Sophie Takes Charge 7

edited 7.12.15


I have left him chained to the chair, still weeping, having told him he should think of his apology but really it is because I need a stiff drink. My hand is shaking. It is all going to plan, except of course that I kissed him. How do those women avoid such weakness? He looked so cute, all helpless, his bottom stuck in the air with a series of angry welts.

My husband actually listening to me as I lecture him to never top from the bottom. Listening to me? That was a first. Usually I am always in the wrong or should heed his advice on everything. Actually I like that in a guy but I also have this fantasy to make a guy squirm.

Apparently, according to the advice in the PDFs, it will take him many weeks if not months to understand his new position. I am to be firm at all times. No weakness allowed if I am to be Mistress of my Little Boy. Sadly, that includes avoiding kissing him unless he is been well behaved.

It took about thirty minutes for me to feel sufficiently at ease to re-enter the dining room where my husband’s bottom resembled a powerful work of art with glorious hues of blues and reds. He was no longer sniffling.


Crouching beside him as he stares back at me as if seeing me for the very first time, which maybe he was.

Interestingly he didn’t speak. I kiss his cheek again, to hell with what the women online say, Jamie looks too cute to resist.

‘Now have you anything to say to your Mistress?’

He smacks his lips together to moisten his dry tongue. ‘Yes Mistress. I want to apologise, please.’

‘Uh-uh. For what?’

He seems surprised. ‘Well for all that earlier stuff. Upsetting you and everything.’

‘Sorry Little Jamie. Not only do I think that is not good enough, I fear you know it isn’t too. Now tell me. What are you apologising for?’

‘Running upstairs Mistress.’

I shake my head doubtfully. ‘Mmmm. Children do that Little Jamie. I will have to be patient with you behaving like an adolescent. But what are little kiddies not allowed to do?’

His eyes fix on the carpet in panic but suddenly he smiles. ‘Swear. Mistress I shouldn’t have sworn.’

I beam. ‘Excellent! Now promise me you will never swear again.’

A shocked expression descends. ‘Well, everyone swears at some stage Mistress.’

‘Not you. Not anymore. Not ever.’ My eyes narrow at him, making him fidget quite deliciously. ‘So promise me right now. And believe it when you say the words.’

‘Yes Mistress I …’

‘Don’t you dare mumble to me little boy!’

‘Sorry Mistress! I promise I will never swear again.’

I tell you right now, when he spoke those words he believed them.

I kiss his cheek again and ruffle his hair. ‘Such a good boy.’

He actually smiles with relief. Wow. Point scored.

I pick up his phone and flash some pictures of him. Suddenly he is buffeting around on the chair as if he is in a storm. ‘Please, no Mistress. No.’

He hides his face behind an arm but by snapping him from the rear, between his legs, I can get a perfect shot of his tear stained face along with his colourful backside.’

‘Please Mistress!’

‘Now you stay there like a good boy.’

I pat his bottom very firmly making him wriggle and squeak an ‘ow.’

The pictures are destined for a secure cloud on Genie’s web site. Though hopeless with techie crap I follow her printed instructions and within seconds the pictures are on my section of her site. I then download erasing software to his phone to erase the photographs from the camera’s memory. At this moment I am a bit edgy about all the techie stuff I am supposed to do but Genie says I need to lock him down completely.

Selecting one of his trainers from the shoe cupboard I return to the room. Let us see if the ladies are correct in predicating his next move.

‘Mistress. I think we need to talk this through. Really. I mean anyone might see those pictures.’

I smile. They are indeed correct. He is trying to seek back control.

I stand beside him and his eyes are fixed on my stockings. If he could I am sure he would kiss my legs.

‘Hmm. Poor little boy. Haven’t we had a chat about this? Remember?’

He seems confused but then realises. ‘Please. No. I am not trying to top from the bottom. I am just saying that pictures on phones …’


The trainer whacks against his already bruised cheeks making him squeal like an animal.

‘Please no. It is agony Mistress.’

Again I actually laugh. I didn’t realise how sadistic I am. ‘Hush now. Obviously I didn’t make myself clear. Little boys do not get to discuss anything. Not one little action of mine. You simply obey like a good boy.’


He yowls. ‘Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress. Please no more.’


He starts to say Jesus but wonderfully he turns it into Jeeeesh. I will let him off that one! I know I haven’t yet cured his swearing, but that is at least a start.


‘Oh please. No.’


‘I won’t do it again.’

I use as much force as I can with the sixth and it knocks the wind from him.

He lies over the chair moaning.

Squatting by him I stroke his now sweaty hair. ‘Next time I will add on that extra week in the cage. Clear?’

‘Yes Mistress. Very.’

‘Uh-uh. I am being patient with you.’

His eyes widen, obviously surprised at hearing me use the word ‘patient.’

‘But you try once more to question what I am saying then that will be it. Another week in your little cage.’

His eyes are wide with indignation. He wants to protest but doesn’t dare.

‘You must learn that I have plans for you.”

His eyes widen.

“You don’t know what those plans are until I visit them upon you. When you have your instructions your only thought is to obey them. Fully. If I want your opinion, it will only be to entertain myself. Clear?’

He is confused but says, ‘Yes Mistress.’

I am sure he is convinced this is some heavy game I am playing. That by tonight he will be out of his cage and bossing me around again.

‘For your information the pictures are perfectly safe.’

He opens his mouth ready to speak.

‘Ah, ah, ah! Do not ask where silly boy. Nothing is of concern for you except pleasing me.’

‘Yes Mistress,’ he nods.

I untie the knots around the chair legs feeling so glad I learned to tie a few from the PDFs and vowing to study some more. They are so simple to tie and even easier to release. Each of his ankles has a red ring around it but nothing worrying.

I unlock the cuffs and wonder how he will react. The ladies insist that the longer his dickie is caged the more passive he becomes. Something to do with chemicals in the brain, but that section was too dull to read.


He does so rubbing his wrists.

‘Position one.’

He kneels before me with his hands upturned showing his palms. He does so without the swagger and jokiness of earlier in the day. His little steel cage sticks out between his legs. It is gloriously tiny.

‘Now then Little Boy. I am going to give you a little reward.’ I run my high heeled shoe across his little cage noticing with delight that he pushes his pelvis forward to get more traction on my shoe. ‘As a little treat I want you to go upstairs and fetch me a pair of my panties from my frillies drawer. I don’t want any of those horrible pervy ones you have in that box of yours. Fetch a clean pair from my drawer. A pair that is obviously sexy.’

Taken aback he nods but charmingly he doesn’t stand until I say …

‘Off you go. No running up the stairs like a naughty boy.’

While he is gone I fish out that amazing collar and leash. He is about to get a lesson in humility he will not forget in a hurry.

I hide them beneath the sofa so that when he returns, with all four of his cheeks a most agreeable shade of red, he finds me back in my chair.

‘Will these do Mistress?’

He is holding up a pair of pink ones with a ribbon tied into a bow at the rear.

Laughing I say, ‘Just the job. Put them on.’

Incredulous for a moment he hesitates. Usually I only play his dressing up games to help him.

He steps into one leg, shyly regarding me, expecting me to command him to stop. He then steps into the other leg and pulls them up. The minuscule panties stretch around his thighs and snap into place. They are diaphanous so I can easily make out his shrunken member locked in the cage. They rise up, turning into a bow at the rear over the bottom, with the pantie line stretching across the centre of his bum.

I have never before found him so sexy in girly underwear. I guess that is because he is dressing under my instruction not his own perverted drives.

‘Now reach beneath the sofa and bring me what you find, Little Boy.’

As he turns around I see his multi coloured, hot bottie through the rear of the knickers. Oh what heaven. I did that to him!

Holding up the bright blue collar with its front chain and the black leash, he stares at me with puzzlement.

‘Position one, boy.’

He does so and I snatch the items from his grasp. He makes no attempt to prevent me.

‘Chin up.’

Obeying he studies my hands wrapping the thick collar about his neck. As I link it at the front, so his eyes become misty with submission. He sighs. He is such a beautiful slave, and all for me! But I won’t be enjoying his dick for some time, if ever again.

‘How do you feel,’ I pause and then add, ‘slave?’

‘Strange Mistress. Really hot. Like nothing I have felt before.’

Stroking his hair, I smile at him. He looks so cute in his collar.

‘Now listen carefully.’

Concern shakes away his smile.

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘That collar remains on until I say otherwise.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

I laugh. ‘You don’t get it do you little boy?’

He is mystified but doesn’t say anything so I take the leash and snap it onto the collar, where the chain pulls it together.

‘I don’t need a lock because you are mine. I have said it stays on and stay on it will!’

‘He nods. ‘yes Mistress.’

Then I stand and hear his breathing grow heavy.

Oh the sight of his cute bottie in those panties make me feel so moist. I hadn’t realised how wet I had become until I stand.

‘Ok Little Jamie time for you to learn a few things about your new position in life. It is time to take you walkies.’



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