Deborah Ford books currently for sale

The Club ZerØ book two will be available in September.


Deborah Ford novels currently for sale


Search on your own country’s Amazon pages. Also available at Lulu, ibookstore and many others.

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All are full size novels revealing the tricky predicaments an airhead male sissy can get herself into. They contain very adult themes, including bondage, forced sex, humiliation and forced cross dressing.


Warnings for delicate sissies.

Please read with ample amounts of smelling salts to hand. Always gain permission from your dominant before purchasing and reading.

The Hotel does not accept liability for any consequences that occur following purchase. These to include:

1. Your wife discovering your predilections and then leaving you bound as a chastity maid whilst she has a night out with your boss.

2. You discovering new fetishes that excite you.

3. Your dominant learning new means to keep you firmly under their thumb.

A doctor’s warning

TheAngryDoctorAs usual with  a Deborah Ford novel, certain precautions are advised.

Always enjoy a light lunch before reading and have to hand a good sized bottle of smelling salts. A small frilly handkerchief ought to be held in the left hand ready to wave in the event of palpitations. Please do not trouble yourself if its colour doesn’t match your corset and panties.

Do not read standing up in case of fainting.

Delicate sissies should be told that this is a fiction and nothing as appalling as this occurs in real life. This little white lie may help the delicate souls sleep more soundly after reading a chapter.

Should your breathing grow short then stop reading at once, lie down in a dark room until you have sufficient well being to continue.

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