Sophie Takes Charge 2

Sophie Takes Charge. Part Two

Having established the ground rules, I did the research. Last time I left it to my ex to get a chastity device so I never knew if he was being honest with the keys nor if he could squirm out of it.

Having ordered James not to mention the chastity business until I instigated the conversation, he was of course bursting to do exactly that! Each time he hesitantly raised the topic I would shut him up.

‘Every time you mention it I will delay by a day when I tell you what will happen.’

Of course he then became all helpful. ‘Anything I can do for you Darling?’ Which I didn’t mind.


In truth I was struggling with my online inquiries. The majority of the web sites seemed to be by men and felt too fantastical to be true. Those written by women chimed with my own experiences of creating a monster. My ex constantly pestered me for some action. It was a nuisance I was determined to avoid with James.

I found what I was seeking by accident. On the third day, when I was actually looking at prices, not information web sites, I came across Gatemare Ltd a shop geared to male chastity devices but owned by a woman. Her prices were a little higher than others but there was a great deal of practical advice recorded around the site. At the bottom was a phone number to call for further assistance.

I had to have a stiff gin and tonic before making the call. Though I needn’t have worried. Genie, not her real name, had set up the shop three years ago in her spare time and now it was so busy she actually employed a couple of staff. She was very friendly to me but I could tell her opinion of men was not of the highest.

When I told her about my exasperating experiences with my ex, and all his irritating pleas for games, she laughed.

‘They are all the same. Honestly. That’s why you are right. You must lay down the rules at the outset. Just tell him the chastity affair will be over for good if he doesn’t follow your rules. Remember your rules. Not his rules. Big difference.’

I told her about the device I thought looked best, a long plastic, cage device.

‘Well first things first. You need to know how small he is when flaccid. If it is too long for him then he won’t be comfortable and you won’t hear the last of it.’

‘Well, I have never measured it really.’

‘Is it four inches or more when small?’

‘Oh no. Not that big.’

‘Then you don’t want the long cage you just suggested. A male chastity device is at its best when his little dickie touches the end of the cage.’


‘Is he between 2 inches and four?’

‘Nearer 2 really, I would say.’

‘If he is 2 or less then I have the ideal item for you. Just look up the Attica Hell 2.’

I did so and laughed. It was so small.

Genie laughed with me. ‘Yes, there is not much dignity in that is there? But he will be comfortable. No moving about. Also when he looks down he won’t be able to see much, which is also amusing.’

‘What is that thing at the end? Does it go into his penis?’

‘It’s called a ‘sound’. Don’t worry about it. Needs to be cleaned with alcohol before insertion but will ensure total security. It has a hole through it for him to pee. He can unscrew it without you having to unlock it.’

‘Wow. It would be funny to see him put that on. I know it is not what he expected.’

‘It comes with three keys of which we recommend that we keep one here at the shop. For an emergency.’

I felt doubtful. ‘Well, won’t he be able to call you for the key?’

‘Oh yes.’ Genie laughed evilly. ‘They all do that. That is part of the buzz. I love it when they try that on.’

‘Really?’ That sounded interesting.

‘Oh sure you wouldn’t believe it. I get emails first, pretending to be from the wife.’ She strikes up a whiney voice, ‘oh please help me. I have lost the key. Can you send me a replacement?’

‘Gosh. Do you?’

‘Of course not. But I tease them. I email back asking for details of the purchase. Then I get the ‘I have lost all my emails and the packaging’. And so it goes on. For days and days. Then they phone. Now they get shirty.’

‘Really,’ I am chuckling at her tale imagining my poor James trying that.

‘That’s when I put them straight. I am telling your key-holder, I say. They go quiet then. Because that’s when the begging starts.’ Again the comical whiney voice, ‘oh please don’t do that. Oh Please.’

‘Do you?’

‘Oh of course. These days I usually tell the keyholder straight away. I’ll have your mobile so I can text you. So he doesn’t know what is happening.’

‘Ah, James checks my phone messages.’

‘You must put a stop to that. You will encode your phone.’

I don’t like being told what to do. This was clearly a woman with an edge to her. On the other hand, it gave reassurance that James was never going to get the spare key from her.

‘In fact you will take control of his phone too. So you can see his messages and block his viewing of any porn sites.’

Now I was a little cross. ‘I am sure you have many suggestions but I want to do this my way.’

‘Of course. Sorry, didn’t mean to step on your toes. Would it be ok if I sent you an advice sheet? I do send it to all the women who buy these devices.’

I laughed. ‘I am always open to advice.’

‘Excellent. This will be the best decision of your life.’

I am embarrassed to say that as I put the phone down I felt more than a little hot. I looked at the Attica Hell 2 and grew even wetter. This was not what he was expecting at all. Wow!




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