Useful Sissies

It has often, and unfairly, been said that sissies are good for being restful on the eye, decoration and being played with. people think they fill no useful purpose.


The Hotel is proud to end this canard right now.


The following are sissies who have graduated from being maids of service to exacting occupations. When you consider that none of these girls has an idea of value in their heads you appreciate the hard work from The Hotel staff in educating them.


1 Nurse

Obviously you couldn’t train an airhead sissy to be a real nurse but these sisies can satisfy the whims and needs of all patients.


2 Doctor

As most sissies keel over at the sight of blood, or even the mention of an injection, they cannot really pretend to be doctors but hospitals find that they can lighten the mood of a place just by wiggling up and down the wards.


3 Interior decorator.

Sissies can carry cushions and place them on any sofa when directed by a dominant. Many are even brave enough to go up to the second step of a ladder.



4. Traffic police

Do not be alarmed! They are not left to make any important decisions. They simply raise their arms in unison when the light goes red and lower them for green. Not a single motorist has complained about having to look at them rather than looking at the traffic lights.


5. Gardening

Though they are given the usual uniform of tight shorts and teen shirts on a warm day a sissy can be left to tend the weeds. The collar and chain is only is only to prevent her getting lost.




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