Controversy over new Club Zero 9 plastic surgeon

The new surgeon, Prof Heidi Lamb, has been accused of making the ‘girls’ so similar it is hard to tell them apart.

Ms Lamb says, ‘Any dumb assed sissies who is brave enough to complain should come and pay a second visit to the operating theatre where they will be improved!’

Here are the latest graduates of Club Zero 9 for you to judge for yourself. Can you tell a difference between the ‘girls’? Would it matter if you couldn’t?



Wives and their lovers are amused at the outcomes for their sissies and have yet to carp about the result.

One wife said she is so pleased with the outcome that she takes her former hubbie everywhere now, just to show him off, and let other wives know what they can achieve.


Can you tell them apart?


2 thoughts on “Controversy over new Club Zero 9 plastic surgeon

  1. Wonderful to see what’s been happening at ‘The Club’ in your absence, Deborah! [Hope you’re getting on top of things in RL – your fans all missed you. xxx] Um, let’s see. Er, the middle one is a bit shorter than the others. Possibly. But surely the important thing is the requirements of the wives and their lovers? They’re paying for this after all. If they’re happy that’s all that matters. And if there are any problems with identification, the answer is simple. A prominent name tag affixed to each sissy’s (locked) collar!

    1. As ever PL Richards, you are spot on. fashion with dress and hair styles makes clones of women at the best of times, why should a sissy expect any different?

      Something hot about them all being the same too 🙂


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