The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part One



She purses her lips in that way she does when is about to make a contentious remark. Erika usually seeks to avoid conflict.

“Well, you were naughty,” she finally says then drops her attention to the woman’s magazine she is reading at the kitchen table.

This makes her husband even more irate. His cheeks redden. “He just doesn’t get it does he? This is a game for the weekends.”

“After a long moment, without looking at her husband Eden, she replies, “yes dear.”

“So what the hell am I supposed to do? I mean, Alicia’s back from college next week. We don’t want him around then!”

The world froze. Erika found something absorbing in her magazine.

“Do we? Honey? We’re gonna have to tell him, he won’t be welcome then.”

Erika stopped mid page turn as if fascinated by an article.

“Honey? Erika?” He swallowed. “He can’t be here when Alicia’s home.”

“How about,” her eyes glistened, “you tell him that?”

At that he flounces from the room to indulge in a good hearty sulk settled in his favourite armchair in the front room.

For a while, the steam increases. He curses his wife, Erika out loud and quietly insults Marcus, their Bull. “The egotistical bastard!”

Then the steam gradually dissipates. Maybe he could have handled it better. He didn’t have to make a tit of himself by blurting out those words. He tries to justify himself. He was being spanked when he didn’t deserve it. So he didn’t say ‘Sir’ once. He closed his eyes tight knowing it was more than once. He just refused to use the term even when in no uncertain terms Marcus demanded it.

The slipper stings like nothing else. With him bound over a kitchen chair, wrists to front legs, ankles to rear legs, he was helpless as blow after blow landed. And how he blubbed and spat out the insults. Until he realised he needed to get a grip and start watching his outbursts.

Marcus wasn’t about to ease off, and Erika’s entreaties for mercy for her husband were becoming less and less convincing. In fact, did she really spurt out a giggle when Marcus showed her the bright red colour of her husband’s buttocks?

With Eden left sobbing and helpless, bound to the chair, Marcus took Erika away for quick, hard noisy screw.

When they returned, Erika’s hair appeared to have exploded from the scalp, her eyeliner was smudged, and she clung sleepily to the half dressed Marcus as if he were going to save her.

Marcus stood proud and tall before Eden. “Now then, are you ready to apologise, little boy?”

For a crazy fleeting moment, Eden thought that if he demonstrated courage then Marcus would be impressed and free him.

“No! We agreed a safe word!” Eden found confidence in his self righteous belief that he was wholly justified in protesting at a long over the knee slippering.

Hence how he ended up tied down over the chair for further chastisement.

Marcus wasn’t just far bigger and stronger, he was a determined bastard. He got what he wanted, always. Having known that about the brute from the outset, Eden wondered why he hadn’t stepped back and apologise.

He had pointed out to Marcus, “I just think tonight is over. You know? We had a safe word for a reason.”

Expecting Erica to support his reasoning he was surprised when she remained silent only glancing up at her Bull to see his reaction.

Finally, Marcus nodded as if understanding and sighed. “I’m afraid you will regret your naughtiness.”

Briefly, a shame faced Eden checked his wife’s reaction. She put her tongue into her cheeks as she averted her gaze.

Producing his car keys from his pocket, Marcus said to Erika, “Go to my boot. Fetch in the black sports bag you see.”

Gasping with surprise she accepted the key, pausing only briefly glance at her terrified husband before leaving the room.

Marcus crouched and used his fingers to raise the tear stained face of Eden.

He spoke softly, “Don’t know why you let yourself get into these situations. Dumb bitch. Now you’re gonna have to learn the hard way what your bratty behaviour has consequences.”

Avoiding eye contact with the alpha male, Eden said, “Sir, please. I think this is going too far.”

“So it’s Sir now, is it?” His narrow eyes growing tighter from a wide grin. “Now if you’d use that little word earlier, you’d still be able to sit down.”

“What are you going to do,” Eden swallowed before adding, “Sir.”

“You’re about to find out. And you know something?”

With wide, open eyes Eden shook his head.

“You, you dumb bitch, are going to learn a lesson you won’t forget until they nail you down into a coffin. I am going to ensure that in future you will be respectful to all your betters. Be they Bulls or women. You’ll even be subservient to junior shop girls. If a school girl admonishes you, then you’ll apologise.”

Momentarily, Eden was going to be brave. The words fuck you, arrived in his head. But all he croaked was, “Please no. I really am sorry.”

Rising up to his full broad shouldered height, Marcus chuckled. “You will be, dumb bitch, you will be.”

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