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Else a search Deborah Ford Property of Harding ought to take you straight to the right page.


And thank you so much to those who have already bought it. It is the biggest selling book of mine on publication. DF

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  1. Anonymous, I am looking into that. Unfortunately Kindle pays more if they have sole rights. I know! But I am thinking of alternative ways to make it available to those who, for various reasons , do not use Amazon. DF

  2. Just in time for Christmas! I have bought a copy as a present for Kandi. After a long hiatus, three books from you this year is riches indeed! Thank you, Deborah as always. (Kandi says: Ooh thanks Debbie, and have a Happy Christmas 🙂 xxx)

  3. Thank you both! and I hope Kandi receives what she deserves for Christmas too!

    It has been a fertile year for my imagination and it is wonderful sharing it with others and receiving the feedback.

    Have a wonderful Christmas PL, and thank you for your continued support xxx


  4. Deborah, I’ve now finished Property of Harding Ltd. Bravo! Bravo! Champagne all round! Is this your best work yet? I rather think it might be – it hits all the right notes exactly. Yet I also think Palmer’s Education might be your best work; I bought it when it came out but have been saving it and only started reading it over the Christmas period. Both deal with organisations that convert various hapless males into their ultimate sissy selves. Palmer’s Education has the best costumes, Property of Harding has ‘real’girls as bimbos alongside the sissies. Both have marvellous hi-tech equipment for restraint and surveillance. Both have protagonists in long term denial about what’s actually happening, even as they are conditioned into sissyhood. Both, but especially Property, have deliciously scariy, controlling, sexy female Dommes – but with distinct personalities.

    Much as I love it – straitjackets! – Nightmare only comes third; we only see Andrew, not any other inmates of the asylum. Are there others there being sissified? And I’ve said already I don’t think it’s quite finished. Property and Palmer’s definitely are. We can envisage sequels to both, but they’re not *necessary*.

    Above all you get the psychology of Power Exchange right; the exquisiteness of the shame, the humiliation – the excitement. The spankings are really only an embodyment of that.

    Finally Kandi wants me to ask you – are Mr Harding theCEO of Harding Ltd, and Miss Harding , Head of High Wood Lyceum of Improvement, related? Cousins perhaps? Or is it just that people called Harding are naturally Dominant?

  5. Aw, thank you PL.

    All 3 books seem to have been well received. I do get asked what happens next in Nightmare, which reflects your point.

    I hadn’t noticed the Harding connection until half way through the book, and left it, feeling that yes, there may well be a connection.

    You are right, the psychological changes and effects are as important as the physical ones.

    ‘What happens if our fantasies are realised,’ is an over riding drive for me writing.

    BTW in Nightmare the professor makes a few references to having carried out the sissification before, but I was more concerned with the horror of being in an asylum with genuinely insane people. Thought that would give Andrew solid reasons to seek any means to exit the sanitarium.

    Thank you for your thoughts, really appreciated.


  6. I *REALLY* liked the psychology in Club Zero Nine … the whole idea of making the sissy into someone that the wife (former wife) can no longer see as a husband.

    That the wife wants a husband who can offer some level of security and protection. But the Club turns the husband into this sissy who needs to be protected. And the wife can never look at him the same way again. Meanwhile, the wife learns that someone else (the sissy’s owner) is the real source of protection now. It really makes for a hot (and humiliating and degrading and demeaning) story. You described it far better in the story.

    I read Zero Nine in 2020 and really loved it.

    As for Harding – the new book is really a whole new thing from the version on this website. Lots of new and amazing things happening … but it’s really worth reading both to get two whole wonderful stories!

    All this great content helped make 2020 a little better! Thank you, Miss Ford!

  7. Thank you Maid Tiffy!

    Yes I loved the psychology of Club Zero nine, and the gradual lowering of the sissy in the eyes of his wife.

    With Harding, I always felt dissatisfied with the original, felt areas were left unexplored. It was many years later that the new version came to mind. I think you are right, both versions can be read without spoiling the other.


  8. Thank you, Maid Tiffy, for reminding us about Club Zero Nine. I must go back and reread it. Not the least of its virtues is that it actually has 2 volumes, so more to read! There’s also some excellent psychological conditioning in Palmer’s Education, including ‘guidrd imagert’.

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