Tokyo’s latest graduates

1 Four new graduates are released with GPS in their chastity belts thus doing away with the necessity of a collar.

79 - s98BTW0


80 - 2TOvlJi


83 - Js3WLdF

Debbie has been asked for her view

I am sure she wishes to extend a warm greeting to the new graduates



OMG. Do I need to say it. Really? I mean does it really have to be said???

Just look at them. All showing off. ‘Oh look at me in my cute to die for cut out dress and matching shoes.’

Well they look all right if you like the slutty, aren’t I easy look! Duh. Have they no respect? I bet there were a lot of hunky looking guys around and they are just saying come and get me.

AAAARRGH. Must they look so pleased with themselves just ‘cos they have a teeny bit of attention? Well its like making me ill.

At my graduation we wore tasteful skirts and cropped tops. Just because you could see the stocking tops every time I walked was sorta funny and not cheap at all. And this cutest photographer had us crawl around on our hands and knees for him. Oh soooo funny! Another guy had us wiggle our tails like puppies. Said it was very artistic!

I bet these tramps didn’t get to please the photographers afterwards! We were sooo lucky. Every guy was pleased at least once! We were sooooo grateful.
Anyways I am off to get my dom to buy me a dress with cut outs and matching shoes now.

Let’s hope those tramps fall off their heels flat on their way too cute noses.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo’s latest graduates

  1. Ooh, Kandi thinks Debbie is being a bit bitchy, or is it catty? She’s a teeny bit jealous, just ‘cos these grads are so cute! Sissies ought to support each other, didn’t they? Anyhow, bet these all got given a public spanking to celebrate their graduation?

  2. I think you are right Kandi, which is why she is let out so infrequently. Sissies should always support each other, unless they are in competition. Let us hope these overly cocky young ladies did indeed have a thorough spanking!

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