Nightmare – a thank you

Earlier this year I released Nightmare which has been amazingly well received. A big thank you to all those who bought it and made it such an immediate success. And especially a thank you to those who added 3, yes 3, five star reviews and such kind comments.


I think its only right to share more images of Andrew as he undergoes his challenging changes at the asylum.



2 thoughts on “Nightmare – a thank you

  1. Deborah, I too really enjoyed Nighmare, especially the bondage Andrew gets put in. I’ve long had a thing for straitjackets, as has Kandi. Thank you from both of us! The only complaint: the novel finished too soon, before the big ‘coming out’ to family and friends we had been working up to!

  2. Great to hear you both enjoyed Nightmare. It does seem to have been warmly received.

    I’ve come to straight jackets late, but they are ideal for bondage, as Kandi may discover one day.

    What to show in erotic books and what not to show, is unanswerable. I felt the reader could draw their own conclusions about the coming out party. …. in fact I still think about it 🙂


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