For all Bulls and Doms!

You get the picture, the sissy suddenly wants out of the deal and you so much enjoy drilling his wife.

Once you see it coming simply spank the sissy very hard and then promise to rub lotion on her sore arse.

The silly airhead will be so thrilled you are showing her some attention that she lie over your lap whilst you rub in the Butt Enhancer cream.


but enhancer

Obviously wear gloves! One layer will triple the silly sub’s ass three fold.

Imagine the hilarity! The wife will take one look at her poor hubbie’s derrier and burst out laughing. Whilst the cuckold rushes out to find trousers that will fit, only in the women’s department of course, you continue your adventures with the wife.

You know what they say, once you get them laughing you can lay them.


Here are some recent testimonials from delighted studs and bulls:



1 Terry from Manchester writes …


This is the sissy boy after just one session. I followed the instructions. Spanked her until she wept like a kiddie and then applied the Butt Enhancer. The poor sissy cries that she can barely get her shorts over it. And you should see how it wiggles!

butt camo

2 Ronnie from Washington.

Got ta hand it to you guys. Just look at Roxanne now! Course I don’t tell her how it happened. Me and his wife laugh our asses off as the sissy keeps asking ‘does my butt look big in this?’ You get real tears as he now can’t wear anything but skirts!

butt big 1

3 Trevon and Darius from Newhampton

Hey just look at these faggot boys! They thought they were in control. Its just a game they said! Well it ain’t now. LOL. And their little wives go ‘oh isn’t it terrible to their faces’ and laugh their pantie s off in the sack.


butts duo in kitchen






3 thoughts on “ADVERT

  1. WOW P L Richards you are truly an education. I hadnt thought of why women are called broads. Actually did some research and your explanation is the favoured one so yes these sissies can now be called ‘broads.’

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