Club ZerØ Nine: first video from the ADVANCED dance class

Thanks to my editor for finding this tingly video to share with you all …

Please do not try this until you have attended at least 8 of Miss LaTour’s dance classes.


club zero 9 07

Details in my latest book

Please be advised only the beginners classes are described in detail.

11 thoughts on “Club ZerØ Nine: first video from the ADVANCED dance class

  1. Wow, impressive! Can it be true? Has the Club actually acquired a supply of the fabled serum that will physically transform a cute European sissy into an even cuter Asian sissy? I always thought that the serum was an urban myth, but this video looks like proof of its existence!

    1. 2015, the Korean branch of the hotel allowed girls to wear skirts to cover underwear, but after someone attempted to escape, more sensational attire and choreography are being forced when filming dance videos.

      the man in this video wrote a letter of resignation saying he would quit his job shortly after filming this video and willingly signed a contract to invest all his property in a hotel.

        1. Thank you. If you don’t mind, I’d like to continue sharing these stories and videos like this in the comments on your blog.

          I’m plotting a story about turning a ********* boy into an **** Harem dancer and a British aristocratic gentleman into a humble French maid. In fact, I intend to run a farm in a deserted place in a few years, so my idea may not end with a hypothetical comment. i warn you that the next subject on the camera could be you! 🙂

          *** Thank you Ji-hee, look forward to all your offering. But please bear in mind that religious mentions can cause upset. Hence I have edited your messgae , and truly sorry about that. x Deborah ford

          1. oops! I respectfully apologize for my remarks and mistakes about my extreme desires. I ask for your forgiveness. and I want to tell you that exploring your blog is a great pleasure to me!

    1. Yes thank you but I am also curious about you! Did you come out of your fetish in real life? And what character do you immerse yourself in writing a novel? Do you enjoy cross-dressing? If you’re a man who secretly enjoys all of this, I want to let you know that captivating and feminizing you is part of my fantasy. I apologize if I was offended by some rude questions and sexual harassment. But I hope to have a good relationship with you to share a secret fetish in this blog.

      If my fantasies and questions upset you, you can ignore them or delete them.I respect you with all my heart.

      1. heavens, no nothing offended me. Just wary to keep my website clear of controversy.

        When I am writing the novel I try to get inside the head of all the characters. The sissy, the wife and the Bull. Often turning over the scene from the various points in my head before even writing it.

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