New teachers at The Club Zero Nine

1. Shawni



Shawni tours the world seeking to help the less fortunate.


She is famous for helping the stupidest of maids learn to perform simple tasks.


So popular is she that some maids have been seen to visibly shake with excitement at the thought of her calling round.










2. Bea



Bea hails from Argentina where her amazing skills with the whip were sought by rodeos all over the country.


Today she feels a whip used on an animal is too cruel to contemplate thus she is forced to practice her arts on recalcitrant maids.


Sadly she is always short of volunteers for her demonstrations so simply selects the naughtiest and most brattiest of maids for her show.


It is amazing how well behaved maids are when they hear she is flying in.








3. Toni




Ah, Toni, what can we say that hasnt been said already?


Kind to animals and pets but cruel to maids.


Famous for teaching maids simple tricks such as roll over, bend over and kneel by just raising an eyebrow.


Incredible eh?







4. Bess





Bess teaches dance lessons to maids throughout the Club Zero Nine.


Oddly all her pupils pass the tests first time. We put it down to her loving smile and kindly eyes.


There was of course the unfortunate time when Maid Cleo was late bending over with the other dancers during a Friday Night Show. I am pleased to say that just two weeks later Maid Cleo could manage to sit down – so long as there was a cushion on the seat.







5. Orange





Though she may appear severe, and is not known to smile whilst teaching maids, we have it on good authority that she always has a good laugh when her own husband waits on her well endowed brute of a lover as he screws her silly.


It is probably her love of the simple pleasures that makes her such a redoubtable teacher.









6. Miki and Kat





Miki and Kat were thrown out of the North Korean interrogation unit for being too sadistic.


Well big loss to North Korea and big gain to the club. Working in pairs they will often select a maid and spend all evening correcting her manners.



Even the most mannish of maids discovers they can walk like a girl after a single session with these sisters.






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