When Returning a Faulty Maid

All products leave The Hotel in first class condition but we recognise that the end user may be disappointed. So long as the goods are not damaged please return them to the address provided when we sent them out.

Please take special care when packaging the goods.

1 Ensure the box is large enough.

box 4

2 Obviously bind and gag the goods to avoid unwanted noises when the Delivery man calls around.

box 8

3 We do not recommend card board. The Hotel will supply containers on request.

box 3

4 Please bear in mind: The smaller the package the cheaper your costs.

box 1



2 thoughts on “When Returning a Faulty Maid

  1. Ooh, Kandi had to go and lie down after seeing these! Especially no 4! Then Kandi started to wonder what happens after delivery back to The Hotel, if these maids are’faulty’? Are we going to see them being (shudder) ‘retrained’?

  2. Well of course faulty maids have to be retrained Kandi! But the retraining is so harsh that you will be relieved to know that no maid has ever been returned twice. How about that! Deborah Ford

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