she ought to keep her eyes averted from the pages. Too often more than one sissy passes out, thus inducing hysteria in their empty heads.

I would prescribe a large frilly handkerchief to be waved when the troubling narrative reaches a particularly difficult patch. This will alert anyone near by that there is a possibility of fainting.

Smelling salts should be with in reach, with the cap half unscrewed.

Finally, please enjoy your Deborah Ford book but always take the necessary precautions.










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