September winners of the ‘Tie a Maid’ competition at the London Hotel



1 Judged as the cruellest offering this month

satin 6

2 Why do sissies cry so much when bound in this position?

Jasmine bound on hosptal bed

3 One of two offerings from a Mistress this year. The judges gave extra points for pink rope

outdoors RE 1

4 ordinary bondage but the very sexy outfit won the day here.


5 best awkward position to leave a bound maid



6 Again basic bondage but the judges were swayed by her outfit.


7 Intricate bondage locking together hands, arms, the shoulders and neck. very effective



8 The second Mistress winner, with two well bound maids!



9 The same idea but from two different bulls. Both had the idea of binding the sissy near a window making it difficult for the maid to even try to escape without being seen by the neighbours.

Blonde Babe - Bound & Tape Gagged 1480

10 The same idea but more extreme. When Cheryl objected to being placed near the window her wife’s lover gagged her and placed her on the kitchen cabinets. Amusingly  he then turned on the lights. A lesson well learnt! Brilliant.

Brunette Babe - Bound & Tape Gagged 1445






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