Palmer’s Education now on Lulu

Palmer’s Education – Deborah Ford

The very latest Deborah Ford tale of a silly headed sissy, his lovely wife and a devious Bull.


Having talked his gorgeous wife, Katie into role playing cuckoldry with bulls, Palmer finally discovers a man who encourages his sissy nature. The confident Alpha Male, Ryker talks an already eager Palmer into enlisting in the High Wood Lyceum of Improvement. Palmer is won over at the idea of being indulged in his sissy and chastity fetishes for a few days.

Overwhelmed by his kinky impulse, Palmer fails to see himself walking headlong into a series of traps. With every step he takes, the doors thump shut behind him as the school’s Miss Harding insists on total immersion for her pupils. Even at home Palmer is relentlessly treated by his wife and her lover as a naughty schoolgirl who must do his homework to avoid further punishment.

Meanwhile the school effortlessly educates him in all aspects of being an obedient, sexy sissy ready to graduate into a new world of servitude.


NOW ON LULU -also on Amazon ebooks, amongst others.



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