Sophie Takes Charge 3


So I ordered the Attica Hell 2 from Genie at Gatemare Ltd. Knowing I would only have a day to prepare myself I started to panic. All my planning had been in my head. Genie had given me a list of what she called ‘must haves’. The handcuffs she would supply along with something she called a bed bondage kit. Neither seemed too expensive. The bedroom bondage kit is designed to easily secure a guy to a bed but looked a bit complicated. I guess I would have to trust James to set it up, not that he is the most practical of guys!



The handcuffs were German police issue, with Genie promising they were hefty enough to make even a beefy man know he was secured until released. She insisted I needed a cane and sent me a further PDF specifically about canes! Who knew there was so much to buying a cane for punishment? Apparently the easy to find bamboo canes are rubbish, as they splinter and can easily cut the skin. Rather, I had to find a rattan or birch cane. I could see this was already becoming tiresome. I wanted to give James what he wanted, with a little amusement for me, not seek a degree in domination.

Fortunately, a family run shop in a town near where I was born stocked rattan canes. I bought six so it wouldn’t look suspicious, even though I couldn’t look the young girl in the eye when I paid.

According to the fact sheet, a cane does not require any effort. Genie maybe over the top in terms of advice, but some of it is amazing. A cane works because it compresses the skin on impact. That causes a little pain and give’s a tell-tale ‘U’ shape in the flesh, with two ridges forming either side of the impact. But seconds later the nerves that were compressed swell back and that is what gives the searing pain. Thus only a little wrist action from a dominant woman is required to get a satisfying result .

Genie insisted a collar was necessary. This I didn’t mind. I think the sub guys in the pictures on the internet shops look cute in their collars. Not like grungy punks, more like sweet adorable subbies. Once again Genie came to the rescue. She sold collars but pointed out that all BDSM stuff was a crazy price. She suggested I find an inexpensive large dog collar at a pet shop. However once again I had exacting but helpful instructions. This time to check his shirt collar size and use that as a basis for the dog collar. Now that was seriously good guidance! I found this really sexy, beefy leather collar with a choke chain at the front. It truly looked the part! The leash needed to be either leather or part leather and chain. It ought to be two metres in length and to avoid the retractable ones.

Ancol leather and chain check collar

The problem was that the collar was in this gorgeous deep blue and none of the leads had a matching colour. In the end I chose a dull black one, but made a mental note to do some shopping online for a better match.

My feet were aching by the time I returned home. When does the fun start?

James was getting frantic, I hadn’t mentioned anything to him and he was not allowed to bring up the subject. In fact, this had been our first power exchange. A simple instruction for him not to attempt to discuss my femdom plan, which of course he was bursting to do. It made me feel hotly commanding. I know it is only in a minor way, so please don’t think I am overstating the situation. But to see James trying to be so helpful because he thought he is going to get his fetish box ticked is very emotional for me.

So I planned out in my head what would happen on that Wednesday evening. It would be a big moment for us both and if it failed then I would move on. I could move on but James wouldn’t be able to. This was the moment he had dreamt for all those years. I had to get it right. To be honest I also like playing the dominant role from time to time, so was interested how it would develop for me.

I think by Wednesday he was bristling. We hadn’t had sex for a few days, and he must have been wondering if his moment would ever come. The post van delivered the box and as James didn’t know his cage had even been purchased he didn’t even bother to find out what was delivered.

Unboxed, the Attica Hell 2 appeared scarily smaller than it did in the pictures online. Would he honestly be able to get his dick into it? The cage was little more than a severe looking miniature wire basket.

But now was the time and I felt hot. I mean really, dreamy hot. I wasn’t going to let this moment pass without dressing for it. I always feel really sexy in a particular short, tight mini skirt of mine. It is so daring! So with the matching tall heels and a tight top I knew I looked the part of the sexy dominatrix.

I went down to our dining room, pulled one of the tall high backed chairs from the table and sat down. I needed my breathing exercises to gain composure before calling out to him.


He came in carrying a newspaper, clearly not expecting the sight that greeted him. His face was a picture of shock and then expectation.

‘Put down the paper like a good boy James and then kneel before me right here.’ I pointed a finger at my feet and James dutifully dropped down to his knees, staring up at me with his mouth dangling open.

He was about to say something and I told him to shush. I am pleased to say he did. I saw his Adam’s apple bobble in his throat.

‘Now James, you have been asking for some time for me to take control, have you not?’

He actually stuttered ‘yes.’ I cannot recall him ever stuttering before.

‘Once we start, all decisions will be mine. Is that clear?’

‘Yes, yes.’

‘I am going to lock away your little member down there and it doesn’t get out until I say so. Is that clear?’

‘It is yes, yes.’ He was drooling, and mopped up his spittle with his hand. Just how aroused was he? My first error! I ought to have stripped him for my speech so I could check how excited he became.

‘I know you have ideas about how we should …’

‘I am happy with anything you want Sophie, really.’

I sat up straight and crossed my legs watching his eyes bulge as they eyed my nylon clad thighs. ‘Now little Jamie were you asked for an opinion?’

He actually bowed his head and flushed. ‘No, sorry. I just wanted you to know I didn’t …’

‘Hush!’ And he did. Wow! I resisted the urge to giggle. ‘Just pay attention like a good boy. Once this starts it will continue until noon on Friday. During that time, I will be in charge. If you want it to end, then fine. But be warned. Your little thingie will not be released until Friday midday and I will never do this again. Is that clear?’

‘Yes. I honestly understand. I want to …’

‘Little Jamie. I hope I am not going to have to punish you for interrupting and jabbering like a school girl when you should be listening?’

‘No. Sorry. I am really sorry.’

I ‘humphed,’ hoping to sound like a teacher who is growing weary of a troublesome boy. In actual fact a dynamic in our relationship had changed merely with him naturally bowing his head whilst on his knees before me.

‘Once this starts there is no escape hatch.’

‘I understand.’

‘From now on you will address me as Mistress. Always. Every time you speak to me must include the word Mistress. Is that clear?’

‘Yes, erm, Mistress.’

‘If you forget or I think you are sounding sarcastic or trying to be funny with the word, then you will be punished.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘What I say goes. Until Friday lunch you may be asked your view but I make the final decision. Always. There is no arguing.’

His breathing was growing deep and I could tell he was already erect in his pants. Damn, damn, damn. Why didn’t I strip him first?

‘The next step is to get you into your chastity cage.’

He looked up beaming at me, a child at Christmas. ‘Yes Mistress. I have it in my drawer upstairs.’

That pissed me off. Genuinely. he didn’t know I had purchased one so that I would always know where all the keys were. He needed to hear me out. ‘Little Jamie haven’t you been told twice about your inane jabbering?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

He smiled, enjoying the role playing. One thing was for sure, he wouldn’t be enjoying it for the first 24 hours. I was going to make a point, a point he would never forget.

‘So I say to you one last time. Are you sure you want to agree to me being your Mistress?’

‘Mistress, more than anything in the world. Truly.’

I did smile at that. I realised my new sub could be really cute when he behaves. I wanted to hug and kiss him there and then, an urge I had to resist for a couple of days. I needed to put him in this place and then have him love me the way I wanted.

‘Then little Jamie it is time to begin.’


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