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Club ZerØ Nine
Book Two: Maid in Training
By Deborah Ford

A disturbing tale of forced feminisation
My thanks, as ever, for my editor’s input.

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All Rights reserved
©Deborah Ford 2015
Cover design ©Deborah Ford 2015
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Warning: This work is fiction, for adults only. It contains material relating to forced feminisation, cuckoldry, bondage, gay situations, humiliation and other aspects some people may find offensive.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



This book follows Book 1 from Club ZerØ Nine. Although it contains many characters and continues situations from the first book it can be read as a self-contained novel.


In Club ZerØ Nine Book One Kyle and two others embark on a maid training course enticed by the genteel Miss Hall.

Miss Hall soon turns into a fearsome dominant. It is explained to a shocked Kyle that all maids at the club must have an owner and Kyle finds himself collared by the club’s powerful CEO, Mister Harrison, who now controls Kyle’s maid training program.

Worse, Kyle’s wife, Madison, must be owned by a dominant in order for her to remain at the club. ‘All part of the procedure,’ as Miss Hall explains to a shocked and helpless Kyle. So while Kyle undergoes maid training under a new name, Abbie, Mister Harrison takes ownership of Madison entering her on the club’s course for dominants.

Book One details Kyle’s training program along with his attempts to rescue his adorable wife from the clutches of the bullying Mister Harrison.

We take up the story in Book Two, the day after Kyle becomes officially recognised as a ‘Maid in Training’.

Imagine a club, an S&M club, catering to dominants and submissives.
Imagine it in a nearby city, in a huge vacant lot near the disused docklands. No one can hear you scream.
Imagine a club that has been in existence for over five years, long enough to develop its own code of practice.
Imagine it, as it develops into a place where Bulls can meet married women in a BDSM setting.
A club that understands there are people who long to have submissive maids serve them.
A club that knows there are many who would adore the opportunity to wear one of the club’s prized maid’s outfits.
A club that has developed an intensive training plan to take anyone from scratch to licenced maid within a matter of days. Anyone, yes anyone.
A club where no maid has every failed to qualify to be a licenced maid. No one is allowed to fail the strict tests and assessments. No one.
A club which has no gender bar, either sex can apply for the maid course.
A club run by a dedicated band of severe, sexy women who single mindedly train even the most recalcitrant of maids.
A club where dominant Bull males know the beneficial effects of a wife seeing her husband completely transformed. Thus the Bulls do all they can to ensure the complete submission of any maid before his wife.
A club that draws on enhanced, intense, one on one, behavioural modification therapy.

Dream or nightmare? Read Club Zer0 Nine and decide for yourself.



Club ZerØ Nine
Book Two – Chapter One only


• Chapter 1 Abbie, Miss Richter and Introducing Sammie

Kyle slumped on the bed imprisoned in his locked bedroom cell, elbows on thighs with his fists propping up his sorrowful features. His blonde curly hair flopped about his face.
Hanging from the wardrobe door, tauntingly, just inches from his face hung the crisp, silky maid’s uniform he had strove so hard to win by passing the exacting Maid assessment course to become, officially, a Maid in Training. Yet Zoe had told him he had to remove it and re-dress in the silly adult school girl’s outfit, to prepare for a meeting with the delightful Miss Richter.
He moaned. He deserved his success and ought to be allowed to wear the maid’s uniform with pride, especially before Miss Richter whom he knew would be so proud of him.
Smiling he recalled how he adored chatting with Miss Richter, with her being so understanding and always ready to listen to his plight. In his mind he could hear her voice reciting the mantra for him to be ‘a good girl.’ He closed his eyes, pressing his fists into his groin as he thought about how delightful it would be to be called a ‘good girl’ by a dominant, particularly Miss Richter. She was always so concerned for Kyle’s well-being.
But oh, oh how he wanted to parade into her office wearing his newly acquired maid’s outfit. He knew she would have been thrilled for him. Yet here he was, merely inches from it, but not daring to even touch it.
He felt himself stiffen in his tiny chastity cage so cruelly locked on him under the wicked instructions of Mister Harrison, a man he now had to refer to as ‘my owner.’ Even worse, the steel collar locked around his neck reminded him constantly that his wife Madison wore exactly the same collar, with exactly the same message in the front window: ‘Property of Mister Harrison.’
The chill of humiliation and frustration ran through him. He reached between his legs, beneath the short, flared, tartan school skirt. His fingers rubbed through the thin panties concealing his caged dick as he felt his mind swoon away to his hot bed of dark maid fantasies.
‘Property of Mister Harrison,’ he whispered to himself.
When had he last masturbated? He knew today was Thursday and that he had been here since Monday. Miss Hall had ordered him to wear the Club’s steel chastity cage for a full five days before being admitted. It was part of the agreement along with the diet, body waxing and hair growth. Miss Hall had explained how it would be better if he didn’t play with himself for those five days before joining the club’s maid training scheme. Wow! He had gone nine days without any relief, five days of sexual frustration looking forward to the Maid course, and four days on a sexual high that made him feel faint and permanently cloudy-headed.
He rubbed the cage about his crotch again feeling his senses drifting away. There could be no release from his torment, he would have to stop, get a grip. He wasn’t going to be able to cum until Mister Harrison released him, or, and he shivered at this thought: until he reached the end of his stay here on Sunday night.
The door clicked open and Zoe skipped in, as mindlessly happy as ever. In fact all the maids seemed carelessly blissful, as if they were wholly fulfilled just by serving the dominants.
“Oh look at you!” She giggled playfully adopting Position One but with her finger over her mouth as if suppressing a laugh.
“Well it’s all right for you. You can wear your maid’s uniform!”
“Aw! Abbie! I know. It is horrible isn’t it? But I have to wear the school girl’s outfit when I am in lessons too.”
Kyle glanced up, his eyebrows knitting over his darkly made up eyes.
Zoe giggled. “Oh silly! There is always something to learn! Next week I am booked in for advanced bondage courses.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “I have to be handcuffed all day and still carry out chores. Can you imagine it?”
Zoe closed her eyes and squeezed her shoulders as a dreamy grin lit up her face. She ‘oooohed’ and giggled. “Can you imagine being all helpless like that? And all day too. Oh! A room full of Masters and Mistresses. They won’t be able to keep their hands off me.” She opened her eyes and laughed.
Rising from the mattress Kyle felt slightly better. “I thought fully qualified maids like you wouldn’t have to go back to school.”
Playfully slapping Kyle’s arm through his translucent blouse, she said, “Don’t be silly. Heavens! There are always new dances, specialist chores, oh, oh oh!” her eyes widened as if she just remembered. “Some girls are taught about basic accounting so they can be Personal Assistants for powerful men and women who are too busy to do menial tasks. You’d be surprised. Oh Abbie. Look at the time. Quickly!”
As the leash clicked to the front of his collar Kyle felt himself relax. At least while leashed he could not be blamed if he did anything wrong. He could relax when being led on a tether under someone else’s control.
They trotted to Miss Richter’s office with Zoe chirpily chatting about anything and everything.
And then it happened.
They were nearing Miss Richter’s welcome office when Zoe jabbered something about Kyle needing to be prepared for his ‘ordeal tomorrow.’
“What ordeal?” No one had mentioned an ordeal!
Gasping with regret, she put her hand over her mouth in Position Seven. “Oh! Oh Abbie please don’t tell anyone I told you. I didn’t say anything. No, not me. No.”
“Zoe? What ordeal?”
Kyle saw the fearful maid adopt a full Position Eight with just a finger to her lips as her eyes grew wide with concern.
Moving close and glancing around the empty corridor like a nervous rabbit Zoe whispered, “Oh please don’t say anything to anyone. Miss Latour is taking me through the advanced lap dancing course as a reward for all the extra points I have earned for being extra special good.”
“Zoe? Please tell me.” Terror niggled at Abbie’s tummy.
“Oh!” Zoe’s eyes widened with empathy. “Please Abbie don’t worry. We all have to do it.” Suddenly she kissed his cheek with a giggle. “And once it is over that’s it: then you can’t go back to being all boring and worried about everything and …”
The door cracked open and the thin Miss Richter, in half moon glasses, stood in a neat grey trouser suit holding the handle. “Zoe. You are late.”
Sucking in a lungful of air Zoe squealed: “Please Miss Richter it was all Abbie’s fault. She keeps asking me questions and I keep saying to ask you but she just goes on and on. Then when I …”
“Silence, stupid girl.” Miss Richter’s voice remained low and calm, with that slight Germanic trace Kyle had detected on his first meeting. “That is what gags are for. You know how to use a gag don’t you?”
“Oh yes Miss Richter, yes thank you.” She bobbed a few courtsies as she spoke.
Removing her spectacles Miss Richter tapped them against her teeth in thought. “I see. So why don’t you go and ask a Master or Mistress for a lockable gag. Ask them to set the timer for six hours.”
“Oh Miss Richter. Please. I will be working in the bar and I won’t be able to speak and have fun and …”
Her words trailed off.
“Girl I know what it will prevent you from doing.” Her eyes narrowed, a mean smile appeared. “Tramp. So next time you will remember the gag’s uses won’t you?”
A sorrowful maid let her chin fall to her chest. “Yes Miss Richter.”
“Make it a spider gag girl.”
Kyle noticed Miss Richter’s eyes darken with an evil pleasure. For a woman with such a frail body it was amazing how she could be sinister and command fear with a mere change of expression.
He heard Zoe sniff a ‘Yes Miss Richter’ before she was dismissed.
A spider gag? What the hell was that? Kyle trembled in his ignorance.
Miss Richter’s couch was as comfortable as ever. The music was of the familiar, gentle classical style, with violins softly playing in a large chamber else a South American flute echoing about what sounded like a huge cavern. Kyle ensured he lay in the required position, wrists slightly turned up and knees turned in as he stared up at the psychiatrist expectantly.
Miss Richter, as if in no hurry, pulled a stool closer to him and lifted up her yellow legal notepad. She jotted down a few short words and then opened her android tablet. Her eyebrows raised and a smile soon appeared.
“My, my, Abbie. You have been a busy girl.”
Kyle giggled, thrilled she had read about his success. “Have I been a good girl Miss Richter?”
“You have indeed Abbie.”
Kyle giggled. “Thank you Miss Richter.”
“Officially a Maid in Training. Let me see. Day four! Well done girl.”
Kyle felt himself groan with pleasure. He so much needed to please Miss Richter and she was clearly delighted for him.
“I wanted to wear the maid’s uniform now, just for you Miss Richter.”
Stroking his curly blonde hair back from his eyes the doctor smiled. “Don’t you trouble your silly little head. As your psychiatrist I will be able to study your assessment fully. It will keep with videos, photographs and reports written by those present.”
Kyle froze, his eyes as big as traffic lights. “Erm. No. I don’t want you to see that, thank you Miss Richter.”
“Oh, silly, how can I care for you if I don’t know what you are up to?”
Knowing he shouldn’t sit up Kyle stared at the tiled ceiling, gathering his thoughts. “Please don’t watch it.”
“Oh aren’t you the little precious madam,” she smiled as if speaking to an endearing child. “Such a little princess. Don’t be concerned. Over our time together I will know everything about you. I will search into the darkest, most hidden corners of your airhead mind.”
Kyle gasped, his two hands coming to his mouth in terror. He saw her face shift into a cold analytical stare, a little smile playing at the corners of her mouth.
“Little Abbie. You won’t be able to keep anything from me. You will be like my own little daughter.”
The maid’s pink lips hung open.
“Even those nasty little secrets you keep locked away and dare not even share with yourself. Those wicked, shameful secrets that only come to you in the darkest of nights.”
“M-M-Miss Richter…I …. Please don’t view it.”
The lady sat up straight setting aside her pad. “Now then. Let us move on. You are troubling yourself quite unnecessarily. You no longer have a mind of your own young lady. But rest assured, those of us who have taken charge of you have your best interests at heart.”
Looking into space Kyle felt his heart beat faster. He was losing control of his entire existence. The sooner Sunday came and he could escape the nightmare the better.
“What on earth did you ask that stupid slut Zoe that meant you were so late?”
Groaning Kyle didn’t know how to answer the question without getting Zoe into more trouble. Yet why protect her? He noticed that when confronted by Miss Richter, Zoe was quick to blame him for the delay.
In any case whilst Zoe tried to get him into trouble Miss Richter was always helpful. She was always so concerned for him. He so wanted to please his very own psychiatrist.
“Please Miss Richter, Zoe just mentioned something about an ordeal tomorrow and …”
“Ah she did, did she?” Miss Richter cut him off looking into the distance. Finally she angrily added some points to her yellow pad. She pressed with such venom that Kyle thought the pen might tear through the paper. Under her breath she spat: “little madam!”
“Please Miss Richter I don’t think she meant to do anything naughty. It is just that …”
“Be quiet girl. I am working.”
“Yes Miss Richter.”
Under her breath the psychiatrist said, “So the stupid little slut doesn’t like a spider gag does she? Well, let us see what else the little trouble maker doesn’t like.” She added a full stop as if stabbing the page.
Then her features softened as if a veil had been drawn back. “Little Abbie, you shouldn’t take any notice of what a maid in here says. They are all as stupid as blancmange, whiling away their time on idle gossip when they usually have chores to complete.”
Kyle touched his tongue to his top lip in thought. “All stupid Miss?”
“Oh Abbie. Do not concern yourself. Being stupid is fun.”
“Yes Miss,” Kyle wished he could feign agreement with more certainty but he knew he had failed.
The therapist’s fingers ran down Kyle’s silky, crisp white blouse to his flared, obscenely short skirt. “Just think. You have no worries at all as a maid. No mortgages or loans to pay. No work stress. Those responsibilities are carried about by people better able to handle such pressure. All you have to do is a live in your own tiny sweet world looking cute all the time. Something I am certain a girl like you can do without any trouble.”
Her speech didn’t make him feel any better. He wasn’t stupid, he knew that much. Nor was he fearful of the stresses of life. Equally he appreciated it would not be wise to argue with the powerful Miss Richter so he changed the subject. “But what will happen tomorrow Miss?”
“The same as every other day young lady. You will learn new things about both the world and, more importantly, about yourself.”
Kyle felt his hands clench. “I bet Miss Richards knows!” He was surprised he used his wife’s maiden name without any effort. Her Christian name Madison now seemed to be part of another life.
Her fingers tickled the hem of his skirt before reaching his bare thigh, making his breathing grow short. He closed his eyes. Oh, if only he could masturbate, just gain any release. He was certain he would be able to think straight and extricate himself from this bizarre and confusing world.
“It doesn’t concern you what a Master or Mistress knows little girl. Suffice to understand they will always know more than you. That is how it should be don’t you think?”
He moaned as the fingers reached under his skirt, caressing the inside of his thigh.
“Yes Miss. But Miss …” it was so hard to think when she did this to him. Clearly she didn’t know how aroused he was. “Miss, I, well I, … it is just that …well I don’t know anything anymore. I get sent here or dragged there. Told to do this then told to that. Everyone seems to know what’s happening except me.”
“And how does that make you feel princess?”
“I don’t know, oh, oh oh!” She was stroking his tiny steel chastity cage through his panties. He could feel the pressure on the little metal container rubbing through to his excited member. He tried to marshal his thoughts from the fog in his mind. “I don’t know. Erm, foolish, ignorant, helpless. I feel stupid Miss!”
He wanted to be angry but his arousal overruled all other emotions.
“But you cannot help being stupid girl. Why torment yourself?”
Stupid? No he wasn’t stupid! Oh why couldn’t he find the right words anymore?
“And how does it feel knowing that Miss Richards might know all about the Club’s intentions for you and you are not even allowed to ask about them?”
Tears stung his eyes. He had not thought of it that way. His own wife is aware of elements of his life to which he himself is not privy, unless they are revealed. “It doesn’t feel right. It is wrong. I feel like a little kid.”
“Aw poor Abbie. And how do you view Miss Richards, with her superior knowledge and all that power?”
“I don’t know.”
The fingers rubbed between his legs. “Well, perhaps, you feel like a little girl. A child in a nursery possibly? So I must seem like your mother? A teacher? A powerful aunt?”
“Yes, yes, I guess so.” So difficult to think when he was being frustratingly aroused without any hope of sexual release but Miss Richter’s summary seemed accurate enough.
“And oh dear.” Miss Richter exclaimed as if just remembering something. “And just think your owner must be planning all this. All just for you. Yet you have no idea what he has in his mind, what he has arranged for you. Your future is hidden behind a door to which the adults do not allow you access. A man pulling all your strings. And you have to obey him.”
Tears stung his eyes. “Please Miss Richter I tried to explain this to Miss Hall. I didn’t want this. I wanted a female domme …”
“Exactly. You wanted to turn Miss Richards into a domme just for you didn’t you?”
“Yes, yes.” The way she put it made him feel devious. As if he wanted to change her for his own selfish reasons, yet, as usual, she seemed to be accurate in what she said. A bubble of uncomfortable guilt drifted into his thoughts.
“Yet you have no say in how she will be trained or how she will feel, do you?”
“No Miss. No.”
“You have no say in anything. It is all down to your teachers, the Master and Mistresses here, your owner and …,” she paused, leaning close to his ear, “… and Miss Richards herself.”
“I don’t like that Miss Richter. It frightens me.”
“Aw poor Abbie. And what are you going to do about it?”
“Miss! I cannot do anything about it. I am not even allowed to speak unless spoken to.”
“So what are you going to do about it little girl?”
Her eyes were fixed on Kyle’s forcing him to look away.
Her hand was deep between his legs. He felt aroused, vulnerable and helpless. “I, I … I don’t know ….”
“Think girl. What are you going to do about it? Mister Harrison and Miss Richards planning all these things for you and you don’t even know what they are. What can you do about it?”
Tears gushed from his eyes as he twisted on the couch into a tight shaking ball. “Nothing! I cannot do anything about it. I am just a stupid maid!”
A hand patted his bottom through his tight school girl panties.
“Exactly girl. Exactly. You cannot do anything. It is all in their hands. Poor, poor Abbie.”
He cried into his hands until Miss Richter told him to sit up. She put a slender arm around his shoulders and a tissue to his nose. “Big blows. Go on.”
He blew into the paper tissue before she dabbed at his tearful eyes.
“Little Abbie so wanted to be a cute sexy maid and now you are one. You wanted a dominant mistress and now you have one. How does that make you feel?”
He considered her in the low lighting of her room. Her grey blue wise eyes pierced his soul searching for the honesty in his reply. “Helpless. Totally helpless. Dependent.”
Miss Richter smiled and a relieved Kyle felt he had given the correct response for her.
“Good girl Abbie. What a good Girl.”
‘Good Girl.’ Oh what a joy those words meant to him. A well of delight poured through his being. “Thank you Miss Richter.”
She cupped his chin in her hand, her eyes tightened, her mouth twisted down at the edges. “One day little Abbie you and I are going to have a serious chat and I am going to chew up your very soul and leave you as the vacuous empty shell you were always destined to be. An automaton. A human puppet. A timid pet. Only good to serve others like your wife and her lovers.”
Staring up in exploded shock Kyle sought an explanation for the words. They had been spat at him as if she loathed him, wanted to hurt him, yet now she was smiling like a benign aunt at Christmas.
In a single sharp motion she pulled herself to the edge of her seat, leaned close to his face and clicked her fingers. “And forget what I just said. Close your eyes. Sleep for me now. Sleep. Sleep for me now. That’s it. Being a good girl is all you need ask of yourself, all that others demand of you. Sleep for me now. Good girl. Listen to those words. Good girl. What more could you wish to hear in life? They are your fulfilment. When I awake you, you will feel even more helpless than when you came in. Fully aware of how you must please others in order to exist. But you will yearn for more of our chats. You will think often of me. Tonight when you hear my guided imagery as you sleep, you will focus as never before on the words I use, the way I say them and how they are spoken. Just like the good girl you truly are. You will forget these words and the words I just said to you. When you try to recall them they will be a blur. Recalling them will require too much effort for you. It will be too taxing. So on the count of three you will awake refreshed and be unable to remember anything I just said. One, two …”
Kyle’s eyelids fluttered.
Her fingers clicked above his nose. “Three. Wake girl. Wake up like a good girl.”
“Yes Miss Richter. Thank you Miss Richter.”
“Now Zoe is otherwise engaged right now. Zoe is a naughty little maid who is learning that naughtiness has consequences.” She grinned to herself, her eyes drifting away in some happy thought before returning to Kyle. “You don’t want to be a naughty little girl do you Abbie?”
“No Miss. No. I want to be a good girl.” His breathing became short with fear. He was terrified yet aroused. How could he feel two such conflicting emotions?
“So you will be led to Mister Harrison’s apartment by Sammie. I think you will like her. And during your walk on her leash I want you to ask Sammie if she has any tattoos. Will you do that for me little Abbie?”
It seemed a strange request but one with which he could easily comply.
“Yes Miss Richter. Of course.”
He would do anything for the wonderful Miss Richter.
Sammie was a permanently panic stricken little maid constantly jumping when a door opened or a voice was raised. She was taller than Brandi and painfully thin with angular cheek bones below her wide nervous eyes. It was like being led by a reindeer foal through a swamp of alligators.
She had a similar collar to Kyle’s, only it read ‘Property of Mister Todd.’
“Can we go a bit slower please Sammie?”
Kyle was constantly being tugged along on his toes. The heels were treacherous enough as it was.
Sammie turned around, her cheeks glowing. “I am really sorry. I am terrible at this. Honestly. I don’t know why Miss Richter asked me to do this. She knows how hopeless I am and …”
“Please, it is all right.” Kyle was desperate to stop her jabbering.
“Oh you won’t tell Miss Richter I was so incompetent will you?”
“No, no.” Of course not.”
For a long moment Sammie stared into Kyle’s eyes searching for sincerity. Finally she shook her head as if to say ‘what does it matter.’ “Oh, oh!” She was agitated again. “And for heaven’s sake please don’t tell Mister Harrison. Oh not him. No.”
“I won’t.” He studied the terrified maid as she stared down at the floor shaking her head at some imagined dreadful future. Kyle coughed, “Shall we get going?”
Sammie seemed to wake out of some deep dream and took in Kyle as if he had just landed from another planet. Then she saw the lead in her hand and nodded. They set off again.
Kyle hated these agonizing trips to see Mister Harrison, his owner, and was desperate to get it over and done with. He could do without these nervous chats with the skittish Sammie.
Sammie walked slowly in front of Kyle. Only this time too slowly, but the cuffed, leashed Kyle felt it best not to set off another panic attack by asking her to speed up.
They stepped into the lift and Sammie pressed the button for the underground floors.
Now it was Kyle’s turn to freak out. “Sammie! Stop! I am going to see Mister Harrison!”
Flinging her fingers to her mouth Sammie gasped. “But he told me to take you to your room to get you changed. Am I in the wrong again?”
“Oh. I didn’t know that.”
“Oh dear. I am sure he told me that. I get so confused these days. My wife,” she cleared her throat, “Erm Miss Pearson. Sorry, yes Miss Pearson, well she told me that since my training here I have become a real airhead blonde.”
Kyle stared at Sammie. Her wife? She was married? She was a he? Tiptoeing closer to the shaking maid he whispered, “Are you a man?”
Sammie looked as if she would explode. “Oh no. No! Mister Todd has explained this to me and Miss Richter has. Mister Todd is thoughtful like that. Well sometimes. Not always. They both have been very good taking the time and trouble with me to let me know what I am. And Miss Pearson agrees as to what I am.”
Kyle sighed, Sammie prattled on as mindlessly as Zoe. Kyle interrupted her incessant chatter: “Which is what?”
The lift doors opened on the familiar maid’s chambers corridor of blank doors.
Sammie whispered, “I don’t think I should say any more. I always get it wrong. Miss Pearson says it is because I try thinking. Which I shouldn’t. Oh I don’t know. Miss Richter explained it to me so I know she is right.”
Kyle wanted to stamp his foot in frustration at her stupidity but a tug brought him skipping into the corridor where his own room lay. The warm colours from up lighters fixed to the corridor’s walls reminded him of a hotel hallway with its ordered line of numbered doors.
“Sammie. What are you? You say you are not a man. Are you a girl?”
The maid looked stunned. “I never said that!”
“No you didn’t.” This conversation was ridiculous.
“I am a complete slut of course. What did you think I was?”
Having exhausted his patience Kyle found a smile and nodded. “Ah I see.”
Once in his room Sammie released Kyle’s handcuffs and leash, and put a finger to her pink lips as she thought hard. “Ah yes! Now then. You must wear the outfit Mister Harrison bought you on your first night for being such a good girl. That was his instruction.”
“Ok.” Seemed a straightforward command to Kyle. Being in the company of such a nervous maid made him feel powerful and in control, perhaps for the first time since Miss Hall had made him strip in front of everyone on that painful first day.
Opening a drawer Kyle drew out the magical silky, rose pink shorts and strappy top. He tingled at their smooth electric qualities. His dick hardened in his chastity belt and he could have simply rolled into bed and rubbed himself immediately had Sammie not been studying his every move with an apprehensive stare.
He stripped out of his school girl outfit folding each item meticulously before putting them away in the drawers of the wardrobe.
“I cannot remove the corset.”
“Corset?” Sammie appeared troubled. “Oh. The waist trainer!” She smiled, almost relaxed. “Silly. Corsets are different.”
“I don’t understand. It looks like a corset.”
“Oh dear.” Sammie’s face darkened. “Have I said the wrong thing again? Is that what they told you? A corset. Yes. I can see now that it is a corset. Silly me.”
“You said it was a waist trainer. What’s the difference?”
“Oh dear, I am not sure I should be telling you this.” She wrinkled her face in troubled thought before whispering confidentially, “Well for one thing you mustn’t take it off while it is training your waist and ….” Sammie looked down at his groin and choked. “Oh my God!”
“Your, your chastity device. Are you really that small down there?”
Anger raged through Kyle. He was so humiliated. “No! They squeezed it into this little thimble. Mister Richardson, my so called owner, thinks it is funny.”
“Gosh. It is horrible enough being exposed in the standard ones!”
Kyle fought back tears. This was too much. He was in a worse plight than any of the other male maids here. Clearly he was the only one in wearing a demeaning, tiny chastity device. He caught sight of it in the mirror. It was barely a few centimetres long with a pink lock tapping against its metal confines.
To cover his embarrassment he hurriedly pulled up the tan tights he had received with the package and instantly hit 100% arousal. They were so sheer and smooth and tight and controlling he felt his lungs collapse in need of air. He carefully pulled up the tiny, tight pink shorts that squeezed about his hips and groin before squeezing into the delicate top.
Now he might as well have been floating through the sky, his senses had drifted away from him, the way they do before sleep envelops the mind. He was experiencing sexual overload.
“Wow.” Sammie eyed him up and down. “You are stunning!”
Kyle ran his palms down the delicate material, closed his eyes and sighed longingly. The material sang in its sensuous qualities.
Somewhere in his mind he knew he had to ask Sammie about a subject that troubled him, but he was damned if he could grasp what it was.
“Oh my, oh my,” Sammie gushed. “If there was a dom in the room now they would be all over you.”
Kyle slipped on his strappy heels finding himself hypnotised by his reflection in the wardrobe mirrors.
“Oh heavens,” Sammie squealed. “We mustn’t dawdle. Quick. I need to cuff you and leash you for the journey.”
Inwardly Kyle knew he ought to be protesting but dressed so erotically made him compliant to any suggestion.

Deborah Ford

Aug 2015
All Rights reserved
©Deborah Ford 2015

Cover design ©Deborah Ford 2015
Picture credit:/attribution:
Sensual and beautiful young woman© Can Stock Photo Inc. / Lateci

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  1. Ohhhh my. My wife is excited, she will also this time let me read Your New book for her. I will have my cb-6000 on of course. She love to humilated me. She is so cruel Deborah.


  2. Yes im Very grateful. She will add one week more in chasty for me for every day it goes untill The new book will be released.

  3. Oh dear Sissy Tina, I think you ought to be as well behaved as you can possibly be as it will be about another week from now.


  4. Deborah, she is so well behaved, she has now been locked up in her chastety belt since her birthday 12 August. I look forward to read your new book, alone first, and then let her read from the book i know she will blush and her little clit will be excited. You are the best Author Deborah. Hugs

  5. A few days away and your book finally out, just bought it. Start reading this evening. From 1st to 6th September means 6 weeks longer in her chastety belt then Deborah, i shall tell her this when she is finish with packing out my bags and washed my dirty clothes. She will be so happy Deborah. I look forward to read your book.

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