Gagged maids

The Hotel strongly approves in the new fashion for gagged maids.

For the doms who complain that they love hearing ‘yes Mistress’, ‘please Mistress’, etc, then remember, you can always remove the gag at the appropriate moment.

Our survey has discovered that the Doms have seen no reduction in productivity but have enjoyed a far more tranquil background.





Maid - Cuffed & Gagged 1450


Maid - Gagged 1428


Maid - Gagged & Hog Tied 1465


Maid - Gagged 1461


Maid - Cuffed & Gagged 1451


Maid & Mistress 2462




2 thoughts on “Gagged maids

  1. Yes, I definitely agree! (I think Kandi agrees as well, but she can’t speak at the moment…) I see no 3 is hogtied, so she’s either been very naughty, or has a very strict Master or Mistress 🙂

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