6 thoughts on “Lost story rediscovered, thanks to reminders from readers

  1. another great Deborah Ford classic. Love the way you handle the last scene – just enough detail to get the imagination in high gear. Thank you for digging this one back up.

    1. You know, I haven’t read that story for over ten years, maybe 20 years, so it was fresh to me. Yes, I agree, the end has a wonderful dynamic.

      Thank you for your support, appreciated xxx

  2. I absolutely love this story. Of course I’ve never read a Debra Ford story I didn’t love. I have some books on Amazon, and a lot more I’ve outlined and started. I might have to say Debra’s stories are the closest to some of my own. Well in tone and level of domination and cruelty—although I haven’t written any cuckolding. I might have to give that a try?

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