Nightmare – called thus for a reason!

Its out in next few days!

Nightmare, Deborah Ford’s latest excursion into the ‘beware what you wish for’ theme.


Andrew finds himself imprisoned in an asylum by his wife’s fearsome Bull. In order to gain release, he has to agree with the psychiatrist’s analysis of his condition that led to his nervous breakdown. The cure, according to The Meadowland Sanatorium, is for Andrew to fulfil his fantasies of being a powerless sissy under the control of all others, 24/7. Its at times such as this that he wishes he hadn’t upset so many strong women who seem hell bent on ensuring he completes his ‘rehabilitation’. Surely his wife, Peyton, will help him escape this nightmare.

Please be warned: This is a dark take on the stories of the dumb, cuckold sissy, locked in chastity, trapped in lingerie, forced to be at the beck and call of dominant men, women and even his own wife. It includes legal advice from the formidable Ms Valda Phoenix on how to use the Power of Attorney to legally fully control another’s life.




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