First pictures from the classroom of Club ZerØ Nine

club zero 9 07

Club ZerØ Nine, (available now at Kindle, Ibooks, Lulu, etc), famously tells the story of Kyle who is seeking to live out his dream as a maid for the weekend. Of course as many of you know his training is somewhat more exacting than he thought.

Whilst he is learning every detail of looking, sounding and behaving like a girly maid, his wife, Madison is befriended by the alpha male club owner Mister Harrison who quickly becomes Kyle’s owner.

The story is far too scary to retell to delicate creatures like yourself who may well swoon at the thought of the degradations a chastity belted, collared, helpless maid endures.

However we can all agree on one thing, the maids look scrumptious, even after just the first couple of days of lessons.

See for yourself:

maid 07 maid 08 maid 09    Asian Maid 02

2 thoughts on “First pictures from the classroom of Club ZerØ Nine

  1. Scrumptious is the word, especially the girls in the pink and turquoise dresses! And you’re right to put warnings on your books.When we finished reading Club Zer0 Nine, I was the one trembling, not Kandi. She just giggled and said a locked collar would suit me! [Kandi: Heeheehee!]

  2. The warnings come from The Hotel’s legal team. I think Kandi could be right about the collar, she sounds like someone who knows about these things. DF

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