Club Zerø 9 Story – Almond and the Marilyn Equivalence

As you have learnt the Club Zero 9 is adept at helping airheaded sissy hubbies learn their place beneath their wife and her lover. If you haven’t bought the books I am sure that by now you have read the free Club Zero 9 stories Sabine and Serine, both on this web page. Thus you will be aware of the fearsome traps silly, muddle headed sissies can spring on themselves, entrapping them in their chastity maid’s status forever.

I know many of you are distressed to read of the misfortunes that can easily befall yourself so the usual rules apply: Sensitive sissies should find a comfortable place to sit and have enjoyed a light lunch before attempting this tale. If you feel the vapors coming on, then wave a frilly handkerchief to demonstrate your level of distress.

Now read on with trepidation as you share poor Almond’s plight.


dunce 2



Almond and the Marilyn Equivalence


Deborah Ford


Chapter 1


The formidable Miss Hall didn’t have time for this nonsense. Why couldn’t these dominants sort out their own sissies? She sat in her sensible, frumpy outfit behind her neat desk, losing patience with every passing second.

‘Well,’ Miss Hall sighed, ‘a sound thrashing never did any complaining sissy any harm. Just a suggestion’

Mister Maynor smiled without humour, ‘true enough. But I require something a little more compelling for little Almond. She is being a real pain.’

what does his Mistress,’ she ran her eyes down the notes on the computer screen, ‘Miss Yashica say?’

Shaking his head Mister Maynor said, ‘She’s too soft with him. She was talking about letting him out of his chastity cage yesterday, and he’s only been locked up for just over a week.’

‘Well that won’t do at all. Almond is in her second week with us. Doing well too, looking at her marks in school.’

‘All I am saying is, I want that one particular course advanced.’

Miss Hall sighed. Why didn’t anyone understand that making obedient, submissive sissies was an art, perfected over many years?


‘Mister Maynor, the course has been well established. The silly little airheads think they come here for a single week, then they think it’s only one more week, then it’s three and so forth until the poor little things are hopelessly mired in their own pink, cotton candy world of girlhood.’


‘I understand that, I am paying for her damned course.’

Seeing that he was growing testy, Miss Hall smiled. ‘Yes. But the bimbo course you are demanding always takes place in week four. Never half way through week two’


‘Yes. I know. But Yashica still has it in her mind that her former husband was a clever guy. Made them a fortune with investments in bonds.’

‘Yes and you hate that Mister Maynor.’

‘Of course.’


‘Being the sole man of the house, with a cock twice as big as his, is not good enough?


‘Not any more, no.’


‘Even though you dominate little Almond fully, spank him in front of his Mistress, dictate his homework and housework?


‘Yeh, well,’ he grinned evilly, ‘Yeh, Yash loves watching me do that to him.’


‘But you need her to know you are smarter too.’


‘Oh yes. I want the Intensive Bimbo Course.’


‘We require a Mistress signature to a course such as that, even in week four. Once the poor things have taken the Intensive Bimbo Course there’s no way back.’


‘Oh he won’t be going back, Miss Hall. And I don’t want his Mistress to know. It will stay just between me and you. She isn’t as tough with him as she ought to be’


‘Well, his teachers will have to know!’ She noted his expression and realised she wasn’t going to win this one without compromise. ‘Well there is something we call the Marilyn Equivalence that we can do instead. Some evil psychiatrists came up with it, and our own Miss Richter and Dr Thorn honed it to perfection. We’ve tried it once or twice, and it does seem to have the desired effect.


‘The Marilyn equals what?’


‘The Marilyn Equivalence.’ She shifted in her chair and brought up a form on her computer screen. ‘Oh, all right. I see I am wasting my time here. Yet again. You alpha males are so used to getting your way that you don’t know when to negotiate.’


‘Miss Hall, I love you. Let’s get him on this Marilyn Equivalence thing tomorrow. I want to see Yash’s expression when she sees what a helpless dumbo he’s become is.’


Miss Hall nodded, her eyes glazing over before she grinned. ‘Yes, that is always a satisfying, little reward isn’t it?.’


Then they both laughed.


Chapter 2


Almond stood in line, in the dark hall outside the classroom wearing her humiliating school girl’s uniform. It had an immaculately ironed blue bib front, attached to a flared, ludicrously short skirt. The idea was that any movement threatened to flip up the hem revealing the tight little panties beneath. Under her bib was a crisp white blouse, through which you could see the hairless pink of her arms and shoulders. Her Club Zero 9 tie was tied in a large knot at her neck and disappeared beneath the front of her dress.

She wore skin tight white socks and three inch heeled black shoes with an ankle strap. Her thighs were bare, though she might be allowed to wear panty hose before the end of the week if, in Miss Martinique’s words, she was a good girl.


Her frizzy, curled blonde hair and light make-up perfectly matched that of her two class mates, Lexi and Celeste, who stood at fearful attention beside her. They wore the identical blue school girl’s tunic uniform, with a neat blue bib over their white blouse, a flared skirt along with the tight white socks and the three inch heeled shoes.  None dared move from ‘position one’ until Miss Martinique appeared.

With her long legs Celeste was taller than the other two and felt the most humiliated. ‘This isn’t what I signed up for,’ She whispered through the corner of her mouth.

Almond and Lexi gasped and looked down the corridor with trepidation. None of them knew for sure if they were allowed to speak when a teacher wasn’t around to give them permission.

To shut her up Almond mouthed, ‘Tell your owner!’


Celeste shook her head making the blonde curls swirl around her cheeks, ‘Oh sure yes! Last night he caned me until I cried like a baby and then took me down to the garden gate facing the street. He threatened to order me to stand there unless I thanked him properly for my punishment. Really! The brute! And what does my wife do? She is killing herself laughing.’

Pulling a face, Lexi rubbed her own buttocks beneath the short flared skirt. ‘Yes. I never knew my wife could be so sadistic.’ She checked the hallway before adding, ‘I blame this place. God knows what it is teaching them upstairs.’

Almond could stand no more of it and stamped his short-heeled foot. ‘Girls! You will get us all in to trouble. Please! Hush!’

He hated people who were dumber than himself, which, to him, was the entire human race. He had straight As at school, a first class degree in Finance. He had interrupted writing a PhD thesis on Bonds in a bear Market for a week’s vacation, or rather to take Club Zero 9’s Maid’s Course, but as for Celeste and Lexi, it was all going wrong. He had planned to take only the Maid’s Course, but as part of it had to sign up to an Owner.

Miss Hall offered him the nasty thug Mister Maynor as his Owner, just, as she put it, to fulfil the requirements, but then, as soon as he collared him and named him Almond, he set about terrifying him, forcing his genitals into a tiny chastity cage that make him feel even more as a little sissy. Almond felt the tight bra straps pull back his shoulders as he slouched. Oh, and my God, to have this preposterously tiny chastity cage removed, even for a moment, would be bliss.


‘Stand up straight girls!’


Miss Martinique appeared from nowhere – she often did. At 6 feet tall, and taller again with her 6 inch heeled boots, she cut a commanding figure. Dressed in her usual flesh-clinging leather cat suit she marched up to the girls, revelling in her power over these weak livered sissies. She knew that all she had to do was shout ‘boo’, and they would wet themselves.


Almond swallowed hard. Had Miss Martinique heard the stupid bitch Celeste moaning about her owner? If so they could all be in trouble. That was how it worked at the Club Zero 9. If one of the girls was naughty, then all three were punished. It was so unfair.

Standing up as straight as she could, Almond took a cautious look at the Amazonian in her cat suit. His little dick pulsated in its cage, and did it first little spurt of the day.


‘Right, inside the classroom, quickly girls!’

The three students walked briskly into their school room, they were not allowed to run, only men could do that. The stood, in position two, with hands behind their backs next to their desks. Almond felt her skirt flipping up about her panties as she moved and recalled the electrifying shame when she had to serve men in the bar upstairs. His dick filled its small container, the memory was mortifying but strangely exciting.

‘Ok, girls, there is a slight change to our schedule today.’


The girls stared with wide eyes. What did this mean?

With frustrated fury, Almond held her breath. They were never told anything, not ever. They were given a rough outline of some of the events of the next day but that was it. It was like being a child again, and it irritated Almond.

Because they didn’t explain anything he had inadvertently signed up for two weeks on the maid’s course. It was all down to some laughable cock up in the paper work. Honestly, he should have sorted out everything for the idiots who run the Club Zero 9.

Miss Martinique smiled. ‘Oh you should see yourselves. Little frightened girls. Aw. So loveable. You will do the third level of bed making course as you were told and more work on hair brushing this morning.’


Almond smiled, she hated the domestic drudgery stuff but there was something sensual about them brushing their blonde curls together.

‘You will also do your regular dance lessons with Miss Latour. I gather you will be performing lap dancing again. You little tramps.’


The three girls giggled on cue, as they had been instructed when anyone puts them down. Apparently the dominants like it when the girls laugh at themselves.

‘You will also be doing the deep throat exercises with your dildos. I know how you love that.’

Like his two fellow pupils, Almond hid her eager smile. They didn’t want to be too obvious about being sluts. Almond had an A for deep throating at her first End of Week Exam, much to the chagrin of the other two girls! Which, of course, made the achievement doubly more agreeable.

‘However, though the day, we are going to concentrate on behavioural management.’

‘Aw, Miss Martinique,’ silly Celeste groaned. ‘Please. You said we were all naturals at that.’

The cane swished from nowhere and the three adult school girls immediately sat up so straight their backs ached.

Miss Martinique waggled the stick under the terrified Celeste’s nose. ‘And would you like to take the class young lady?’


‘Oh no, no. No. really. I’m so sorry.’ Celeste learned back in her chair as the cane wiggled closer to her.

Suddenly Miss Martinique’s eyes narrowed and centred on Almond. Almond’s tummy collapsed like an imploding building. She shifted in her panties on the cold seat, licking her pink lips, her eyes wide and terrified.

‘So Almond. What is the extra lesson for today?’


As Almond’s mouth dried, so did her mind. She just couldn’t think. Not a single useful thought troubled the panic induced mist in her head. ‘I, er, erm, I er. Well …’


A grinning Miss Martinique marched on her stilt-like heels around the desk, the cane wagging menacingly before her.


‘Oh. So the new lesson is ‘I er, erm, is it?’


Celeste and Lexi giggled, partly at the joke, and partly relief as Miss Martinique was no longer picking on them.

‘No, No, Miss Martinique,’ Almond gasped.

The tall teacher did a lob sided smile and shook her head. ‘If ever there is a girl in my class who is going to get it wrong it is you!’


Almond was horrified. That wasn’t true. She had high marks in all subjects and always was able to answer questions.

Waiting a moment, the teacher raised her eyebrows at the troubled pupil quaking in her seat. ‘Well?’


Now Almond’s mind was like concrete, densely fixed. Nothing happening. ‘Well what,’ he wondered. What should he say?

‘You were trying to use that pink blancmange that passes for a brain, to recall what was said here only one minute a go.’

The titters from the other two students made Almond’s plight worse.

‘Sorry Miss I can’t remember.’


Miss Martinique growled and an icy quiet descended around the three adult school girls like terror on a dark night.

‘Oh you can’t remember, eh? I see.’


Almond did not like the way she walked back behind her desk, her amazingly solid and curvy arse wiggling like a metronome in the supple leather.

‘In that case little Almond, I have a gift for you.’


Almond wanted to die. If only her brain would work again so she could give his teacher the answer she sought. This did not sound good. Almond recalled Miss Latour’s nipple clamps and Miss Hall’s dildo ball gag. Gifts from adults were rarely welcome. Which is why the girls squealed with delight when presented with flowers and chocolates by the guys upstairs – not that they were allowed to eat chocolates of course, but still it was a nice thought.

The teacher rose to her full six foot six in her intimidating heels to hold up an object that made Almond feel sick. His tummy actually wretched and he tasted bile.

He looked to his fellow pupils for support but Lexi had her head down to hide her grin. Celeste, who had started all this nonsense, nibbled her pink lips to prevent herself laughing out oud.

This was so unfair!

‘Please Miss Martinique,’ Almond began, terrified at the consequences of speaking out, but even more afraid of the fate Miss Martinique was carrying towards him.

‘Yes girl?’ the teacher asked, raising her eyebrows with amusement.

‘Please Miss Martinique, erm I, I, I didn’t mean it.’


Oh, my god it sounded so lame in his own head before he even said the stupid words out loud. Once spoken he could not retrieve them. Lexi and Celeste dissolved into fits of laughter at his childish excuse.

Miss Martinique balanced the object on his head before using pins to secure it to his curly blonde mop.

‘There,’ she announced stepping back to study the effect. ‘Now, how about if that remains in place for one hour? Eh girl?’


Tears burnt Almond’s eyes. This was humiliating and terribly unjust. Why him? But he knew he wasn’t allowed to argue with a teacher, or indeed any adult at Club Zero 9. ‘Yes Miss Martinique. Thank you Miss Martinique.’


‘I think, while you wear that you should be known as Dumb Almond. How do you like your new name Dumb Almond?’


With her mouth drier than paper Almond could only squeak, ‘Yes Miss Martinique. Thank you Miss Martinique.’


The leather clad dominatrix turned to the other two and stifled their giggles with a glare of ice. ‘And if I catch either of you two not calling her Dumb Almond, then you will pay for it in ways your feeble little minds cannot even imagine.’


There was an immediate chorus of ‘Yes Miss Martinique,’ as the two adult school girls made a mental note of Almond’s new name.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3


An hour and a half later Almond sat in the café in her school girl uniform envying many of the other girls in their swish maid’s outfits. It’s not fair, she had reached the maid’s level One class having passed her final test last Friday, no matter how humiliating it was. Her little dick filled its cage and became damp at the thought of those powerful men using her.

Worse, the despicable dunce’s cap was still fastened for all to see to her head by the hair pins.

She leaned over the table holding her fruit juice to say to Celeste and Lexi, ‘It’s just not fair.’

Celeste raised her shaped eyebrows and folded her arms. ‘Perhaps you should pay more attention in class.’


Lexi shook her head, ‘You two be quiet. You will get us all in to trouble. Celeste use your hands when talking!’


Celeste groaned, but raised her wrists and flapped her palms around. ‘When Miss Hall realises her error in keeping me here, I am sure she will be sympathetic.’


Lexi inclined so far over the table that her breast shapes rested near her plate of dry biscuit and salad, ‘I’ve heard that many of these maids have been here for more than a year. That their Mistresses actually liked the changes and,’ she lowered her voice to a whisper, ‘their owners won’t release them.’


Almond shook her head, flapping her fingers, as she had been taught, she was desperate not to do anything else naughty today, ‘That’s just silly! How can anyone keep us like this for as long as they want? You listen to too much gossip.’

Celeste giggled, ‘Well, we can see who is silly!’ She nodded up to the dunce’s cap.

Almond was furious, her cheeks burning red. If only she could tell them how clever she actually was. Oh! She stamped her foot. ‘It wasn’t my fault! Miss Martinique said to sit down so I thought she meant on the floor.’


‘And you were supposed to recite how naughty girls always get punished?’ Celeste smirked.

Clenching her fists before her Almond said, ‘I’I just couldn’t get the words out. Miss Martinique was shaking her cane in my face., You would be terrified too!’


Lexi flapped her wrists. ‘Girls! Please. We will all end up over Miss Martinique’s lap. And Almond, stop blaming Miss Martinique! Oh my God, if she heard you, we would all be for the high jump.’


Terror filled Almond’s senses. ‘Oh, no, no. Sorry. I wasn’t making myself clear. Oh, no I wouldn’t ever blame Miss Martinique, or any of the teachers here. I think they do a tough job and …’


Celeste said, ‘Please stop Dumb Almond. Now you are going too far. Girl! The way you are going you will be permanently wearing your dunce’s cap.’


The mention of her new name made her squirm. Dumb Almond indeed! But, knowing what bitches these two could be Almond had kept her pink lips shut. Both would report any of the other girls if they thought it would get them a gold star or more time in the maid’s uniform.



Chapter 4

Chapter 4


The deep throat sucking didn’t help Almond’s case one little bit.

The three girls knelt before the full length mirrors at the rear of the classroom, their bare knees on the soft carpet, staring at their reflections past the dildos that were stuck on the glass with suction pads.

They all appeared pretty enough, mused Almond. Their crisp white blouses and school ties, tucked into the bib of the tunic school girl dress. Their bare thighs below the ludicrously short skirt with their pristine white socks was an attractive sight. As were the delightfully girly mops of blonde curls framing their cherubic, lightly made up faces. Every visible area of skin was smooth and warm pink.

All that spoilt the scene was the denigrating dunce’s cap perched on her head. Even the enticingly firm long dildo couldn’t pull her eyes from the reflection of the cap.

Her tummy turned circles of painful humiliation.

A grinning Miss Martinique stood behind them, her riding crop gently tapping at the girl’s tight panties which became visible each time they leaned forwards. ‘Now girls. I know you tramps are desperate to get going on this exercise but I am after quality. Remember you will only be allowed to perform this for guys if you can master it perfectly and get invited back by the men. It’s them you have to please, not yourselves.’


Celeste said ‘Yes Miss Martinique,’ just ahead of Lexi.

As Almond was about to repeat the same mantra, she felt a stripe across her bottom making her yelp.

‘Dumb Almond,’ Miss Martinique laughed, ‘you are becoming stupider and stupider.’


Knowing better than to rub her bottom Almond spluttered, ‘but please Miss I was about to say it and …’


Another thwack brought her protests to a firm end.

Miss Martinique said, ‘Girls, did you hear this naughty, dumb little girl say “yes Miss Martinique?”‘


Fearfully, both girls shook their heads, ‘No Miss Martinique.’


‘Oh, dear little Dumb Almond. You are in serious trouble. You deliberately didn’t say “Yes Miss,” like a naughty girl, and then told fibs.’


Oh why, oh why, oh why, did Almond never learn that there was no point in arguing with an adult. She didn’t know why but she could never win any more. It was as if they always knew something more than she did. ‘Please Miss, I didn’t really deliberately not say “yes Miss.” Honestly.’


The imposing teacher stepped forward, tapping her crop on the foolish girl’s bottom. ‘I see, so you were too stupid to say it girl? That I can understand.’


‘No Miss!’ Almond’s eyes grew huge with annoyance. Why did they keep calling her stupid?

‘The tapping of the crop became firmer. ‘Well it seems to me, Dumb Almond, that either you deliberately didn’t say it or you were too stupid to say it. Now, if you were naughty then obviously I will ban you from dressing as a pretty maid and serving in the bars in the evening.’


Almond swallowed. Oh no! Those gorgeous Maid’s uniforms! And the thrill of serving in her heels upstairs with everyone ogling her. ‘No please Miss, no. Perhaps I was a little silly and forgot.’


‘I see. So you were a little silly?’


‘Erm no,’ Almond felt her throat grow dry. ‘No, no. I was very silly Miss.’


‘Uh-uh. In fact, some would say stupid. Don’t you think Dumb Almond?’


Miss Martinique revelled in using a single sentence to induce terror and humiliation. The poor little mites became helplessly trapped into humbling themselves, just at the moment when they were most humiliated and hating it. At the same time, they were helpless to do anything about it.

Almond whispered with her eyes closed, ‘Yes Miss I was stupid. I’m sorry.’


Suddenly Miss Martinique crouched beside the errant girl and hugged her, ‘Clever girl. You see? When you admit to being what you truly are you get treats.’


A bewildered Almond nodded quickly, feeling she was suddenly out of the fire, ‘Yes Miss Martinique, thank you Miss Martinique.’


‘Now then girls. Just a reminder, especially for the dumbest of dumb blondes,’ she waited with a smirk as Almond’s two fellow students giggled at her joke. Miss Martinique noted with satisfaction that Almond tried to giggle too. ‘Remember to stretch out your lower jaw and elongate your neck when you deep throat, just like the sluts we know you are.’


This time all three adult school girls chanted ‘yes Miss Martinique,’ in unison.

A warm glow fired over Miss Martinique’s skin making her damp between the legs. Was there ever a job with so much satisfaction as this one? ‘Off you go girls.’


With delight she noted how the girls crawled briskly to their dildo to perform their erotic, demeaning task before the mirror. As the girls became more aroused so they fluttered open their eyes to observe themselves like the true sluts they were.

Miss Martinique understood how their antics would make them even more aroused, wet between their smooth thighs, like real girls. That encouraged even more determined sucking. She kept an eye on Almond, the Intensive Bimbo Course was best enacted in the second month of lessons, when the girls were truly cowed and didn’t even think about answering back. In the second week she would have to ensure Almond was put down at every turn, until she dared not think of herself as anything other than dumb.

After a few minutes the skilled little sluts were getting carried away, Celeste had even put her hand between her legs to rub herself in a frustratingly hollow attempt to make herself cum through her little chastity cage. The other two were making the usual gasping and moaning sounds Miss Martinique had come to expect of her little sluts.

On tip toes she made her way back to the classroom door and with great effort opened it without too much noise. Seeing the three macho guys outside she put her fingers to her lips. They nodded their understanding with eager grins. They knew they were in for a treat, the sort of pleasure they could only get at the Club Zero 9.

She beckoned them in and the guys foot falls on the carpet didn’t alert the little whores, who were now wholly engrossed in the dildo, the dildo that filled their mouths, their senses and their very beings,

The three men were tall, of various ages and had known the girls, either in the bar or in the exam room. They wore suits, as is the rule in the bar area, though some do wear shirts and jeans on these lower floors. They all had prior contact with each of the girls, that was part of the well-established plan at Club Zero 9.

The men watched the little tramps perform for a little until they could stand it no more.

The male next to Almond took hold of her curls and pulled her head back until the shocked blue eyes sprang open to look up at him.

‘Mister Chester!’ The shocked adult school girl muttered. Almond wondered how long he had been standing there, watching her. Her shame mingled with that electric charge of erotic stimulation.

Mister Chester had been a man who had teased her mercilessly on her first night in the bar, making her relaxed and horny until she …pleased him.

Staring up at the powerful man in his dark suit, with his confident grin, Almond’s tiny, restricted member, spurted into his panties. He heard himself moaning. His lascivious sucking and deep throating of the dildo left his mind floating in another universe.

‘Oh Mister Chester,’ Almond giggled again.

‘Nice hat,’ Mister Chester said.

Feeling shame, humiliation and a stimulating rush through his entire being, Almond’s glossy pink lips parted, her fingers rested on the man’s belt and her eyes pleaded.

Miss Martinique sat on a stool, resting her feet from the sky high heels and relished the show. There was something about second week maids that made her feel aroused and dominant. By now the girls argued less, appreciating there was little point in gain saying anything said to them. There was no point in arguing, yet their inner male egos were still fighting, and losing, its war against their silly, feminine girly sides.

Right now, as she watched them pleasing the men, she knew which side had won – yet again.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Miss Richter was in a gentle playful mood. The Club’s resident psychiatrist had Almond lie on the couch, near her desk, upbraiding the adult school girl for not adopting the required position.

‘Reclining Position One girl! Top start. When you have your hands on your tum or groin, that is always position two!’


Damn! Almond hated upsetting the lovely and patient Miss Richter. ‘Sorry Miss Richter,’ she said meaning every word, as she rearranged herself as commanded by the club’s psychiatrist.

‘I think your dunce’s hat has made you even more stupid, girl,’ Miss Richter taunted her. She could see from Almond’s daily report that she was on the Intensive Bimbo Course, with the Marilyn Equivalence in force. Thus Miss Richter was in her element. Nothing pleased her more than crushing the psyche and absurd male ego of silly sissies who volunteer themselves into the hands of Club Zero

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

‘Oh Miss Richter! Will you please ask Miss Martinique to let me take the hat off? I feel so foolish!’


In truth Almond was still in a fully charged, aroused state after his adventures with Mister Chester, for which Miss Martinique only gave her a B-, because she said Almond had been a hare-brained little girl in forgetting to say ‘thank you’ to him. Oh My God, she would have but was too overcome with being told she was ‘a good girl.’


Miss Richter stroked Almonds curls from her forehead. ‘Have you ever heard of the saying, “If the cap fits …”


Oh! Oh! Almond knew this one! She cut in with a breathy, ‘…wear it!’ She then giggled.

‘Clever girl. I am glad you said it.’


Almond was horror struck. ‘No Miss Richter, I didn’t mean me, I meant, you know. Gosh I don’t know what I meant. Please help me Miss Richter.’


Miss Richter rubbed her palm down the front of her trouser suit. Oh these sissies could be so sexy with their powerless pleading.

‘Yes of course I will, my dear. The only problem is that you are in denial.’

‘Denial Miss Richter?’


‘Why yes. Since you joined us, haven’t you see how you are always wrong? That the teachers and adults here are always right?’


‘Well,’ Almond blushed. It was one of the most galling aspects of this place that she was forever in the wrong, but could never work out why. She pouted, ‘Yes, I suppose.’


‘And judging from your Dunce’s cap, you are probably the dumbest girl in the class?’


‘No! No! Please Miss, before I came here I was really successful. I had top marks in school and a degree and …’


‘Hush now girl,’ Miss Richter cooed. ‘All that demonstrates to a casual observer is that you have a capacity to learn what people teach you. Oh don’t look so troubled, I am sure many airheads like you make that mistake.’


‘You think so Miss Richter?’


Almond looked up hopefully at the sadistic psychiatrist.

‘Why yes girl. Your fluffy brain does have trouble thinking for itself doesn’t it?’


That was true since his arrival at the Club Zero 9, that was for sure. If only he could have some respite from his chastity cage. Almond was certain that if he could cum, just once, he could then think for himself again. ‘I wasn’t always like this Miss.’


Miss Richter chuckled. ‘Well who would be the best judge of that? You?’


She laughed in a manner that invited Almond to laugh at herself.

Almond said, ‘I suppose not Miss Richter.’


Pressing her hand down, hard, on her thigh, Miss Richter thought, ‘these damn sissies were like sex on a stick when they are confused and helpless.’


‘Sleep now!’ Miss Richter said suddenly.

Almond’s eyes closed as Miss Richter ran her probing fingers beneath the sissy’s short skirt, over her panties and rubbed at the tiny metal cage. ‘Almond. You will listen to the words I say and the way I say them. You understand that you are a dumb maid who is good only at learning what others teach her. Thus the only purpose you serve is to please and help others. Even the other maids are brighter than you. This is a truth from which you are no longer permitted to hide.’


Chapter 7


An hour later Almond emerged from her session with Miss Richter feeling wide wake and rejuvenated, though still frustratingly randy. Just the thought of the wonderful psychiatrist and her relaxing, but powerful voice, made her feel at ease with the world. She should spend more time with Miss Richter who helped her understand the world.

As she made her way back to the classroom in her relaxed state so she asked herself why had she pretended to be clever, something she was eminently not? A weight had been lifted from her tiny shoulders now she no longer needed to pretend and put on an act. She could be herself.

However, her male ego still troubled her conscious: she was anxious to ensure his wife Yashica didn’t realise he could, at times, be dumb. Since Yashica had become his Mistress she often belittled him, though in more of a fun way than Mister Maynor who was unnecessarily cruel with his withering put downs and constant punishments. Mister Maynor was constantly on poor Almond’s case, checking his housework, his speech, when he could go to the bathroom, when he should eat. Oh my!

As he reached the classroom Almond was too lost in his thoughts, the revelations and his arousal to notice that the other two maids, Celeste and Lexi were busy ironing blouses under Miss Martinique’s precise directions.

Miss Martinique directed Almond to a free ironing board. ‘Now let’s see how you cope with ironing 5 identical blouses and placing them neatly on hangers. These are the types of tasks in which you will become proficient.’

‘Yes Miss Martinique,’ they chanted.

In truth, Almond’s concentration was not what it ought to be, a failing found in most air head maids. Her little mind wandered through moods and feelings she had experienced in her chat with the wonderfully kind and thoughtful Miss Richter. How helpful she had been. Almond sighed at the pleasant thoughts.

What she didn’t know was that Miss Martinique had spent the previous half hour coaching Celeste and Lexi in to the correct method for ironing a blouse. It is a precise process of which Almond knew nothing. Had she been more sensible she would have glanced up to see Celeste and Lexi starting with the collars, ironing from the outside to the centre before moving to the cuffs. Only lastly should a maid flatten the rest of the garment.

Instead Almond attacked the large back area, making it smooth but immediately inducing ironed wrinkles when she turned it over. Damn! This was going to take forever. So she started on the back again. Moments later she was aware that the classroom had fallen silent. Carefully looking up from her chore she saw that the other two adults school girls were standing in position two, back straight, but with hands behind the back at their ironing boards. There was a row of 5 neat blouses hung on a wheeled laundry bar by their sides. They had finished.

How was that even possible?

Miss Martinique sighed at the flustered Almond. ‘Girl, I think you are the dumbest apology for a maid we have ever had the misfortune to train. That dunce’s cap will stay on until you go to bed tonight. I will explain all to your owners when they pick you up this afternoon that you are truly a dumb maid.’


Unsure whether it was the put down from his teacher, the truth he finally understood from the putdown, or his fellow pupils laughing at his stupidity, but Almond burst into a waterfall of tears.

‘I can’t help being dumb it’s not my fault!’ She stamped her heeled foot and mopped her wet eyes with the back of her hand.

Meanly, Miss Martinique let him weep for a long time before she commanded the other two girls to join her in a group hug of Almond.

Rubbing the sobbing sissy through her thin blouse, Miss Martinique said, ‘I tell you what girls. Let’s take an hour or so, to watch a movie. Unwind a bit.’



Chapter 8


Almond and the other girls were disappointed to hear it was going to be an ancient, girly film called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. However, on Miss Martinique’s austere instructions they jumped up and down and squealed with excitement, as good girls should, when given a treat.

Their teacher had the girls arrange their stools in front of the white board. Each sat down as instructed on the very first day with skirt flapping over the seat and pantied bottom sat directly on the wood.

The three adult school girls squirmed as the hard material was uncomfortable on their permanently sore behinds. Sitting next to Celeste, Almond exchanged rolling eyes with her fellow pupil: why on earth did they have to watch a boring old movie?

The lights in the room dimmed and Miss Martinique went to a desk at the rear of the room where she began typing on a pc as she announced, ‘Girls I will be keeping an eye on you, so make sure you watch every frame. Pay attention, there will be questions later.’

‘Yes Miss Martinique.’ They chimed obediently, but each girl inwardly sighed at the thought of questions at the end of the film.

Almond nudged her dunce’s cap into place and as the screen flickered to life heaved a sigh of boredom. A girly flick! Just what she needed!

The title came up, ‘Gentlemen prefer Blondes,’ whilst clanky sounding music from another century filled the room.

The screen became vibrant red. A red curtain. It pulled back and two shapely women in tight, clinging red dresses sparkled into life. Posing this way and that. Almond wondered if the club would teach her those poses. Single arm up, but close to the head, hip forced to one side. It looked cool.

Wow, Almond thought, if worn in the club upstairs those outfits would be guaranteed to ensnare attention.

One of the women was short with curly blonde hair, a lot like the sissies being trained at the Club and Almond immediately identified with her, whilst staring enviously at her voluptuous curves.

Then the lyrics:

“We’re just two little girls from Littlerock.”

Almond giggled. ‘Little girls!’ That was just the sort of song Miss Latoure would make them sing to entertain the guys.

Followed by the melodic second phrase:

“We lived on the wrong side of the tracks”

The three adult school girls giggled. It was just like them! They were on the wrong sides of the tracks before the Club made them face up to what they truly are.

In the flickering light three sweet smiles lit up the girl’s countenances as they revelled in what played before them.

The women on the screen were the girly Marilyn Monroe and the tougher, taller, dark haired Jane Russel. Almond knew full well who she wanted to be! In the first dialogue scene she was smitten by Monroe’s, childish sultry voice and delicate quick actions. So beguiling. Soon an amusing wimpy guy entered the changing room and gave Monroe an expensive ring. At first the three adult school girls chuckled at the silly wimp with his glasses and constantly surprised look, but they gasped as he offered Monroe the sparkling, expensive ring. How sweet of him, though, they felt, he wouldn’t be as exciting as a real man.

Now the trio were entranced, arching forwards to get a better look at these enviable women.

Almond was captivated by Marilyn. Her ever changing wide eyed facial expression showed an eagerness to please, yet if upset she was never afraid to say so. And her confidence in herself! She wanted a rich guy to take care of her and didn’t bother to hide it, in fact she brazenly left it on her enchanting face.

Then came the dance number Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. The number opens with fetishly dressed girls bound to a device that circles them around, it could have come straight out of the Club’s Bar and Miss Latour’s perverted fantasies. A short while later Marilyn appeared wearing a curve hugging pink dress with a huge beautiful bow tied over her rounded bum. If that wasn’t enough, she flicked through some sexy poses that Almond was desperate to learn before singing:

“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental,’ she breathlessly sang, and the three school girls giggled.

“But diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”


The girls laughed out loud. Lexi said, ‘Oh yes. Yes!’


Almond patted her bare thighs with pleasure. Oh my! The film swept before their eyes until it reached the court sequence, and it is soooo funny! Jane Russel puts on a blonde wig and pretends to be Marilyn only she is wearing a gorgeous fur coat over something obviously racy. She taunts the judge, who clearly has an erection in his pants that is overwhelming his brain. Men! Russel distracts the silly magistrate by crossing and uncrossing her legs which are decorated with fishnets!

Meanwhile, elsewhere the captivating Marilyn outfoxes her suitor’s father until he says in a shocked manner ‘hey you don’t sound stupid to me!’


The three adult school girls found this hilarious.

Almond mimicked her heroines’ wide eyed, earnest response, knowing anyone would be fascinated by such a beguiling, sexy girl. Suddenly feeling self-conscious she turned to look at her fellow students and was amazed to see both Celeste and Lexi copying Marilyn’s facial mannerisms before beaming with pleasure.

When Marilyn replies with, ‘I can be smart when I want to be’ the three girls clapped in delighted unison. Exactly! That was it, they could be dumb for the adults, but smart when they wanted to be.


Almond felt tears sting her eyes as she finally realised what she wanted to be: smart, but only when she wanted to be, just like the wonderful Marilyn. Then she would be adored by everyone.

As the film finished and the house lights came up Miss Martinique noted the usual pleasure sissies took from watching that particular film. The foolish girls stared at the screen willing the film to start again, so that once more they could revel in the pink world for which they hungered.

She stood before them and said, ‘Sit up straight, pay attention. Now who would like to go to Miss Latour’s for an extra dance lesson?’


The three adult school girls leapt off their stools, hands arching to the ceiling, ‘me, me, me!’

We have nailed you! Miss Martinique sneered in her mind. Got you all locked down and helpless. Just how we want you, though for the benefit of the girls she adopted a warm smile, ‘And later I’ll show you the office girl training. I think you’ll like that too. We are doing a special course on it next week.’


Chapter 9


At the end of the afternoon, in an area in the school carpark sheltered by an awning, from the warm, descending sun, the three handcuffed girls were led on a leash by Miss Martinique to a range of eyelets secured into the brick wall. Here she fastened the end of the leads and stepped back to admire the exhausted but happy adult school girls.

‘Now girls, that has been quite a day hasn’t it?’


The three answered with a giggly, ‘Yes Miss Martinqiue.’


Normally it was terrifying being led outside in this attire, with their hands helplessly cuffed behind their backs and the leashes guiding them wherever the adults wished. For the first time since their arrival the girls revelled in their predicament of being helplessly led and secured.

Almond somehow found it reassuring to be collared and attached to the wall, as if someone else were now responsible for her wellbeing. As if all she had to do was think about important matters like ironing, bed making and trying on wonderful clothes. There was even a silly, stupid maid, called Zoe who told her that these days if her chastity cage was removed it felt wrong and she couldn’t wait for an adult to reattach it and lock it back into place.


Almond knew she wouldn’t ever agree with that but somehow all the bondage elements did seem a part of her. Obviously she couldn’t wait to remove the dunce’s cap at bedtime, but at least that had taught her a lesson, though oddly, she could no longer recall what that lesson was. But Miss Martinique said she had noticed some improvement, so obviously the punishment had worked.

She then smiled as she thought of her new dance moves from Miss Latour. They had discussed the Marilyn film and their dance tutor had demonstrated how they could shift their hips as if they were on springs at every turn to emphasise their behinds. Almond couldn’t wait to get back, finish her homework and practice the movements.

Miss Martinique tapped her crop against her leather clad leg as she said, ‘Now girls don’t be complete airheads and forget will you?’


The girls giggled, ‘No Miss Martinique.’


‘I’m sure none of you want to be disappointed. So tell your owners that next week we will be running the Advanced Secretarial Courses. You’ve seen the outfits, you little tramps, so I know you won’t want to miss out on that.’


Celeste said, ‘But Miss, what if they say no?’


‘Just ask nicely. You have learned how to sweetly ask an adult for a treat. Keep chins down, eyes big and look up with a needy expression. It always gets to them.’


‘And position ten Miss Martinique,’ Almond said to curry favour with her teacher.

‘Clever girl,’ the dark skinned Amazonian smiled. ‘I think one day we might remove that dunce’s cap.’


The girls giggled, none more so than Almond, who thought how Marilyn would have adored having to wear the cap and look silly and adorable.

‘Now, then I shall leave you here. Behave yourselves girls.’


With that Almond felt fearful as the leather attired mistress returned to the safety of the Club Zero 9. What if someone saw them?

Lexi stepped around before the other two, stretching her leash until it grew tight. ‘Oh-My-God! Did you see that adorable pencil short skirt? It was so tight! I could be a brilliant secretary.’


Celeste nodded breathlessly, a la Marilyn, ‘Oh yes! Secretaries are so lucky!’


Almond danced forwards, feeling the leash tighten and pull at her collar, ‘And those skater skirts. Oooh, oooh!’ Almond turned one way then the other to flip up her short flared school skirt before giggling. ‘Would love to wear one of those.’


Celeste’s eyes narrowed. ‘Oh I hope my owner lets me stay on another week. I want to perch on a desk like those experienced girls we saw. See if my boss can keep his mind on the job!’


‘Hey Almond!’


The terrified girls leaped back in a neat line, adopting position two with hands behind back, one knee over the other and stared ahead.

It was Mister Maynor holding Yashica’s hand. Almond detested the intimacy Mister Maynor now took for granted with Almond’s wife. It made his tummy burn with humiliation but he pulled back his shoulders and smiled, as good girls who want treats should.

‘Hello Sir,’ Almond said, as warmly as he could.

At that point Mister Maynor laughed out loud, as Almond’s Mistress put her hand over her mouth and turned away to stifle her laughing. Yashica knew she shouldn’t hurt her hubbie by laughing at him, but since Mister Maynor had taken them both under his firm hand, there were times when it was impossible not to.

Mister Maynor towered over poor Almond, despite her heels. ‘Hey girl. Nice hat!’

At one-time Almond would have dissolved into tears, even fainted, but she thought of Marilyn, kept her shoulders back, her wide eyes fixed on her owner and said, ‘Why thank you Sir. Some people think it suits me.’


Mister Maynor laughed, ‘Oh yes girl. If you only knew how much it suited you.’


‘Please Sir,’ Almond said, ‘I have to keep it on until I go to bed. Do you mind?’


Yashica leaned close to her lover and whispered, but, loud enough for the girls to hear, ‘Oh let Almond take it off, Sir.’


‘Na,’ Mister Maynor grinned. ‘I think it’s just right for her.’


Yashica pulled a face to Almond, as if to say ‘well I tried.’


The sexy wife, wearing a short white dress to show off her wonderful tanned legs, was always at odds in her mind as to how to deal with her husband. At first she was hurt watching him being humiliated as he was, even though she learned in the early Mistress lessons that pain and helpless suffering were what sissies most craved. Mister Maynor, being one of those resolute, tough, alpha males supplied that in spades of course.

Yet Yashica felt her body heat up whenever she saw her new lover deal with little Almond. A spanking followed by corner time made her wet her panties. Again, Miss Hall had given a lecture to explain this. Feminine women desire alpha males in order to produce vibrant offspring. It was innate and they could to fight it. This was why, in all mammal groups one or two males get to shag the females, whilst the other males wait their turn.


The Club Zero 9 took this a logical step forward by declaring that no sissy will be allowed to cum except under direct supervision. This meant that they were always feeling hot and bothered, incapable of rational thought. Moreover, no maid was ever permitted male/female sexual congress with their wife, rather they were encouraged to see the delights of lesbian play.


Seeing his wife’s apparent concern, Almond wrinkled his nose at her, as if to say, he didn’t mind.

Unclipping his girl’s leash from the eyelet, Mister Maynor wrapped his free arm around the shoulders of Yashica, to demonstrate ownership, and led the two obedient girls back across the car park to his car.

Coughing to attract attention, Almond said as sweetly as she had been trained, ‘Please Sir, may we talk about next week?’

Mister Maynor’s face darkened. Fucking stupid bitch, he thought. He slapped her bare thigh so hard it left a bright red imprint on the skin and made the dumb fuck of an adult school girl hop around on the end of the leash. ‘Listen stupid, you’re not being released until I say so. How many more times?’


‘Oh yes Sir. Yes. I realise that, silly!’ Almond had never called an adult silly before, but knew that with her new Marilyn demeanour, the remark would be rendered foolish coming from her. Like a child trying to admonish an adult.

‘Then what girl?’ demanded Mister Maynor, who was taken aback at the change in his girl’s attitude. Almond seemed softer, more passive, more girly somehow.

‘Well,’ Almond bowed her shoulders to lower her chin and raised her huge eyes to meet those of her owner. ‘Please Sir, there is a wonderful Office Girl course next week. It’s called the Advanced Secretarial Course and they say that all the girls reach the Secretarial Stage One within a few days. Sir, all of them! And we can actually choose our outfits, though you and Mistress will obviously want to check over any decision I try to make, that’s only fair and …’


‘Hush girl. God you rabbit like a demented 5 year old!

Almond and Yashica giggled at their man’s amusing put down.

Mister Maynor, looked up at the offices of Club Zero 9. Here in this run down part of the city no-one would know what went on behind those ordinary, grey and drab windows, how they changed people, making them happier with life. Amazing.

At length last he said, ‘I tell you what. There is also a special Mistress Course in the third week about maintaining discipline in the home. Maybe your Mistress could do that at the same time. So, I tell you what. You be a good little girl for the rest of the week, you do all your homework, don’t get into too much mischief and you don’t fail any tests and I will see!’

Almond sprang up and down, adopting the earnest Marilyn expression, ‘Oh thank you Sir, Thank you. I promise to be good.’


As a puffed up Mister Maynor restarted their journey to the car Yashica glanced over her shoulder and blew a kiss at her former hubbie following them, handcuffed and on a leash. She couldn’t wait to get him into bed and spank him before teasing him mercilessly. That was going to be soooo hot! She cherished this new confident sissy, knowing he would be even more fun than the hesitant embarrassed one they had taken to school that morning.



End 28/07/16


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  1. Brilliant again! I love these names you give these girls. Nothing macho whatsoever, of course. You don’t think they might be a little embarrassing, though, do you? Actually, I suppose that doesn’t really matter. Thank you oh so very much much for sharing this.
    Fondly, Michelle

    1. Ah the names! Yes, I need to think of a name before I can start writing the story 🙂

      Thank you for noting that and, as ever, your encouraging words. xxx


  2. Another wonderful story.

    I like that the motivations of the dominants are more fleshed out, it makes for a more rounded story.

    Even knowing the fate of the girls i would love to be in their three inch shoes.

    louise x

    1. Ah yes, I think you are right. Knowing the dominant’s motivations helps understand the story better … also I hope adds some ‘heat’ 🙂


  3. Ooh, Christmas really has come early! () Another full length, free Club Zero 9 story! Thank you, Miss Deborah! Thank you! Thank you! Ooh, it’s so lovely!
    Ahem – sorry, don’t know what came over me there. The thing that make your stories, and the Club Zero 9 stories in particular, so good are not just the physical punishments, and not just the sex, necessary and enjoyable as those both are, but the psychological twists and turns in the sissies’ feminisation – what we might call ‘humiliation training’. It’s delicious! ‘Poor’ Almond! Thank you for this, Deborah!

  4. Thank you PL. yes, the ‘humiliation training’ as you put it, is important to my stories, and ‘delicious’ is as good a word for those predicaments as can be used.



  5. ***major thread necrosis*** — “Rise from your grave!”

    After digging through some older posts, I saw this gem. I should be flogged mercilessly by Harrison himself for neglecting an entire short story set in the Club ZerØ Nine universe.

    In another older post I read, there was mention of a third part to CZ9….that was over four years ago and you’ve published other works since. But if you ever do go back to that setting, a book containing an anthology of a bunch of different girls is something that would make me scream “Take my money!” I’d love updates to our trio of sister maids — Abbie, Brandi and Kelsey. Love all your girls as well as the new faces in more recent blog posts.

    Something else I like about the anthologies are that we get to see reappearances of Principal Hall, Miss Richter and others. I like how these little tales flesh out those characters that we couldn’t get more of in the original works, so thanks for that also. Love your trainers and teachers as much as the girls.

  6. Frau B. The short stories based on the established worlds of my books, come every now and then. Miss Richter is a reoccurring nightmare for me. Terrifying but hot.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Yes A third part for Club Zero 9 was started but other projects grabbed my attention.


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